Shipping Rates by Parcelify

Shipping Rates by Parcelify

by Clever Few Corp

Charge exactly what you want for shipping

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Evolve Sounding Stone

Shopify falls short when you have products that require truck shipping. I tried a bunch of paid apps before this one and found that most are US based and are not set up for Canadian freight companies. Another app in the store showed promise but wouldn't work with Canadian FedEx ltl accounts. I have established rates with many Canadian freight companies, some local, some national that will probably never interface with shopify.
What this app allowed me to do was create shipping rates that would populate in the checkout for products that were too heavy to ship by Canada Post, FedEx and Ups. I was able to select products by sku that would trigger the truck freight rate and then calculated the rate based on the subtotal of the cart. It works pretty slick and has a lot more flexibilty to calculate rates by weights and more.
Prior to this app, I created a message asking the customer to request a freight rate when no rates were available for those items that couldn't ship with C Post, FedEx and Ups and people would abandon many carts. Now the customer can see a rate and I ship with the freight company of my choice. No need for special account integrations with multiple carriers.

I also used this app to apply a free shipping rate for a single product. I introduced a new product in my store and wanted to offer free shipping on it, and if the customer added a second item to the cart, calculated shipping rates would apply and the free shipping offer would disappear. With Parcelify, I am able to create a 'shipping rate' and apply a variety of filters to qualify it to appear. In my case, I was able to apply an individual product filter to receive the rate. I also only wanted to offer the free shipping rate to residents of Canada so I made another requirement for this shipping rate that only addresses with the country code 'CA' get to see the free shipping rate. So how does it work in the cart? What Parcelify does is it displays the free shipping rate in the checkout if the customer's address is from Canada and if the product is the one I selected. Parcelify doesn't suppress the calculated shipping rates, they are still showing but the free shipping rate is displayed at the top of all of the shipping options so it is easily seen. The Parcelify free shipping rate for this product will disappear if the customer puts another product in the cart because I also set the filters to require that all products in the cart must match the product that I selected in the filter, otherwise the free shipping rate will disappear. Parcelify allows for great degree of filtering options and additional weight and price based rates.

PS. There are some reviews from some whinners saying the app is not free and you need calculated shipping. Here are the facts. My store is on the basic $29 plan. Call Shopify and prepay an annual store subscription and Shopify will give you calculated shipping on the basic plan. That's how I got it, now you know how to get it.

Casa De Flora

I can't believe that this isn't a built in functionality of Shopify.

On one hand I am extremely impressed by the developer of this App for filling such a blatant hole in Shopify's functionality, but on the other hand I can't believe that this is even necessary.

Kudos again to this developer.

Ft Mac Safety Preparedness

Although not all inclusive, this add in does help you specify shipping based on specific attributes, such as weight, product sku, item price, etc.

There are a few drawbacks you should be aware of:

*This will NOT allow free shipping on one product, while charging for another in the same order - If one meets the criteria the entire order does (or if you set it to the reverse, if one fails the entire order fails to meet it)
*This will not incorporate the shipping estimates of other shippers, or even allow estimations based on a formula for location of recipient (outside of state or country codes, you can set the price with this...but manually, the value will remain as you set it and not change based on current rates. You can put a set rate for any country, individual state, or even zip code, but the process of creating an accurate price list would take so long that the rates would change before you finish). Great for known values on a few items, not so efficient for varying values on many items.
*There is absolutely NO automation, do not expect it to adjust to added or removed products, a new vendor, or changing shipping rates. This is entirely manually entered.
*There is a minor knowledge of formatting that is required, but not stated unless you look at the help page. IE: "exclude product sku: 1234, 3343, 4444" is incorrect, where "exclude product sku: (1234)|(3343)|(4444)" is correct, with no example or correction where it needs to be entered. Worse yet, it allows you to enter data incorrectly, and even saves it, but the desired result will not occur and no error is given.

Zenhanceyourhome Com

I found this app a little confusing to understand first, but once I got the hang of it, it's been brilliant! It allows so much more flexibility than just the standard delivery options of Shopify.

Heartsi Co

All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Shipping rates have always been something that I've struggled to get my head around, but the developer Christian has been so patient and helpful in assisting. Although it took me a while to figure everything out since I can be a bit slow, with Christian's help, I've managed to sort everything out and it's SUCH A RELIEF.

Managing shipping rates has always been one of the most painful parts of ecommerce for me, but this app has made things easier to handle and fixed all my problems. I've always avoided other apps because of their monthly fees, and being a small social enterprise business, so the fact that this app is free is just incredible. It does exactly what I needed it to do.

I am so grateful for this app and I cannot thank Christian enough! GO PARCELIFY <3

Divergent Cultures

Don't listen to the reviews saying that the app developer didn't note that you need Real Time Carrier Shipping to use this, it says so right under the giant "GET" button. This is a great app, works as described and it's FREE. To get RTCS on your account without paying for an advanced plan, contact Shopify to add it standalone for $20 a month.


so i have to upgrade my subscription to use this? free my ass. DO NOT INSTALL.

Developer reply

July 8, 2019

Parcelify requires access to the Carrier Service API from Shopify, it does not require an upgrade to the Advanced plan. That API is the connection that allows a shop to communicate the order details to shipping apps like Parcelify. Without that we don't get the details of the order and can't calculate rates.

There are 3 ways to get the Carrier Service API:
1) Yes, it comes basic with Advanced Plans
2) If you change your billing on a basic plan to annual billing you get access to the Carrier Service API
3) you can pay for it directly to Shopify.

For more information about how to get the Carrier Service API please contact

We also wish it was available by default to all merchants regardless of their plan.


I honestly can't understand why this app is free. Like other commenters here, we tried out other paid apps and nothing was able to do what we wanted to do. Until we found this app.

Using DPD for deliveries in the UK, we need to be able to charge different postage based on postcode. This app made it easy to do (once we had figured out the correct regular expression for the postcodes)

We've used Prestashop and Magento before and calculating postage based on postcode has always been a nightmare. Thanks to Parcelify we can now sleep easy.

Blendid Co Za

A simple and excellent app!
And it's FREE!
It's a shipping lifesaver


I'm going to write a bit of a novel here for anyone who was stuck in the same or similar position I was so they know that this app is THE ONE.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I wanted to cry when I found this app, after days of searching the forums and contacting shopify to only be redirected to paid apps for something that should absolutely be apart of shopifys default structure, I FINALLY found my saving grace! I cannot thank the creator of this app enough, you have literally saved my shop! I desperately needed to be able to set two price tiers for items totalling first under a set price and then items over, while still being able to use real time calculated shipping options and this miracle app does exactly that, and more, dependant on your needs.

For example, shipping for an item/cart totalling $100 and over is set at $15, and an item/cart totalling under $100 is set at $8. But the under $100 for $8 tier, customers can still upgrade to different shipping options (tracked, express etc) on the checkout page, while the tier for items $100 and up can only check out with the more expensive tracked and insured shipping option. This was as far as I know, impossible to do within shopify without an app, and for those of us in countries where tracking and insurance isn't standard, certain items of higher value need to be sent with tracking and this way when customers want to purchase said item(s), it's mandatory to pay for the more expensive tracked shipping. You are also able to offer free shipping on item/cart totals over a set price, as well as section off who pays what by country, postal/zip code etc.

I know there are a lot of us out there that have come from Etsy and other platforms where we need shipping based on individual item, and this app will let you do that as well. The instructions are clear and simple, and honestly so much easier than even the paid options in the store. Again, thank you so much for everything you’ve done here, you’re helping so many people and small businesses, what a relief to have found you!

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