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Multilingual shop by GTranslate

Multilingual shop by GTranslate

Developed by GTranslate

41 reviews
Price: Free – $29.99 / month More info
  • Go global - reach international markets
  • Increase sales
  • One click FREE solution

GTranslate plugin uses Google Translate automatic translation service to translate shopify shop with Google power and make it multilingual. With 103 available languages your site will be available to more than 99% of internet users instantly upon installation for free.

Compared to other translation apps for Shopify, we offer most of their features for free. In addition to that, we can offer complete SEO features with our paid options, which can make your shop to be found in search engines in different languages which will increase your international traffic and sales.

GTranslate is a leading website translation services provider since 2008 and powers more than 500.000 multilingual websites worldwide. It moves away the language barriers increasing chances for successful conversion.

Demo store with free version

Demo Multilingual Shopify Store

Example of real store with paid version

Mimi Holliday


  • Language selector for your shop

  • Free Google automatic machine translation

  • Translates the site on the fly

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Available styles Dropdown, Flags, Flags with dropdown, Nice dropdown with flags, Flags with language names, Flags with language codes, Language names, Language codes

  • Multilingual language names in native alphabet

  • Alternative flags for Quebec, Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico

  • Increase conversion rate by talking to your customer in their language

  • Free Live Chat support

Paid Features

  • Multilingual SEO – Enable search engine indexing

  • Increase traffic and revenue

  • Search engine friendly (SEF) URLs

  • You will have sub-domain (es.example.com) for each language

  • URL Translation is possible (example.com/about-us → es.example.com/sobre-nosotros)

  • You can manually correct translations

  • In context translation interface (make corrections without loosing the context)

  • Meta data translation (meta keywords, meta description)

  • Translating schema.org microdata for better search engine appearance

  • Checkout page translation

  • Seamless updates (cloud service updated on our side – SaaS, you do not need to worry about backups on your side)

  • Translation Proxy (aka Translation Delivery Network)

  • Centralized Translation Cache – We revise and improve translations over time

  • Language Hosting (example.fr)

  • Not blocked in China

  • Live Chat Support

Please use GTranslate Support for your questions and support requests! We will help to configure the language selector appearance on your website. We are multilingual!


  • Get GTranslate app for your shop

  • Configure the language selector from the settings page

  • Add the language selector to your shop using ONE of the following ways:

    1. Use "Show floating language selector" option to show a sticky language selector on top-right, top-left, bottom-right or bottom-left positions. (easy)

    2. You can customize your theme files and add gtranslate snippet to it. (you need to know some basic HTML/CSS)

    3. Contact our Live Chat and our specialist will place the translator on your desired location. (our operator will need access to your shop)


  1. Make sure that "Show floating language selector" option is set to "No" in GTranslate app settings page.

  2. Delete GTranslate app from the list of your applications.

If you have already uninstalled without turning off Show floating language selector, please install it back and turn it off like described above, then you can uninstall again.

If for some reason you do not wish to install it again, then go to your Online Store -> Theme Actions -> Edit Code -> Open theme.liquid and delete {% include 'gtranslate' %} from the end of your theme.liquid file.

Multilingual shop by GTranslate reviews

41 reviews
  1. 5 stars (38 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Thank you guys for the excellent help and support for kulorcases.com! Highly recommended to anyone who sells globally!


Works like a charm. Took 5 minutes to install and get it working, just as it should. Wonderful!


Easy to use. Very good, free app, thank you !


Great app, translating good.
Just for my theme had to modify code a little bit..
Floating widget (when was at the top of website) was closing website menu on mobile, (at the bottom of website )was closing newsletter section on mobile, so i removed floating widget and modified a code little bit , and now language flags shows nicely on any device .


Easy to use. My experience with the product is positive.


Very good service, free app, thank you !


Excellent app ! best one for translation.

https://peacefulstore.com - hippies clothes - maxi dress - more


A bit of a rough start~with some bugs, but their amazing helpful support made more than up for it and I'm extremely satisfied with the end result after only a few days. After configuring he app works like a charm without much work at all. Highly recommended! I'd rate if 6 stars if possible.


Edit week later: Have to repeat their support is just great, there are always some issues with complicated setups but their response time and problem solving is top notch! Well worth every penny. Keep it up!

@Artemer doesn't sound like my experience at all! Did you give them an account to work on your shop? I've only edited a few lines of code total. I did have several bugs but most/all translate apps do and they fixed everything really fast.


Guys, you really deserve these 5 stars ! You app just open my tiny french store to the world. I am also an english speak person and the translation are pretty dang good ! Your app is awesome and free ! Thank you guys ! If my store take off, I'll pay you your 29,99 dollars/month, they'll be deserved... sincerely thank you for doing this that way.


I'm not a beginner, but just so little a pro. I chose the app from GTranslate because it was the best value for money. And it is!!!!.
After the installation the team took care of me. I've rarely seen such friendly and understanding support. Without giving me the feeling not to be important, you really took care of me for a very long time. Until everything worked as it should. I can only recommend the app and looking after the team is more than a bonus!
Such developers must be supported!
Unfortunately, there are only 5 stars for the rating. Because this team deserves much more!

Free – $29.99 / month

Free version available - check plans


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