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Merchants highly value this app for its ability to restrict access to specific products and areas of their site, making it ideal for separating wholesale from retail, hiding out-of-stock items, and managing private launches. It's also praised for its seamless integration with user registration and its capacity to customize product offerings for different international markets. The app's customer service is commended for its prompt and efficient responses. Its unique pay-what-you-feel-is-fair pricing model based on usage is also appreciated. The app is also used to create exclusive sections, like a "VIP" area, and to offer wholesale pricing lists cost-effectively.

June 14, 2018

Great app and even better support team - can't do enough to help you! Highly recommend!

Subtle Energies Au
United Kingdom
24 days using the app
October 14, 2020

This has helped me allow customers with certain log ins access to products which we cannot sell to certain countries and allowed healthcare professionals access to samples for their patient base.

Plunkett Pharmaceuticals
24 days using the app
September 21, 2019

We probably have to walk with this app from now on Really the features we need to secure the access.

GIANTOY action figures
22 days using the app
March 23, 2021

We removed the app but our website remains locked. Very unpleasant experience with this app. Watch out what you install, there are many amateur works out there.

21 days using the app
Lightward replied March 24, 2021

❤️ I feel you; this kind of thing can be unpleasantly surprising. Because Shopify doesn't allow recently-removed apps to go back and clean up their theme code, it's really important to disable Locksmith within the app (or simply delete all of your locks) *before* removing Locksmith from your apps list.

If this is still affecting you, here's the place to start: https://docs.uselocksmith.com/article/221-removing-locksmith

Or, send us an email at team@uselocksmith.com. We're here. :)

For those looking in on this review, it's worth mentioning that we work *hard* to communicate the uninstallation process:

* We send an automatic email to the store owner immediately upon app removal, if we detect that Locksmith's code is still in your theme.
* We include the uninstall requirements in our required user agreement, on the first screen of the app.
* There's a link to our uninstall process at the end of every page within the Locksmith app, and in our immediate auto-response to new inquiries to team@uselocksmith.com.

We're here to help, always, always. :) To the reviewer: thanks for letting us know how this affected you. We haven't heard from you via email, so I'm hopeful that you've been able to get this sorted. Please reach out if there's anything we can do to help you further.

All the best,


July 28, 2022

Everything is perfect, I cannot find even any constructive criticisim to make. My supplier brought in new t+c's, which meant that 1 product had to be password protected, with specific customers details verified before allowing them to purchase. Locksmith support staff were able to provide me with exactly what I was looking for. The product page can be viewed by all, but a password is required to add it to the cart. Support was amazing, extremely prompt (within 1 day) and extremely detailed. Within 5 days (including weekend) of receiving the updated terms from my supplier, my websites are both now compliant thanks to Locksmith. Another great thing about them is their open pricing policy. I had a discussion with them about pricing and requested to pay a lower amount than is recommended for my store, since I have no intentions to use Locksmiths software for anything else across my websites, only this 1 product. They kindly agreed to the requested price, which is just unheard of. In the future I may make use of more of Locksmith's feature's, if I do I would be more than happy to increase the subscription amount as I have been amazed at the way they are conducting themselves. I have 100% confidence in them.

United Kingdom
21 days using the app
August 29, 2018

I was looking for an app to allow my shopify site to work for both retail and wholesale sales. Locksmith was easy to setup and is working exactly as I hoped it would. I had one small tech issue and their team was quick to respond and resolve the problem. I recommend this app!

Modern Printed Matter
United States
20 days using the app
June 5, 2021

There is no other Shopify app that is as... a) well designed and intuitive
b) honest, transparent and extraordinarily well priced
c) does what it needs to do without any faff ...as Locksmith

Product Club
United Kingdom
20 days using the app
February 27, 2022

This app worked well initially but then began to glitch when integrated with another app therefore I had to uninstall it. I would have considered a higher rating but I am still being charged although I uninstalled the app.

Sharp Tact Kreativ | Tees & Gifts with Encouraging Messages to Brighten Your Day with a Bit of Wit
United States
20 days using the app
Lightward replied March 22, 2022

Oh my gosh, I'm SO sorry we missed this review at the time. We will *always* do the right thing in cases like this – just let us know! The charge you received is a part of Shopify's billing process: if you start a paid subscription (which is not necessary within the first 15 days!), Shopify will process a charge on your next bill even if you remove the app early on in the billing period. That's not something we *can* control, but we *can* help afterwards, with a refund or whatever's appropriate, if you just let us know. :) We're always, always available at team@uselocksmith.com – and I'll make sure that we get this sorted with you via email right after this. Thanks for letting us know! ❤️

About the glitch with the other app: we have *some* documentation about this sort of thing at https://docs.uselocksmith.com/article/497-compatibility-with-other-apps. In other cases, we can often help – and even if we can't, we'll work hard to get you set up well no matter what. :) We're always here via email, whenever you ask.

Wishing you all the very best,


December 18, 2022

This app has caused me more bother than good. I would not recommend downloading locksmith! After downloading locksmith it has caused my products to be showing out of stock despite them being in stock. This has caused huge loss of sales. It has also stopped many website functions from working.

The code behind this app is very unstable and if you are downloading it, it will be at your own risk. I am now seeking to completely get rid of this bugged app from my shopify store. I'm extremely disappointed!

United Kingdom
18 days using the app
Lightward replied December 20, 2022

I’m sorry you had to experience this. The issue coming from Locksmith in this case was that the add to cart button, in the featured products area of your home page, was showing as “sold out” until the customer interacted with the variant selector. Your developer removed the Locksmith code from that template, which fixed the problem, but Locksmith automatically added its code again shortly after, and the issue resurfaced.

I totally understand your frustration, and while we did mention that Locksmith auto-installs, we should have brought up the ignore list functionality to prevent that from showing up again. Locksmith has an ignore list on the Settings page, which allows you to specify theme files that Locksmith should leave alone during its install process.

We did see that your slider navigation was not functioning, but it seems that was a side effect of the product object being “nil” in the featured product area, or perhaps something else in that template. Those are generally unrelated, and we're not sure why that happened, since the app is only working with your products and variants.

We’ve been able to duplicate the add to cart button issue on other themes, but not the unresponsive menu. That’s something specific to the theme you’re using, and fixing the add to cart also stopped the navigation menu issue.

I’m glad we were able to get this fixed for you, and that everything is working.

Again, I’m sorry for the frustrating situation. We’re here to help if anything else comes up. 



November 27, 2015

Isaac is the king!

The app works like described, his support is the best.

He always answer emails and the work was done in no time.

Thanks again Isaac and your crew we really appreciate to work with you.


18 days using the app