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Printify: Print on Demand

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Create and Sell Products, We Handle the Rest.

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The app in Shopify is ok. But the printing quality is not the greatest. Their customer service is decent

Developer reply

October 16, 2019

Thank you for the feedback. We are sorry to hear that the printing quality did not meet your expectations. However, we want to make things right, therefore, one of our team members will get in tough with you soon. Thank you.

Gannett Glass Color

Seems alright. Prices are OK but there's several things I like other POD apps better for - the design/mockup tool has very, very bare bones features, and no way to add text without uploading it as an image (can't write text on a shirt). There's also no reviews from merchants regarding the different products being offered - I like to know others' thoughts before committing to a particular shirt or even ordering samples (e.g. softness, comfort, actual fit vs. listed size, etc.) so I was bummed to see that's not offered either.

Prices are more competitive than some other POD's but the severe lack of function in the design tool will keep me looking for other print companies.

Developer reply

August 7, 2019

Thank you for your review. Your feedback matters to us. We added your suggestions to our ''wish-list'' and will work on implementing them in the future. Stay tuned and if you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us at

Round Canopy

The App is fine and easy to use, Shirts according to my customers are good quality but the HATS SUCK! The first 2 hats that I sold to different customers I had to REFUND the customers, Customers sent me pics of the hats and they look Nothing Like What Your Images Look Like, very cheap and very low quality! Needless to say I dumped the entire line of hats immediately because I cannot afford to lose customers and refund!

Developer reply

July 8, 2019

Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that our customers were not satisfied with our hats. We are working with the best print providers in the industry and were surprised to see that your customers were not satisfied with the quality. We have provided you with a refund for the items, however, we would also like to make things right in the future and prove that the quality of our hats is worth it. Please feel free to reach out to us and discuss this experience.

Golden State Revolution

I want to thank Alice for restoring my confidence in Printify. My recommendation is to use different printers until you find one that executes your brand downstream to the customer. While i wish their vendors would properly pack and shrinkwrap garments like other POD plugins do, the variety of products is much greater through them. So my problems with Printify have been solved, just having to use different vendors. Its imperative for brands to succeed that the POD companies complete the brand experience, and should demand the execution from all print providers. Polybagging each item instead of throwing multiple shirts in one back is never good when the customer receives it. Its our brand that is on the hook not the POD companies when a customer gets their products all thrown in a bag. I will stay with Printify with hopes their vendors they choose will start taking pride in the downstream print and packaging experience which is the customers first experience when receiving their products.

Developer reply

June 27, 2019

We are sorry to hear about your experience with us. However, we want to make things right. Therefore, we are currently investigating your case and will get back to you in the upcoming days. Thank you.


I am doing a sample sale how well everything goes from here. They , Printify call me this morning it was all ok

All Star Pickleball

I'm torn between loving Printify and hating Printify. Without a doubt, Printify consistently has the lowest prices, but they are the slowest to fulfill.

For example, I ordered on the same day three shirts from Printify and two leggings from Printful as test orders. The three shirts each had a design on the front. They were fulfilled from MyLocker and DJ. It took eleven calendar days for the products to reach my mailbox. The two leggings I ordered through Printful were all-over-print leggings that had a background design plus designs on the left and right legs. I received it in 5 calendar days. Not to mentioned that the order was fulfilled from their Mexico facility - my Printiful order still arrived faster. So why something so simple took eleven days?... I complained to Printify about the long delivery time and they said they have no control over it because they outsource the productions to various vendors. With eleven day delivery time, how can I compete with other online merchants like Hylete and Amazon?! It's the middle of May, imagine how much slower it'll be around Christmas season! UGH!

So I have to weigh profit vs having my orders cancelled and/or losing repeat customers.

Also, I wish Printify had a live chat app like Printful or Shopify. So frustrating to have to wait hours for a reply.

Developer reply

May 28, 2019

Thanks for an honest feedback! It helps us to understand where we need to focus more our attention. Regarding shipping, delivery time depends on production time and shipping time. For Printify it is usually 2-7 business days for production and 3-5 business days for shipping. Probably you used expedited, but more expensive shipping services with Printful because their flat rate services are slower. We do seriously consider now improving shipping delivery times with our suppliers. And from previous holiday season we can ensure that delivery time increases only slightly and because of carriers not our supplier limited capacity. We do inform our merchants about cut-off dates when it comes to larger events to make sure that orders are delivered on time to your customers.

Actually we have live chat available – it's on the left side of the desktop screen. When it's busy, response time is on average 30-60min.

If you have some other recommendations, please share them with

Nature Themed Phone Cases

- they have more variety for the product I use
- support was quick

- have to adjust price separately for each variant (Printful allows you to adjust all at same time and do so % or $ amount)
- have to wait in line for products to submit to store during busy times on website (I started at 65 and ten minutes later, I'm at 37) Printful store
submission is much quicker and never had to wait.
- Can't add text layer over photo (You can on Printful)

I'll still use it because they offer the different product variations but I'll be limited as to what I can print on them.


I was satisfied with the communication, speed and integration of this app. What I didn't like was I placed a small order for a very important customer of mine and when they recieved their shirts one of the logos was very off centered. The quality for the shirts and printed graphics was great though. It's a little bit of a deal breaker for me. I have submit a request to fix it, which I am hoping goes smoothly.

Graphically Hip

The app itself is easy and great to use. Only a couple of complaints. Shipping for sample orders takes FOREVER. Also, it’s confusing (if it’s even possible at all) to make one design available for multiple articles of clothing without doing it manually. I wish from a clients point of view, that I could select a product and then select which design I want on it. Also, they advertise that your logo can go on the garment tag (inner back neck), but I haven’t seen that option on any of the available products yet.

Developer reply

April 26, 2019

Thanks for your review! Shipping depends on products and print providers, as well as your address. Most of products are shipped within 2-5 business days domestically, but may reach up to 30 business days if shipped from far. You can see shipping times here:

Regarding inner labels, it is available for particular products and print providers. You see available print area "Neck label" in the product view of the catalog. If you can't find, feel free to ask our support at, they will help you out!

I use this App to fulfill my clothing items in my shop. Would be nice if you could easily get in contact with someone at the company but I have not had any luck in that. (phone) Also some of the shirts come in looking really bad if they are on light color tees. DTG does not work for light colors but they don't seem to care lol....

Developer reply

April 18, 2019

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, we can't support you via phone, but our chat and messaging is available 24/7 and response time is as short as 30min. Please talk to us to find the best solution for light colors!

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