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A Gilded Leaf

The reason for three stars is that the app messed up the custom liquid I had done by a developer we hired. Please be aware that most developers won't fix any issues that arose from an outside source and will charge you to fix the glitch (which can be very costly) Product Customizer will say that it is not within their support to fix the issue that their theme created. In the end, even though the app looked promising and support did a great job making it look like part of your theme, we could not use the app. I would recommend this app if you do not have any custom liquid done on your product page. Also, remember to duplicate your theme before downloading the app. I was able to delete all the app's liquid within my theme with no problem and my issue was resolved once everything was deleted. Also, support was very helpful in all other matters and they do try to make their app work with your theme.

Developer reply

May 28, 2019

​This is Sean, the Customer Success Manager with Product Customizer. I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to review us. Our tier-2 tech support guy Daniel tried his best to figure out your formatting issue for a couple of days, but couldn't. ​Every now and than, we encounter a theme that we just can't seem to get working seamlessly with our app (granted that's VERY rare), and it is super frustrating for us when that happens, because we want it to work perfectly for ever user and client of ours.

​Again, please accept our apologies that this happened this way. Thanks for your understanding... ​Sean Hyatt, Customer Success Manager, Product Options & Customizer

Your Last Knife

The parts the app does, it does well and is easy to follow. But it won't adjust the total price in the price section (only in a little faded box below) which is a deal breaker for me. So I uninstalled it and went with another similar app for the same price that does.

Developer reply

May 20, 2019

​This is Sean, the Customer Success Manager with Product Customizer. I see you removed our app, and I am aware it was because our tech support could not move the location or appearance of the up-charge totals on your product pages. VERY sorry about that - it is a simple system limitation of our app. If it was something within our knowledge to tweak for you, we certainly would have gone to work asap to fix it. Im so sorry that this limitation was a "deal-breaker" for you.

Thanks for your time and for leaving this review -- it helps us to know what new features we can build into our app for the future, and what our clients are up against in this complex Shopify ecosystem. All the best to your store!


Unfortunatelly, I have to change my review. App is not performing well (when a product has an additional paid option made by this app, after removing this product from a cart this paid option IS NOT removed and it's impossible to remove it; and on mobile, you can't remove neigher this product nor this paid option).
I did report this issue over three weeks ago and still it's not fixed. And for two weeks now I have no info from their part.
It's not at all professional and even if I like the rest part of this app, I just decided to delete it and use the other one. Sorry, but my store should work in 100% correctly. And with this app it doesn't.


I use this app for over a year now and I can't imagine my store without it.
Since I sell customized baby fashion, I need an app which gives me a possibility to add baby's name, birth date, or any other custom option. What is also very important to me is that I have more than 100 variants in almost all my products, and thanks to Product Customizer I can offer these products with ease.

What I really love in this app is conditional logic and the team (which is really helpfull).
The only thing I'd like to have in this app and which is missing is the product's photo change while changing product options.
But even that, for me it's the best app for products options.

Sexy Love Doll

Product Customizer is "OK" as a starter app, but has limitations that unfortunately are holding us back. Just went "blank" on us this morning and unable to modify or view any options.

Armed To The Teeth

It seemed to work for a while but every time a customer would go to the page it sometimes wouldn't even show up. Would be a blank section that didn't look good. I deleted the app but still got charged. Might work for others but not for me.

Douglas Kent Rope

Functional, but clunky.

The interface doesn't allow reordering options within a customization, so if you want to reorder or add an option anywhere but the bottom of the list, you have to delete your old options and retype them. Did your list include a typo? No problem - just delete everything after the typo and retype it all. For an app that supposedly offers unlimited customizations and options, this is an unforgivable oversight.

The interface doesn't allow a default that isn't the top field, so mid-range choices can never be the default without being out of order.

As of Feb 2014, the interface has an annoying bug that both displays the customization order in the control panel out-of-order from the actual final display and moves the wrong selections when you do move them. As a result, I'm unable to get my first customization to the top. For such a bare bones interface, I'd have expected this bug to never escape testing.

The customizer only allows selections in a long list - there's no ability to group customizations under headlines, include explanatory information between each option, or insert photos.

The interface doesn't distinguish between unmodified customizations and those you haven't saved yet, so you have to either keep track of what you've changed or re-save everything.

Product Customizer works... sorta.

Pretty solid app. Adds a lot of flexibility to Shopify. I'd give it more stars if it no ability to batch-apply a customization across hundreds of products. It's a one-by-one effort. But overall, a very nice tool that would work great for sites with few products.


This app is very useful. However, it would be great if it allowed you to customize multiple quantities of the same item in one order. For example, I may order 3 of the same t shirt, but want a different name on the back of each one. This app doesn't seem to function in this way currently