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71 reviews
Edited August 27, 2022

After spending 2 months on the app here are the pros and cons:
-It's one of the few marketplace apps that works with Shopify .
- No onboarding.
- UX is confusing as hell for both the shop owner and vendor. If your vendor isn't highly incentivized (i.e. carrying a lot of inventory), they'll never use it or want to figure out how to use it. I'm not a newbie to ecommerce and have worked at top ecommerce sites, as well as several unicorn startups and this UX is bad.
- It doesn't truly work with Shopify's UPS. Will need to explain this more and break it down:
1. You'll need to open your own UPS account. This means you can't take advantage of Shopify's low UPS carrier rates. Despite a vendor over-estimating weight on an item, I wound up paying $50 more in shipping.
2. Multivendor Marketplace charges an additional $10/month to integrate with UPS so you can "automate" pre-printed shipping labels. 3. Despite enabling UPS shipping multiple times already in the Multivendor Marketplace UX, it still doesn't work. So I'm paying $10/month for something that doesn't work and can't fulfill the order. It wouldn't be so bad if I could get assistance and fix it. However....
- They don't work US hours. So if you're ever need immediate help, (i.e. need to get an order out on a Friday morning, you're SOL).
- They take more holidays than anyone I've ever known. I wouldn't care if they had coverage, but they don't. Some of these holidays last over a week. So again, if you need immediate assistance, you're spending half of your day chatting w/ Shopify support, your vendor, UPS, or whomever else it may concern to figure out a workaround, until they decide to show up at the office.
-They offer 1:1s but on India time. So if you really do need to fix something and emails aren't cutting it, you'll need to stay up real late, like midnight, in order to speak to someone. It's to the point, I've posted on LinkedIn looking for a software engineer to build something, because it just doesn't work and I can't get support within a reasonable time.

United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
Edited May 24, 2022

We've tried out this app and soon found it can't satisfy our requirements.
So we quit the usage, this was last year (2021). We found invoices for April and May in 2022 simply out of blue. Or course, annoying and frustrating experinecs. Hope they will settle down this quickly.

South Korea
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd replied June 3, 2022

Hey, Please excuse us for the less satisfied experience regarding billing of the app. However, We would like to inform you that, We don't manage the billing of the app on our end. The billing gets managed from the shopify end only.

Furthermore, As we have checked, You have un-installed the app on the same day you posted this review so the charges seems to be correct.

Request you to please reply on the support ticket so that we can sort out the things for you..!!- Team Webkul

April 30, 2022

Wasted time, money, efforts and suffered continuous business loss because of their incompetence.
What a massive failure Webkul team has been in making this plugin work for the customer, after months and months of calls and followups they still aren't able to solve the simple requirement of error-free bulk data upload, the most basic requirement of a MVM is effective metadata management for client-store, but they're just a bunch of ineffective people. The level of incompetence is so high that if i try to upload a file with just 500 products it will run for hours and eventually end up in error.
2-way sync is just a scam, the sync doesn't work at all, any data i update on this goddamn app, has no surety whether it will reflect in my shopify store or not.

Rekhta Books
Time spent using app: About 2 years
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd replied April 30, 2022

Hey !! Please excuse us for the less-satisfied experience with the app but please be informed that your complaints are getting taken care off.

We're really keen to listen all the problems you're having so that we can assist you towards resolution. Let's schedule a one to one meeting & Let's clear all the confusions. Please keep an eye on your email for the meeting link which you'll receive in next few minutes from our support team! - Team Webkul.

Edited December 31, 2021

BEWARE!!! DO NOT USE THIS APP (2 Year Customer) After two years of using this app, I would NEVER recommend it to anyone. Save yourself the time, tears, and suffering that it is working with Webkul. While the app is built with some good functionalities, the developers will not do anything without trying to squeeze every penny out of you. - Their Slot Prizing app did not work with any of their other apps. Every month, we will be promised that it will be fixed but never done. We spend hundreds of hours and money with our programmer to get around this. - We asked to have DHL as a provider; they charged $1,500 for the customization and then offered it to everyone else at $15 a month. The worse part, the customization was useless, and they never fixed it to work for our sellers. - They will strong-arm you to pay for any fix, and if you complain, they will retaliate by cutting you off of their support. Small things become a huge deal with them. If the app is not working well, they will reply, "this is how the app is meant to work", and if you want it fixed, you need to pay. - Pooja and her upper management will not care about your website working with their app unless you pay. You have to keep them in your good grace, despite their poor customer service, or you are screwed. - The app is filled with hundreds of spelling mistakes we had to fix ourselves. - All positive reviews you see on these apps are fake, made by the app themselves. All negative reviews, rather than looking it as feedback, they fight back and can't seem ever to accept they did anything wrong. I bet they will probably also fight back on this review, rather than ever attempting to make it right. - The app is buggy, and you will need to be babysitting the code every week. Other apps suffer in synchronizing information with Multivendor, is such a pain working with them, you end up finding workarounds. While a cheap option, save yourself the nightmare of having to use this app; I wish I had long ago.

Aztro Marketplace
United States
Time spent using app: Over 2 years
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd replied January 3, 2022

Hey ! Thanks for the review.

We're very sad to hear that you have the less satisfied experience using the app. However We would like to add few points here:

As we can check from the support tickets, We didn't receive any query from your end since last 3 Months & Your feedback states that the DHL is not working for your sellers so, If you would have informed us over the ticket then we would have surely assisted you with the fix. 

Please Note: We're always keen to provide best of the app support, bug fix ASAP, make a note of the requirement (will try to add in future, if multiple such requests received) and will help our merchants understand the app features in all the ways possible.

Kindly connect via our ticketing system. We'd love to hear all the concerns/issues you're having. Let's start things all over again. Our team will be happy to build a marketplace for you, together!

November 22, 2021

This app sucks and useless, ended up wasting money for 4 months. Hope to get refund $45+tx x 4!!!!! They promised a service that is so complex and hard to understand without any support and their timings are so weird!

good Eatin' & Co.
Time spent using app: 8 months
Webkul Software Pvt Ltd replied November 24, 2021

Hi, Thank you for the review.
From the support tickets we can check that the support has responded well in time, and we do not have support request from your end in the recent past. And we are available all the time as per your timezone.
Request you to please respond to the support queries, if you have any issues with the app.
Team Webkul