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March 31, 2022

Love working with this company! They provide a great product that customers love and have a nice platform that is easy to use.

Liliana and Liam
United States
9 months using the app
September 12, 2023

This company has been super awesome, everything went so smooth. I even contacted them to make a change on the name I misspelled because it was a gift and they responded and took care of it for me no issue. I did catch them a little after I ordered so everything was fine and I'm very satisfied. Since then my gift was received and it came out just like the photos. Amazing!

United States
4 months using the app
May 1, 2023

I don't think this is a good and user-friendly app & company. Do not waste time, not recommended for this app.

All Love Here
8 months using the app
Edited August 19, 2022

Half the orders were late. Their customer service is horrible. Great idea , Horrible Execution. I connected Ebay to my shopify and I had added some of their products. the first order their was a connection problem and we worked through it. Several other orders came in and they went through fine other than some being late. On one of my recent orders it showed up on Shopify but not on my My Easy Monogram so I messaged them and ask if they could put the order in the que to get produced while we figure this out. they get back to me 7 days later with "We do not support Ebay" no work around , No" lets get this out but in the future" Nothing. REPLY TO THEIR AUGUST 16th RESPONSE : As you can see Ebay is not the issue I complained about, it was their customer service and taking a week to respond, Yes the issue started with Ebay but the problem is how they dealt with it. they just dont get it. Re Ebay: It is offered on the shopify app along with other sales platforms so it is supposed to work. If your app does not work with other apps that connect to Shopify Maybe consider a disclaimer as I suggested to you in the messages that you dont respond too.

Panic 39
United States
7 months using the app
My Easy Monogram Inc replied August 16, 2022

So just to clarify, you took products from our Shopify App and tried selling on Ebay, but you ran into issues. Can you show me where we claim to support Ebay sales?

March 30, 2022

This app has been great! It is simple, intuitive to use, and integrates seamlessly through a third party to link my Shopify and Etsy stores. The app is backed up with an incredible support team. They are always quick to respond and happy to help. Non-technical help and ideas can always be found through their facebook group. I cant say enough good things about them. A 5 start team, App, and products that are second to none!

Simple Plan Farms
United States
7 months using the app
My Easy Monogram Inc replied March 30, 2022

Thank you so much🙌🏼 We are here to help😊

November 19, 2021

I have been using this app since it started, and I have been very pleased with the product & support

Big Red Palmetto Store
United States
6 months using the app
My Easy Monogram Inc replied March 29, 2022

Awesome, we appreciate your kind review!

September 12, 2023

It's a great app that includes great custom products. Brad and the others are very helpful and hardworking people. I am very pleased to be working with this company.

United Kingdom
3 months using the app
October 16, 2021

Bad & inconsistent support! Running a business and making sure projects are completed on time is super important. MEM doesn't make it easy when they reply back once in a while, or completely ghost me, MULTIPLE TIMES. I simply wanted to know how my custom design was going, no response after multiple follow-ups. Nada.

5 months using the app
My Easy Monogram Inc replied March 29, 2022

Hey, we chatted a while back about these issues with you and apologized for anything that went wrong. We would love to work out anything else and make sure that your experience improves!

September 12, 2023

I love the wide range of products they offer and know that they have been working super hard to incorporate some new integrations and things that will make it easier for us in the long run, but at with anything, there are some kinks that need to be worked out. Live Previews for personalized products still have a few bugs and sometimes it takes a while for support to get back to you on issues. I know they are busy, but it does take quite a while to get any kind of response and even then, it's a little curt and short. Also, if you want any product descriptions that aren't just one or two sentence blips, modify prices, or make changes to the sizes and/or colors you offer, it can take a REALLY long time to get things set up and functioning properly (which I still have a couple of glitches after hours and hours of work). I am super hopeful that the process for my customers will be seamless and I am confident that they are working hard to make everything work the way it is supposed to. I debated between a three and four star, but am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in the hopes they will be able to fulfill recent promises as I really like the products they offer and want them to succeed. Their success can result in more success for me. I'm looking forward to seeing how well these products are received and what they can and will do in the future.

United States
2 months using the app
September 12, 2023

Good luck finding any other POD Metal Art like these guys have. Hundreds of options and signs with growing related bottle openers and dad gifts. Awesome. Yeah, some of the earlier reviews reflect the supplier problem they had, but they recently switched to one that's more reliable and higher quality. I have had a few questions on set up and new features they are constantly working on and Brad has responded at all hours when he can. US based... but even at 1 and 2AM. Not saying to expect that to be the norm, but awesome he will hop on and help out whenever he's still working.

United States
About 2 months using the app