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Ollie Mule

This app used to work as expected – visitors sign up for the newsletter and they get synced to the correct list in Mailchimp.

Recently though I've found people had signed up for my newsletter in Shopify, but their email address was never synced in Mailchimp.

Tried reinstalling the app, but nothing has changed. Too freakin' bad.


After an email with Mailchimp support, things are back on track. I simply opened up Mailchimp in a private tab/session, disconnected my site and reconnected it in the same private session. It took a couple of minutes, but everything appears to be working again.

Address America

Mailchimp is really good, and the connector for Shopify is very easy to set up. However, the reason for the four star rating is because the Mailchimp app does not bring over customer tags from Shopify into Mailchimp.

Now that Mailchimp supports tags, it makes no sense why the app doesn't bring tags over. We use tags for customer segmentation, and it is a pain having to run export/import processes everytime we need to add new customers to a segmented list.

True African Art

Completely customizable and supportive console. They do reply quickly in email support. Look forward to tapping into the power of this Mailchimp website which is connected to their app in Shopify.

I do think their prices are too high, so until Constant Contact reduces their prices, Mail Chimp will follow.

Mobimax EU

The Mailchimp app for Shopify is looking really great, it's just me that I don't have enough customers to make it worthwhile to actually start paying for it.

I had it installed because another app had a connection to Mailchimp, so here I am.

My shop address is

Mailchimp is the best email programme for marketing - having your Shopify customers connected here makes sense - would be good to use through Shopify - but this seems to be purely a link

Golden Retriever Goodies

I've finally got my site up and running and adding the Mailchimp app was really straight forward. Once it was installed I added some basic workflows and now I will continue to tweak them and add future campaigns. It seems like it will give me everything I need.

Chest Key

SOLUTION: This is for those people who can't get it set up because it never loads in shopify. I had the same issue and was getting really annoyed uninstalling and retrying over and over, but then I opened the shopify app on my phone and went to the mailchimp app within it instead of on my pc and magically it works.. I don't know why nothing happens on the shopify website, but the app seems to work just fine. After connection you don't need to really worry about it because you manage everything inside of mailchimp anyway, the shopify app is just to establish the connection and then after that it has links to mailchimp.

Most things in mailchimp are pretty nice, so I might come back and update this review later if it has any more issues or works better than expected.


This is such a great app! We count on it for syncing new subscribers to our email list. It is very user friendly and has great customization options.

Dans Custom Portraits

For some reason I had issues installing this for like a week. Then suddenly I was able to install, seems to be working ok for now.

Promoland Test

didn't have any problems installing it, so far so good

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