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Edited September 8, 2020

I thought I would update my review as it's two years later and, with COVID19 it might be helpful.
Firstly, this app has allowed my to make sales of my artwork to anywhere in the world, with very few issues. What issues there were customer service has always been helpful. Recently a delivery in the UK was sent back to the printers in Scotland and my customer was having trouble getting it delivered. I called CS in the US (I am in Canada) and once it was sent back to the printers they arranged to have it resent out in 24 hours. My customer was very happy. When printing was delayed because of Covid and reduced shifts they apologized and the art was sent out within the week. Overall they have always tried to help, the exception is usually when they cannot answer a particular question as it may be something technical.
This app has helped me both beautifully display and sell my art at the price I want to sell it at. For certain non-art items the base prices are quite high, however I have checked on other sites and there isn't that much difference... still the same today - and with less comfort on shipping timelines. I just don't offer those through my store.
My ask for the app developers is to update their app and also allow more frame options to show in Shopify for framed prints, especially the fancy frames. Canvases are my best sellers so this isn't major but we are missing on opportunity with the ability to only show black or white frames.
Updated Sept 8 2020.

Having researched several apps I was for my art store Pixels is by far the best. It is easy to populate my store with my artwork and makes it easier for the customer to order and get their art from my store. Given how complicated shipping is on Shopify, Pixels makes it very simple. Their printing and finishing are flawless and they ship speedily with tracking. Because of this app I can ship my art anywhere in the world with peace of mind and can focus on creating my art and marketing to my customers. As an artist, where there is a dearth of reliable drop shipping options for us this app is pretty much the reason I am able to use Shopify to showcase and deliver my artwork - and I did extensive research into several other drop shipping apps. Alex Young is also very responsive and quickly answered all my questions so that I was up and running very quickly. Pixels customer service is also efficient and follows up to get any issues resolved if they come up. This app works seamlessly with Shopify, enables me to sell my art on a range of beautiful finishes without having to hold stacks of expensive inventory, works as it says it does and, together with Shopify, makes life so much easier for me and my customers... and it's free! It is my favourite Shopify App for all of the above.

I compared their prices with other drop shipping options... taking into consideration time to ship (some well-known outfits take 10 days to 3 weeks) ease of use and the fact that these are not batch items, but single items and overall, while I would love lower base prices on larger home decor items, they really are not that far out for one of a kind art, especially since they get shipped at local shipping rates within a week on average. I hope that FAA brings on more items, such as socks, tapestries, badges and clocks, which are perfect for gifts. I have found Pixels to be a great app and am very happy with it.

Over 3 years using the app
August 4, 2021

Pixels a multiplié ces prix de ship par 5 pour certains (beaucoup) de produits, exemple: le Weekender Tote Bags son ship pour l'Europe était de 6,14£ , maintenant = 40,00£ pour l'Europe???!!!! sans prévenir, j'ai donc vendu à perte. Je vais bientôt supprimer l'App, plus aucun intérêt....... Dommage

Over 3 years using the app
October 9, 2018

These guys are great. We do all of our reproduction prints through Pixels and I cannot stress enough the quality of prints, professionalism of team, and ease of use. Alex has gone above and beyond on so many occasions and is ALWAYS there to help us with any problem or concern, big or small. The UI has a learning curve but is learnable quickly enough. Really stunning all around.

United States
About 3 years using the app
Edited August 25, 2020

For two years I have tried diligently to work with the people and the app at pixels. It’s been a nightmare to say the least I’ve lost many of my good customers due to the fact that their customer service just tells you anything and then it’s usually not true when the package is going to come when it was sent . If they say they sent the package Andwhen it doesn’t come they make you wait 30 days before they’ll will give you a refund then you have to still reorder the item.Then they’ll tell you that I will refund you for the second order often times you don’t even get the refund then they tell you they’re going to send your package out you never still never get it. There is no real customer service it takes an average of 4 to 7 days to get a reply when you inquire about a missing package or why something didn’t ship . The customer service agent will repeatedly ask you in the email the next day the same question that you responded to the day before and then the following day ask you the very same question once again Yes it’s really that bad! You can try to get help from management but it only falls on deaf ears I tried to let the director of Business Alex Young know about these issues several times and nothing changed in fact it only got worse. On one phone conversation he told me to “Kick my can down the Road” It’s wrong that they believe they can treat the artist that funnel the sales to their websites in this way it’s so wrong to treat the customers that support everyone this way. I have an order I’m waiting for them to send out it’s been over 2 months now and I am still asking when are you going to send it? They say we don’t know??? Can you believe that? Don’t waste your time and energy my friends. I read the other reviews and thought it can’t be that bad , No it’s actually much worse than any one has said here. I could go on and on But I’m sure you get the point this company down not care about you or your customers. I hope me sharing my dealings with them helps saves you from the the same troubles. Chris Sebo (Artist)

United States
Almost 3 years using the app
Edited January 31, 2017

I'm giving 5 stars because, from a professional artist's standpoint, the quality of art prints made by Fine Art America is unparalleled to ANY other printing app on shopify. Believe me, I tried them all. I ordered from each site, compared, and this is the only one that is ACTUALLY high quality. The other reviewers here want merchandise like pillows, t-shirts, etc... I can't vouch for their clothes or home deccor because I haven't ordered them. But I know for a FACT that their Fine Art prints are the absolute best. No other app on shopify can possibly beat their quality. If you compare their art print base prices to other reputable Fine Art printing companies like Society6 and RedBubble, their prices aren't bad. Best of all, they are RELIABLE. I can't tell you how frustrating it has been using other printing companies that have the frames arrive totally broken, bent, or lost in the mail. It takes up too much of my time combatting quality complaints from unhappy customers. The higher price is worth the quality on their Art Prints. They also ship world wide. & their interface for uploading artwork is EASY. CG Pro Prints (which people claim is the best for art prints... I didn't like their quality...) their interface is absolutely awful, incredibly confusing and time consuming. This PIxels app knocks it out of the park with ease & quality.
The only few complaints that I have is that the phone number listed on this app page here does not get you in contact with the technical developers of the app. That phone number just connects you with the printers at FineArtAmerica.com who don't know how to answer any questions about the app itself, only about their actual prints.
It makes me sad that the other reviewers here are knocking down the rating so much of what is the BEST QUALITY art prints. Their art prints are TOP NOTCH, you will not find better quality on any other Shopify app, I GUARANTEE IT... and if you do, let me know, I'd like to see it in order to believe it. This company is unbeatable from what I've seen. Better than CG PRO prints, better than Printify or Printful or any of those other apps. This app needs a higher rating for the beauty and the quality Fine Art Prints, and their overall world wide reliability. I can trust them with my Art career.

I also reached out to them through the email they list here, and they responded within 24 hours. They also explained to me that recently they lowered the base prices of their apparel and lifestyle/ home decor type products. I also brought up the importance of including more frame options etc, and they took my suggestions to heart and added more of their beautiful frame options. It feels really great to be heard, and that they treat customers like their opinions/requests matter. The customer service is great -- They treat you like you are a valuable customer.

United States
Almost 3 years using the app
Edited June 28, 2020

LARRY MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHY: I have a Pixels site so the import of the products was pretty easy to my Shopify store. As a photographer, my primary printing need is wall art (metal, acrylic, canvas, framed, and art). I quickly learned that the Pixels app has a 100 variant limit, so that have to limit certain offerings, These include frames and mats...they only offer black and white mats and frames. My primary problem is this.....I have Wall Art in my header with a dropdown nested menu of Landscapes, Seascapes, Abstracts, Cityscapes, and Drone Photography. When you click on one of the nested items, it takes you to a page that shows all variants of every photo. Looks very messy and is not user friendly. What I need is another nested menu that doesn't expand all choices. For example, the try and solved this problem, I created a nested menu under Wall Art with the type of medium - Acrylic, metal, etc. The problem with that configuration is that every wall art variant and every medium shows and it takes up the entire home page with the nested menu because everything is expanded by default. If this problem can be resolved, it would be a 4.5 star. Any other photographers deal with this issue and was it resolved?

Larry Marshall Photography
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
September 26, 2018

Pixels is a great partner for independent artists! Easy to use with GREAT customer service! Products ship fast and are best quality. Highly recommend!

Don White - Artdreamer
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
September 6, 2017

Pixels is an amazing way to sell your designs on some of the coolest items available, when I had an issue (user error), Alex called me personally to hash out any issue and or question I had. So cool! I would recommend this app for your printing needs, hands down! TEN Stars! THANK YOU!

Pink Forest Cafe
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
April 29, 2019


I just got this app and it is really great to use. Very easy to set up and just plain time-saving. Could not ask for a better app or customer service from Pixels.com. I had a question and thanks to Abbie, I am back in full operation again. Love this app and Pixels.

Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Fashion®
United States
Over 2 years using the app
October 9, 2018

We've been using Pixels for almost a year now, and so far our experience has been quite pleasant. They take care of the mistakes relatively fast as well, which is a huge plus for us. Their products are good and handling time is pretty fast too.

DeBilzan Gallery
United States
Over 2 years using the app