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NoFraud Fraud Prevention

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Prevent Fraud Chargebacks, Accept More Orders

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Pro Cabinet Supply

**I would like to start by saying our business deals with large transactions on a regular basis each month, and presented this information immediately upon speaking to the sales team**

We are not satisfied at all with how the sales process was presented. We spent time and effort thinking this could be a good app, and dealt directly with the sales team for a few meetings.

Once we thought all was well and we were going to proceed due to the benefits of using the app and pricing that worked in line with the insurance we THOUGHT we would be receving, we were presented one caveat that was never shared...... there is a cap on the chargeback limit.

We deal with +$2000 transactions at least 4 times a month, and after being informed we would spend over $250 a month for chargeback coverage, we were told we only could be covered for $700 per chargeback. They also stated that "5 transactions out of 100,000 get through the fraud detection" meaning very low risk on their side. So let's do the math..... I am on average going to spend with this company $3000 a year, and MAYBE a chargeback occurs during the year, but will only cover $700? What kind of joke is that? Why would we ever spend that kind of money if we were not protected completely? That is the whole point of insurance!

Maybe this app can work for companies that deal with less than $1000 transactions, but the whole point in our eyes of using something like this is to not worry about THE LARGE TRANSACTIONS. Completely asinine for us.

- Pro Team
Pro Cabinet Supply, Inc.

Developer reply

November 9, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. 

NoFraud employs a maximum reimbursement per transaction for some businesses, depending on the length of time they are in business, monthly purchase volume and industry. Any increase in that maximum can be worked out with the sales rep once provided with a little more information from your team. 

As mentioned on our follow up call, we are happy to increase the maximum for your business based on specific criteria your shared. 



do not use this company. took $550 from my account out of the blue. even if you get hit with a fraud case and win all they do is give you credit for service. which means you still take on all the risk. this company should change name to BigFraud. you have no control over what orders you want or dont want protection. so that means you will pay extra for paypal for no reason. customer service is a joke, 1 person show named tracy.

Developer reply

June 28, 2019

Thank you for your review. As part of its service NoFraud will reimburse its customers for fraudulent chargebacks and dispute them on our customers' behalf. When NoFraud wins a chargeback on its customers' behalf, that reimbursement is reversed, which is why you were billed $550 as there was no financial loss. Reimbursements are provided in the form of credit, ACH or check. To exclude Paypal orders from NoFraud screening, a customer can exclude those transactions from screening within the NoFraud portal.