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Welcome Organics

A must have your your store for marketing means. I have had no trouble with this app

JSFA - Original Art On Fashion by Jenny Simon

Keep getting "too many sign up requests" when I manually want to add email addresses to my list. I cannot add addresses to my lists because of this at all. I researched it and many people have this problem and it is not because of server issues. Mailchimp. Please fix this. PLUS: I cannot get tech support because I have not upgraded. Why would I upgrade when this problem cannot be fixed while I am trying it out?

Bunk Bed Central

It'd get 5 stars if the pop up form worked correctly. It's supposed to configure it automatically but in reality you can to go copy/paste the form codes into the Shopify template manually.

12x12 Cardstock Shop

This app has been trouble free and has seamlessly connected subscriber and customer activity on our store with our Mailchimp account. I had no problems installing the app and have encountered no problems in the several months we've been using it.

True North Vapor

App was working up until December 2018. Now it will not connect to my shopify. Very frustrating as most of the clients will no longer receive promo material.

Gold Chest Store

I am unable to connect my shopify store with mailchimp! It says waiting for connection everytime I try to integrate it...

CAM Morgan

UPDATE! I was able to the MailChimp to work and everything is perfect! Here are a few pointers....make sure your page is live before attempting to sync mailchimp, download the app after you have set up your account on the mailchimp website (delete the app if you already have it), and thats it! Everything works perfectly now. I think we all downloaded the app then tried to sync but the sync on the website prompts you to download the app.

Original Review: Unable to use app because it wont connect to Shopify store and Ive used three different browsers to make this work....nothing


We installed and put a lot of effort in building our templates, to get an email from MailChimp that our account got blocked because we violated their terms. we checked every single rule and have NOT violated anything and when contacted support, they were of no help at all! They just said it's their AI system decided that our account is no good (we have a kids store). They did not want to clarify what it really was and just told us they don't want to work with us and we should find another vendor! So we did, We recommend Sendtinel, Omnisend, and Marsello a thousand times over Mailchimp! all fantastic support team and more user-friendly!


Garbage, such a garbage app, I don't know why it sells so well, I haven't started using it yet, all kinds of charges, after purchase, can't be customized, the templates are all in a unified format of garbage, can't be customized, all things Everything is the same, customer feedback is very poor, the price is indeed the most expensive of all similar software, I will not use this garbage anymore.

Eden Blossoms

So disappointed with this app. It hasn't been syncing with my Shopify store. People have been signing up for my mailing list and they haven't been receiving the confirmation email with the discount code. I just noticed yesterday that it hasn't been syncing for over a month. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling in an incognito window, I have been trying for the last 24 hours to give it a fair chance, and it is still not syncing. Such a waste of time and of course money when you're losing customers.

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