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Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

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Top rated email marketing app with omnichannel approach

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Legend Archery

The last 3 months my cost has gone from $63 to $160 and now $266.
The last month, they upgraded me to PRO without me asking anything so that I would pay $266 instead of $105.
I never had the need for a PRO plan !

These are absolutely dishonest methods. They took advantage of me thinking I would not pay attention and stole my money.

I asked for . a refund and they basically refused !


charged me 10 usd at first month, and 105 usd at second month , unbelievable


Waste of time compared to Mailchimp.
I was able to use Mailchimp right away.
I could not do this here.

Qatar Parfume

so nice . we fell so happy . thanks

Peek Lashes

This was a bait and switch for me. The details talk about being an all in one email platform but thats not true. If you want to send an informational email, you can't, if you want to send a thank you email, you can't, if you want to include only a video, you can't.
This app requires me to include a product in every email that I send. When I asked for help I was rudely informed that this platform is meant for businesses with more products than I have. It really turned me off and made me feel like a second rate business owner. Their customer services handled this really poorly.

Fixmybinding Com

Very easy to sign up but difficult to cancel. No phone number and oftentimes you wait ridiculously long to have an online chat. I sent 1 email for $150. They were totally unwilling to help me out in any way.

Rectangle Com Sa

Wasted 4 hours of our time creating a campaign to only know that our account had been suspended and we can not send the email to our subscribers. We chatted with their team and were told we needed to check on the subscribers and see who is old and who is inactive? Really? We followed their magical and so-smart technique of filtering who is old and inactive and that gave us 90% of our subscriber are old and inactive!!!! Our site hasn't even been one year but the emails we have been collecting are old and inactive. So stupid!!!

Cheap Snow Gear

When importing subscribers, customers and contacts from my business who have actually signed up on the website or bought products, omnisend automatically sets around half of them as "non-subscribed" - therefore half of my subscribers will never see any of the emails sent out. Not a very good system as there is no manual override or way for you to set them back to subscribed by yourself.

However, after this happening I have been in contact with customer support, who was very quick, friendly and helpful - who has reinstated my subscribers. Still - this step should not really be necessary if the system did not have this strange issue.

Be very aware of this flaw in the app and that you will have to contact customer service and at their discretion have them set your subscribers from non subscribed back to the correct subscribed status.

Will be testing the app more to see if it fulfills our needs as an email marketing system after a rocky start to using it.

UPDATE : After having even more problems loading up lists which I have already paid to be cleaned, the system automatically stops campaigns from running. The support screenshot guides which show how to remove inactive emails are completely wrong and out of date as the company has updated their system but not the screenshots, so all fields are different and impossible to follow the guide. I have been sent this wrong guide now about 3 or 4 times by various support staff.

So far omisend, although has a fairly nice interface, is a complete headache and waste of time using in practice compared to other email marketing systems.

Siply Sophisticated

It was ok easy to use but when i signed up i was paying $10 a month come to find out i was being charged $30 and had no idea it just charges you more the more subscribers you get and i didnt realise didnt like that they just change the amount

EDIT: from 2 star to 1 . ok so i gave it another chance it offered me a year at $15 a month and every month it increased AGAIN but this time i found 2,000 subscribers on my list from a weird email @ru ? seriously 2,000 of them its like they added all these fake emails to my list to up my price tier to get me back near $30 a month i don't trust this app at all now. They say they didnt add anything to my account but there's 2,000 emails and now my gmail is full of spam emails from these addresses i am so pissed. buyer beware! and i NEVER leave bad reviews but i am so upset about this


The worst service ever!

Since the transition from Soundest to Omnisend they are charging my credit card for the premium service, but actually they are not giving me the benefits what I'm paying for. This situation is unacceptable and I was paying the last two months for nothing!

I just want my money back! And hope that anybody else is experiencing this problem.