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Merchants highly recommend this app for its accurate translation capabilities, enhancing global customer engagement and conversions. It's user-friendly with a responsive support team. Despite occasional slow service and translation issues on the checkout page, the sentiment is predominantly positive.

November 17, 2023

I added 4 languages to my store, paid pack of 20 Euro. I start ads but for 3 days no sales. I checked then what is going on and I saw that many places on the website were not translated.....especially CHECKOUT PAGE. Keep on checking your sites IF YOU CHOOSE this application because its not working properly. I lost a lot of money in ads because of G-translate.
I send them all the issues waited for 2 days and nothing happened I am still waiting to FIX THE ISSUES.
Also they don't check PC to Android view of website. For example something that is ok and is translated at PC view its not working at Android. Another crazy issue that my clients told me since its something you believe that the apps technicians could check.

14 days using the app
November 22, 2023

It literally ruined my entire code and showed: "translations missing" all over the website. It was hell. This during black friday. Their support team just asked me to uninstall the app, I told them it made things worse, that I reinstalled it to address this issue. But they ignored. Me. Stay away from this app.

15 days using the app
March 5, 2024

La aplicación tiene muchos errores. Las tallas de S, M y L se traducen mal. Y las pantallas de pago (que es lo mas importante) no se traducen

29 days using the app
Edited November 28, 2023

Horrible service from MILENA. The app doesnt allow us to translate slideshow and 1 hour of fighting she says we can do it ourself instead of helping like her other colleagues do normally. Such a pain to have to fight and loose so much time

Les Tissées
About 3 years using the app
Edited April 28, 2023

If you want your website to kill your SEO ranking, install this app. We hired developers and proved they are doing damage to the website's ranking and the support agents of the chat are very unprofessional, they don't understand what they are doing. there's no point talking with them. it's better to use another app to translate pages. we won't waste any time talking with people that don't understand what they are doing. they said exactly it's okay to have multiple h1 tags per page and it's no problem for SEO. there's nothing to talk about it after that.

The customer agent Elen provided ridiculous information and we had to prove how she was wrong by paid developers. Then they stopped replying to the chat. It's better to avoid an app that damages your SEO ranking and ignores your conversation when they realize they were wrong. Most stores won't even notice this if they don't investigate with paid developers.

Enviable Beauty
United States
Over 2 years using the app
July 18, 2021

Doesn't work well at all! until they don't find a solution to integrate with Shopify perfectly this app is a fail. for those who want to sell outside of the US choose an app the Shopify supports.

United States
Over 5 years using the app
Edited December 7, 2023

Gtranslate are really not honnest and not skilled people.
The app brought so many errors on my website, and they never helped with it, they ended up just blocking my account after maybe 3 years because I was insisting too much that they solve the issue.
This is one of the worst support you can find, and the worst technology.

Most reviews here are fake because they insist a lot for you to give a review when they do a small adjustment.

Aurora & Co.
United States
About 2 years using the app
July 20, 2021

If I can write a negative star review for the G Translate support I will. The app has various problems, on which their Support is completely unhelpful 1) Incompatibility with Shopify's sitemap URL structure, resulting in all local language URLs being wrong on the sitemap, which is bad for SEO. I had to use a complex workaround. 2) Auto switch to browser language - it does not work, and their support is completely unhelpful, to put it nicely 3) Related to #1, with GTranslate each language will be a different subdomain, resulting in Google itself deeming every language as separate websites, which is terrible for SEO If you don't care about SEO and auto-switching to your customers' languages this app works fine. But you do, stay away from it!

Hong Kong SAR
Almost 2 years using the app
Edited March 26, 2022

Unfortunely I must change my previous Review. the app stopped to work correctly a week ago, there is a great caos on my website at this moment: all the subdomains are offline, all the subdomains redirect on the italian checkout pages and not on the correct subdomains checkout and, MOST IMPORTANT, i have no support from the GTranslate theme to fix these issues asap. I have sended a lot of email in the last days without any result. I'm thinking to uninstall the app. Not good

Over 1 year using the app
March 13, 2022

Been using the app for a few months, there's a lot of bugs in this program, all the number in my site will turn into XNUMX , I've contacted the CS a few times , and sadly this problem cannot be fixed. The cs also mentioned that "We know about this issue and it's in our roadmap to change the translation logic, however due to it being a fundamental part of the current translation and text parsing algorithm, we can't give a time estimate as to when this change will take place." if your website original language is in Chinese, this bug will appear on every single page of your site and they won't be able to fix it , so avoid using this app if your site language is in Chinese.

Hong Kong SAR
About 1 year using the app