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A Natural Design

Used the app and website sales could not process. Pixels support could not fix the problem. Had to uninstall and refund upset customer.

Eos & Eir

The number of items is being limited even though the store has unlimited items. I have reached out to customer support 2 times with no response at all. If they can't find time to help me on this, how are they going to resolve product/customer based concerns? The app is very limiting in frame and mat choices as well. The concept is there, but they have a long way to go in execution.

Heather Freitas

I'm not sure why they have a bad review. Their shipping is way faster even during covid than any of the other Print On Demand Companies and their products are AMAZING. I am a professional full time artist and have shopped many places for quality prints and they are by far the best!

A.E. Samaan - Artist's Store

The support is good. They answer and address the issues. The MAJOR HOLE in this app is that its SKU numbers are beyond 80 characters, so they cannot be listed on either Amazon or eBay. Thats a HUGE setback for selling online in the 21st Century.

THE PROS: you dont have to stick to standard cropping for your artwork. You can do something other than 3:2, which is what every other POD place makes you stick to, and they offer lots of awesome papers and media for your art.

THE CONS: you cant really get it anywhere other than your own Shopify store, and watch the artwork languish for lack of exposure.

Ars Muri

Choose Pixels if you:

- Want to work with an application that hasn't been updated since 2013.
- Enjoy the idea of being forced to manage your products across three different websites instead of just your own.
- Prefer paying 250% more for shipping than you would with any competitor app.
- Don't care about being able to set the price of your products (could be $30 today, $90 tomorrow).
- Prefer working with a company that has only one rude and unhelpful support person, who makes it very clear that they don't care about your problems.

Don't be an idiot like me, thinking "Fine Art America, that means high-quality prints for my customers!". This app is trash.

Avoid like the plague.

Larry Marshall Photography

LARRY MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHY: I have a Pixels site so the import of the products was pretty easy to my Shopify store. As a photographer, my primary printing need is wall art (metal, acrylic, canvas, framed, and art). I quickly learned that the Pixels app has a 100 variant limit, so that have to limit certain offerings, These include frames and mats...they only offer black and white mats and frames. My primary problem is this.....I have Wall Art in my header with a dropdown nested menu of Landscapes, Seascapes, Abstracts, Cityscapes, and Drone Photography. When you click on one of the nested items, it takes you to a page that shows all variants of every photo. Looks very messy and is not user friendly. What I need is another nested menu that doesn't expand all choices. For example, the try and solved this problem, I created a nested menu under Wall Art with the type of medium - Acrylic, metal, etc. The problem with that configuration is that every wall art variant and every medium shows and it takes up the entire home page with the nested menu because everything is expanded by default. If this problem can be resolved, it would be a 4.5 star. Any other photographers deal with this issue and was it resolved?

Portraits by NC

Support leaves a lot to be desired. I had Pixels before I updated my theme and thereby have many products linked. After the update products no longer upload to Shopify and support is basically ignoring my requests for help.


The app is not working with advanced shipping rules as promised. I also placed an order through my store and paid for it but it's disappeared! I've asked for support and the response was only to delete and reinstall the app. I asked again where's my order and no response yet. I've found if you use the recommended mark up from Fine Art America you make zero dollars and may actually lose money due to sales fees. I wish I'd read the earlier review about the need to integrate with advanced shipping rules first as the extra costs doubled my Shopify bill.


For two years I have tried diligently to work with the people and the app at pixels. It’s been a nightmare to say the least I’ve lost many of my good customers due to the fact that their customer service just tells you anything and then it’s usually not true when the package is going to come when it was sent . If they say they sent the package Andwhen it doesn’t come they make you wait 30 days before they’ll will give you a refund then you have to still reorder the item.Then they’ll tell you that I will refund you for the second order often times you don’t even get the refund then they tell you they’re going to send your package out you never still never get it. There is no real customer service it takes an average of 4 to 7 days to get a reply when you inquire about a missing package or why something didn’t ship . The customer service agent will repeatedly ask you in the email the next day the same question that you responded to the day before and then the following day ask you the very same question once again Yes it’s really that bad! You can try to get help from management but it only falls on deaf ears I tried to let the director of Business Alex Young know about these issues several times and nothing changed in fact it only got worse. On one phone conversation he told me to “Kick my can down the Road” It’s wrong that they believe they can treat the artist that funnel the sales to their websites in this way it’s so wrong to treat the customers that support everyone this way. I have an order I’m waiting for them to send out it’s been over 2 months now and I am still asking when are you going to send it? They say we don’t know??? Can you believe that? Don’t waste your time and energy my friends. I read the other reviews and thought it can’t be that bad , No it’s actually much worse than any one has said here. I could go on and on But I’m sure you get the point this company down not care about you or your customers. I hope me sharing my dealings with them helps saves you from the the same troubles. Chris Sebo (Artist)

Art by Ashley Lane

I've been using pixels as my art printing company for over 5 years. Their quality is great. I just started my shopify store and the base price is even less through the shopify/pixels integration than through my FAA site! I contacted technical support to find this out as i was confused why my prices were different on shopify than through Fine Art America. They responded very quickly and explained why this was - great support and service. That's huge! And the app is free! I would definitely recommend this app.

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