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Powerful Form Builder

Powerful Form Builder

Developed by Globo Software Solution jsc

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  • Save your time on building a custom and advanced form in minutes
  • Automatically send email to customer and administrator when the customer submits a form.
  • Easy to export form data to CSV

Powerful Form Builder

Are you having trouble on building a form for your Shopify store because you don't have experience on coding?

Don't worry, the Powerful Form Builder is possible to help you. Powerful Form Builder is the perfect tool to easily build your custom form without any technical knowledge required. Build your form by Drag & Drop component of an input field. Your form is Fully Responsive(mobile friendly).

Features Full List

  • Unlimited number of forms

  • Unlimited number of input fields.

  • Easy to add your form in a Online Store > Pages or Product Description by SHORTCODE.

  • Add your form anywhere you need by editing HTML code (liquid)

  • All input fields have an individual shortcode (variables). You can use the variable to get submission data and place to email.

  • Your form is Fully Responsive. You can custom component’s size for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop.

  • Eazy manage all fields, components by DRAG & DROP.

  • (Option) Automatically send an email to shop owners with form data.

  • (Option) Automatically Send an email back to the customer who submitted the form

  • All data of a form is stored in admin. It is useful if you want to review the data.

  • (Option) Export data of form to CSV file.

  • Custom “Thank you” message after customer submits the form.

  • Customizable submit button title. Example: Submit, Send, Book now, Request a Quote, Apply… any words you want

  • Automatically get product name, product URL, customer name, customer email using Hidden Input Field


  • Textbox

  • Select drop down (single selection or multi-selection)

  • Textarea

  • Textarea with editor (Tiny MCE)

  • Checkbox

  • Radio

  • Color picker

  • Color box (allow set default color, customer can choose like checkbox)

  • Time (select hour, minute, second)

  • Date picker.

  • File upload - You can limited file type (extension), you can allow upload multi files.

  • Hidden field - You can add fixed value or dynamic (variable) value like customer info (name, id, email), product info (name, id), shop name, currency, language.

  • Captcha - With Google ReCaptcha.

  • HTML block - This isn’t an input field just help you to add content, text, image to your form.

  • Google Map - This isn’t an input field just help you to add Google map to your form.

  • Range Slider - You can set min, max, value, range

  • Number - Enhance a text input for entering numeric values, with up/down buttons.

  • Rating field - With stars, it will help you to make customer survey.

  • Submit button - You are able to custom title (text)

Input Validation

  • Name - Check for name validity

  • Email - Check for Email validity

  • Web URL - Check for URL validity

  • Number - Check for an integer validity

  • Percentage - Check for a percentage validity (between 0 and 100)

  • Mandatory - Require customer must fill the field before submiting a form.

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From $0.00 / month

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Free forever
Limit 1 form
25 Form submissions /mo
8 Form Fields

Premium - $4.99/mo
2 Forms
100 Form submissions /mo
Unlimited Form Fields
Limit 10mb File Upload

Pro - $14.99/mo
Unlimited Number of Forms
Unlimited Form Submissions per month
Unlimited Form Fields
100MB File Upload


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