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CMT Brand

This App simply will not connect to Shopify. If you plan on using this app to create automated emails for your store, don't bother. Use something Like Klaviyo which is similar. It would be great if I could actually use the features this app has but I can't because the app just will not connect to my Shopify store. Also, there is no support or nowhere for me to ask questions to Mailchimp. Hope Mailchimp sorts this issue out soon.


A really good way to retain customers and keep them happy with your new content via email. Love the fact you can create templates and save them to use them again for a different email.

It would be really good if the conversion between desktop and mobile wasn't so big, none the less it is a great app!

Hampton Court Essential Luxuries

I love this app. I have been using Constant Contact for more than 15 years and find Mailchimp so much faster and easier to use. I love that my products are already synced to the app so I don't have to go through my hard drive to find photos. I love how easy it is to create, edit and design like a pro. What I'm sad about is that it seems Shopify and Mailchimp are having relationship issues and I didn't fully integrate my second Shopify site in time to move my marketing away from Constant Contact and over to Mailchimp in time. Sure hope this is a temporary issue.

Valēna™ Naturals

I signed up for the free version and so far not really impressed. As with almost all apps now, if you don't spend at least $20 a month, they are really useless. I'm underwhelmed with the lack of support and how little you can do with it at this point. These apps will nickel and dime you to death.


It was working until i changed theme. After that i tried everything and it's still not sending emails

Address America

Mailchimp is really good, and the connector for Shopify is very easy to set up. However, the reason for the four star rating is because the Mailchimp app does not bring over customer tags from Shopify into Mailchimp.

Now that Mailchimp supports tags, it makes no sense why the app doesn't bring tags over. We use tags for customer segmentation, and it is a pain having to run export/import processes everytime we need to add new customers to a segmented list.

True African Art

Completely customizable and supportive console. They do reply quickly in email support. Look forward to tapping into the power of this Mailchimp website which is connected to their app in Shopify.

I do think their prices are too high, so until Constant Contact reduces their prices, Mail Chimp will follow.

This App WILL NOT CONNECT TO SHOPIFY. When you try, you get caught in a loop over and over and over again trying to connect.

THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. When you look for help, the documentation does not trouble shoot an inability for MailChimp to connect to Shopify. There is no email address. There is no phone number. At one point, I found a customer service button log in for paying customers. All this does is bring you back to where you started with NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I tried responding to the invoice they sent me, as it is the ONLY email address I have for them, but so far no response.

Really crappy experience. Is anyone awake over there???

Rare Lash Factory

i had a pop up form from mail chimp on my shopify shop it was working fine, now i have changed the list and i needed to get my pop up form streaming through to the new master list. Its seems to be impossible. its asking me to embed code into my website. I have no idea what im meant to do with that code. there is no pop up explaination and no videos online of what this means. I also never did this the first time. Was loving mail chimp before but now im not sure what to do its broken

African Bronze Honey Company Ltd.

I am having the same not connect issue. Also agree that this is not cool for Black Friday Weekend. I have disconnected and tried to reconnect repeatedly, now I see others are having the same issue. Also don't like that there is no "support" chat or email to contact someone -- or if there is it is not easy to find.

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