Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace

by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Convert your ECommerce Store to a Fully Fledged Marketplace

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I would give minus stars if I could! Unfortunately, I have been charged for 2 months now and gotten nothing done.. The app is waaay too complex and there is no straight forward explanation or help... I have asked for a refund and they will not provide, which is quite unfair... If I had my time again, I would 100% NOT choose this app/provider... Be very cautious!

Developer reply

November 19, 2020

Hi, I think its quite unfair to write negative review just for refund. You have emailed us asking for refund, even threatened us to leave negative review if we didn't refund. You have used the service and still you are using it, this is why you have been charged. And as per Shopify Policy, we cannot trade for the reviews, this is the standard practice that we follow that we do not trade for the reviews. We would have surely provided a refund, if the charges are inappropriate.
You have all the rights to share the review, but if its about the app experience then it would be better. It shall also benefit the other users interested in the app.
Having said that, I would like to talk on the point you mentioned about the app being complex. The app is configurable to a large extent, as we have tried to make this fit for various businesses and more than thousands of users are using this currently. So, it might seems complex to you, as there are many options in the app but these are created so the app fits to almost every business.
As per our record, you have not requested any kind of support from our end. The support team is very responsive as you can even check from the positive reviews also.
And still the team is willing to help, if you need help in using the app at any point of time.


The reviews must be fake. We used this app for a month, and never did I receive a message back from their support. I tweeted them, emailed them, called them, went on their skype support nearly every other day, and NEVER got a single response.

Developer reply

November 11, 2020

Hi, This is to express my deepest concern over the dissatisfied experience that you had with the Multivendor App.
As we could check you have contacted us almost 3 months back and we have responded for your queries then, refer :
Please respond to the support email sent now, so we can check the emails that you created, as we have not received any new email from your end.
Team Webkul

OhMyCourse (OMC)

Further edit: After I changed my star ratings up to 4/5, the support team seems to be responding very slow again. Sorry but I must say this is really disappointing. I called, I skyped, I emailed - general reply is "we're on it" but no solid response to my issue still.................
Edit: team is responding quite well now, i do appreciate the efforts for them to help with explaining things to me and help fix the bugs etc. thank you so much and hope this app will keep improving!!
Takes around 2 days for you to get a reply from the support team, their replies are mainly helpful. Yet, as a paid user, I'm getting pretty frustrated using this app. A lot of tiny issues that are not really tolerable from my view, e.g. I have unticked a few boxes (i am sure I unticked, as I have literally screen captured the new setting & new website layout upon editing), but an hour later, the settings have been reserved and the boxes are ticked! Things is, I have encountered a lot of times of the above situation, where I find my new changes have been reversed..... e.g. location is not precised enough (it only allow me to state my country, but no option to include the district)
e.g. Facebook / facebook shop are not sales channels that this app would support in publishing the products (so if your major sales channel is fb, this app is not for you at all)
e.g. extremely slow loading speed - i ran a diagnosis online to detect what app/javasciprt is slowing down my website's loading speed, and i found out this app is the major problem. Took 54 seconds for a seller profile page to load (I tested twice).
I have experienced & am experiencing a lot more problems than the above, thus impossible for me to type them all out.
Not saying this is a horrible app, as some functions are still good, but use with caution because it will take you hours and hours to work this out (hopefully).

Developer reply

October 22, 2020

Hi, Please excuse for the less satisfied experience that you had with the App.
So, let me just help you for each point :
- We always try and respond to all the queries in as less time as possible.
- All the settings that you make in the app, cannot be undone on its own, still if this has happened to you, then please do let the support team know what all changes were made and when.
- This is not feasible to have the product available on facebook, the only permission we get, is to publish the products to online store and POS.
- Generally it takes for a new user 2-3 seconds time for the seller profile page to load, and if the user is repeat user then it is instant, if you have decent internet speed. So, in your case, this is much higher, please do communicate to the support team and help them identify the cause for this.
For the rest, the team is in touch and will get all the things sorted, very soon.


Products inventory update is not synching with shopify automatically and we need to do it product by product. We've been calling this out to their support, no radical solution provided. This is diminishing our credibility with both customers and vendors.

Developer reply

September 19, 2020

Hi, I think there is a confusion here.
The barcode label generation option is available in all the shipping methods that are provided for integration in the app apart from multivendor shipping.
Please do respond to the support emails, so they can clear all this.

The Spirit Jewel

Horrible time consuming experience. So disappointed in this app. I spent several days back and forth with tech support to no AVAIL.
The cost is ridiculous.. They charge for additional apps upwards $40 per month added on to your initial monthly fee and don't even have tutorials to assist you with the coding. All they have is a bunch of links that don't help with installation!! I'm DISGUSTED! STAY FAR AWAY!!! You have to pay for so many add-ons. This app by Webkul is a TOTAL rip-off.
Go to FIVERR and hire a developer to assist you with creating a marketplace. May cost you a few hundred, but trust me you will SAVE money, time and energy in the long run.

Developer reply

September 11, 2020

Hi, Please excuse for the less satisfied experience that you have with the app.
As we can check, the team has responded to your queries, in the 5 days span for which you installed the app and trying to get in touch now also. If you feel like using the app again, do respond to the the support emails sent.
Team Webkul


I have the most expensive subscription that includes 24/7 support. Unfortunately, for inexplicable reasons, certain functions do not work, so I tried to contact support SEVERAL times and still haven't received a single answer.

Developer reply

September 3, 2020

Hi, Apologies for the dissatisfied experience with the App. But this is not the kind of support that we promise to provide and I would like to dig deep into this, as this is not a possibility that the support wont reply.
Please respond to the support email sent to you and let us help you with the App.

Good Dog People™

the app is unstable and support is extremely poor. we've been encountering intermittent errors with their product import function and SMTP configuration. but all the support team do is to give you very generic, vague answers which do not address the root cause.

they put you on a subscription without a real support team and try to stall as much time as they can until you give up trying. i'd recommend you guys look elsewhere and not waste your time with these people.

Psukhe Makers

**UPDATE 17th OCT 2020 ** I am now dropping the rating to one star. Some very important functions of the app have ground to a halt and support has been absolutely abysmal. Time is really precious, and you cannot manage and support your own vendors in a timely way when critical elements of this platform just fail and your support requests just disappear into generic 1 line responses. Sure they have gotten back to me in some regard but it's in no way sufficient. Seriously you get better support at Mcdonalds. I kid you not I actually started a programming diploma to engineer something 1000000x better than this in the future, ego aside anyone can see that they have included way too many under developed features instead of spending the time making the core structure bullet proof. I would much rather a small set of high functionality features than such a huge mess of trashy overpriced features, who wouldn't? This sucks, you suck. Be better. **ORIGINAL REVIEW**
So i have been working on this app for a couple of weeks now, and im seriously torn between a few aspects. Firstly I will say the support so far has been good, it's not 'drop of a hat' but with basic issues solved in a reasonable time you cant really complain with that. Shopify is not overly suitable for designing a Marketplace on, if from the ground up you where able to implement a custom /proprietary enterprise grade solution then sure you could end up with a quality product. MVM does a very good job at adapting shopify's functions in some things and extremely poor in others, mostly to do with User interface and customization (fitting with your theme or design) they DO provide some tools and a HTML & CSS editor for different aspects, if you are not a developer then you will have to hire expert help to reach your visual and functional goals. When they say "like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy.." this is a GROSS overstatement considering the quality of development and feature's on those platforms you will seriously struggle to come close to the same or similar in performance. The vendor's portal (UI) is so basic I actually am dreading having to present it to my future vendors to use, it's embarrassing! So overall it's a great concept, again with some functions really well implemented and the feature app's costs are not too much of a bother as comparatively to other platforms it works out to be fairly priced with function VS price. BUT now I have done so much customization myself its beginning to look like more of a quality product, seriously I warn you though, perhaps if you are interested in starting a marketplace take a look at Arcadier, Marketplacer, cs.cart or store hippo. All of which ARE NOT shopify apps, they are stand alone solutions and could save you a massive headache. I have contacted support with my ridiculously long feature request and complaints, and will happily update this to 5 stars if ultimately i get what i want.

Prepare for zero customer service. Prepare for zero customer service. Prepare for zero customer service.

Developer reply

June 8, 2020

Hi, I think you have missed the email sent from our end, we have replied you within minutes of you sending the query to us, refer screenshot :
Please do check the spam too. And in case of any more questions, do respond to the support emails sent.

Quest Climbing Innovations

The app works completely outside shopify, and the pricing structure is very misleading. You'll need to spend hundreds of dollars more per month to get the functionality that you likely need. The english translations are extremely poor. I'm also leaving a 1 star review because many of the 5 star reviews are obviously fake.

Developer reply

May 19, 2020

Hi, Hope you are keeping safe.
In case you have issues in the pricing, then pricing structure is explained here :
Also, we have provided complete freedom to change all the labels/translations in the app, so you can easily adjust them as per your need.
Please feel free to reply to the support team as they are trying to get in touch.

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