Klarna On‑Site Messaging

Klarna On‑Site Messaging

by Klarna

Promote interest-free installments and pay later payment plans

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Works great! Little bit of struggle when installing.. A big improvement would be if there would be a recurring payments app for Klarna <3

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Thanks very much for the review and nice rating; we appreciate it! We are continually working to improve our Klarna + Shopify integration and recurring is on our radar.


It's very frustrating when developers assume everyone is a tech genius and think we don't need the help.
So I was Pleasantly surprised to see Klarna support taking action when I got myself in a major muddle.
It wasn't long before they had this Impressive application running smoothly.
Much appreciated and delighted to be able to offer these easy pay plans to my customers. Thank you Klarna

Developer reply

August 26, 2019

Hi Bykie,
We do want to support you to get the app working for your store! Our apologies for the delay.

Regarding the broken images for on-site messaging, please check if you are selecting one of the "Product Detail - Price Detail" placements in the "Select Placement" dropdown within the app. Those are the dynamic placements intended for product and cart pages. Other placements (e.g. LearnMore) are static content, and thus a better fit for Home pages. You can view all of the available placements in the Klarna Merchant Portal (under "On-Site Messaging" -> "Placements").

Regarding getting placements to display, please verify the Ad Positions are active in the app and then make sure the position on the page is appropriate to attach a CSS element that doesn't give an error. I've requested partial access to your store to help make sure you can find a good position.

Also, to fix the broken image on the Klarna Payments page that is after the Shopify checkout, please upload your logo in the Klarna Merchant Portal (under the Branding section). (That image is not configured via this app, as this app only applies to the Klarna on-site messaging. )

Boss'd Up Culture

I was excited when I came across the app and I downloaded it to my Shopify store. Once I had the app downloaded it told me that I need to manually input a merchant Id. I didn't understand so I googled the issue and did not get results. I then removed app because I thought there may be a glitch. I now can't reinstall the app to my Shopify it saids the app is no longer available?

Developer reply

August 22, 2019

We hope to get you back to being excited for this app! Please open a support case by emailing skosm@klarna.com and we'll work with you to get the app installed again and working on your store.

This app allows the installation and configuration for the messaging of Klarna in your store, but a prerequisite is to have Klarna Payments active and successfully configured for your Shopify store as an alternative payment provider, per https://x.klarnacdn.net/plugins/KlarnaOnSiteMessagingapponShopifySupportGuide.html

As long as Klarna Payments is active, when this on-site messaging app is installed, the Klarna API Merchant Id will automatically configured in the app as part of the install.

If you do not yet have Klarna API credentials, you can sign up at klarna.com

9 for 9

I installed the app and added a placement to my cart page. I put it under the additional checkout buttons and it was misaligned. Tried to move it but had no luck. So I removed it entirely and then my alternative payment buttons were misaligned in Safari and only two show up in Firefox! Disconnected app (which Klarna say will remove their code and get things back to normal) and then uninstalled the app but I still have the issue. Just add Klarna content to your website manually as this app does not work at all and just creates problems. Have emailed support hoping they can resolve the issue.

Developer reply

August 21, 2019

The app will completely remove all added code for you store, if as you've done, first disconnect your account in the Settings page of the app before uninstalling (as documented at https://x.klarnacdn.net/plugins/KlarnaOnSiteMessagingapponShopifySupportGuide.html#h.9m8fqltx70vg).

We do not currently find any Klarna code in your store, but we will certainly work with you to resolve any remaining issues relating to this app via your support case.

Pure Living Space

I was hesitant to use the app after reading the reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to install the Klarna messaging on our product pages without too much trouble. We use the Atlantic theme. Although I wasn't able to place the messaging where I would have liked, I was able to find a spot within the product description to place it. I received an error message when I tried to place it near the product pricing information where it really belongs notifying me that there was a conflict. Typically, with this type of install, the user must modify the liquid, so it was great to have a free app that allowed me to place the Klarna message.

Developer reply

August 8, 2019

Thank you for your review. We're glad you tried the app and you were pleasantly surprised. Regarding the error, when dragging the pink box on the store preview page, the code is trying to attach to a CSS element on the page that will work across all product pages. That CSS element is how the code knows where to insert the placement code into the page. The error you received happens when the code determines that the chosen position will not work well, meaning the CSS element chosen is not a good choice across pages. The code is designed to guide to an appropriate element on the page and enable adding on-site messaging to a store without requiring you to update any code directly, but of course that isn't always simple. If desired or necessary, the app does also allow the option to instead manually enter an appropriate CSS element (under the Ad Position->CSS option).


Worst support experience ever with Klarna. Their support appalling and not suitable for such a critical service like customer checkout.

Klarna app was giving customers error messages when they chose it as their funding source.

For support, I was told to email 4 different support teams after I got no response from the support contact form. This took 7 days of chasing each department - no resolution other than the responder saying either email MOA, email Integrations or email merchant support.
In the end I removed Klarna as a service entirely (however to be fair the ticket was eventually picked up and I was contacted about it - 4 weeks after I uninstalled the app)

They have some beautiful marketing and branding. Shame some of that budget didn’t go to customer support.

Developer reply

August 2, 2019

We are sorry to hear that you had an unsatisfactory experience.

In our app listing we provide a dedicated support email: skosm@klarna.com which we closely monitor and use to respond to any app queries as quickly as possible. We have not received any correspondence using the above address, and can see that you have been speaking to another support team about your checkout error message. We do apologise that you did not receive a more timely response.

We are working hard to continue to improve our support for all our merchants, and hope that you will return to Klarna in the future.

Kick Game

App doesn't work properly, and when you remove it, it leaves code in your files.

Contacted developer for help, no response yet.

Developer reply

July 24, 2019

We're sorry the app didn't work for you. If you email skosm@klarna.com we are happy to debug any issues with the app on your store.

The app has been updated to remove all code if you first disconnect the Klarna account (in the app Settings) before you uninstall the app. For more details, please see the "Removing the Klarna On-Site Messaging app" section at https://x.klarnacdn.net/plugins/KlarnaOnSiteMessagingapponShopifySupportGuide.html

We try to respond to support requests quickly, but based on workload, it may take up to 1 or 2 business days.

Just Your Dream London

I was very excited about this app, but it doesn't work. I tried but is not a comfortable app. I believe when the developers update the app I will definitely try again. Shame such a big company but the app is not users friendly. You must do it better.

Developer reply

July 6, 2019

Hi Just Your Dream London,
We are working hard to make this app compatible with as many storefront themes as possible and still offer merchants the ability to choose where the on-site messaging appears on their page. Since each store runs a unique set of code based on the theme and installed apps, the app won't be able to work for every store but it is working well for many. If you would like us to debug your specific store, please email skosm@klarna.com and we will request access to your store to review.

Another option, instead of using the app, is to add the required JavaScript to your store and directly update your theme to insert your on-site messaging placement as documented at: https://developers.klarna.com/resources/on-site-messaging


Hello the updates were made on the wrong theme please check your email and get back to me.
Thank you

Developer reply

June 27, 2019

Changing themes inactivates the Klarna On-Site Messaging by design, as the code is not yet configured in the new theme, but you can easily go into the Klarna On-Site Messaging app and set the previously configured placement(s) to active, which I've done for your store just now. Please let us know if you need any further support.


Cant get this to work in minimal theme :/ Cant see it in the preview and getting a message that it might not work

Developer reply

June 26, 2019

The Klarna Onsite Messaging app has worked with the Minimal theme for other stores. We'd be happy to review your store to debug why the app isn't working. We see your support ticket generated from your email to skosm@klarna.com so we will continue to work with you via that support ticket.

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