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Merchants appreciate this app for its ability to create a customizable membership model, effectively manage memberships, and integrate smoothly with Shopify, Stripe, and PayPal. Many find it user-friendly and easy to set up, leading to increased revenue and simplified operations. The customer service team is frequently praised for their exceptional support. The app has proven successful in various business models, including VIP programs and digital magazines, enhancing customer retention and sales.

February 20, 2020

Do not use this program or any other program by BOLD. They had a glitch in the system and unsubscribed all my monthly subscribers. Over 80 members to be exact and 8 months of work down the drain. Not to mention zero support from these people. I’m taking legal actions against this company for the financial damage they caused me.

Ticket Resell 101
United States
Over 1 year using the app
April 23, 2019

I used the app to charge my VIP membership customers yearly. The Bold spe MO" is good apps horrid cust service." Its always a horrible experience . We increased our membership cost. Did not want old members affected- just new members charge the new price. Well our current members got a letter - stating they had 30 days to accept the new terms or their membership would cease. ( yes the one they paid for in full-- and who had 10 11 12 months remaining that they paid for) This should have been easily solved with a call- one email....But the way Bold works is you have to Beg to get a call--they say they will solve-- they email 24 hours later --- you respond then wait 24-48 hours for that answer.....then they respond and you respond and wait another 24-38 hours for their response. Its been over 14 days and my few clients ( imagine if it was hundred or thousands-- ) followed Bolds Solution and they are seeing that THEY HAVE TO PAY..... STILL even those that signed up 2 months ago for the full year AND PAID.
I reached out urgently again last night .....Its been a full work day- its almost 530 NO Response. Its simply not worth the having to deal with my clients on this issue for weeks . They right to be upset....and so are we . Heres my advice make your "VIP membership " a product with yearly recurring subscription. Since Im losing my current customers -- and must refund. Thats our start over plan for now.

Aunt Lyn's
United States
About 1 year using the app
BOLD replied April 24, 2019

Hello there, thank you for your feedback. We are so sorry to hear about your experience thus far. It seems the issue has been more complicated than we originally thought.

We'd love to speak with you over the phone so we can get this resolved once and for all. Please reply to our specialist via email as soon as you can to let us know if you'd be able to speak over the phone today.

We'd love to get this resolved for you and your customers without any further hassle. We look forward to speaking with you further!

November 10, 2020

Terrible app, generates a lot of problems with customers that they make a PayPal claim and after many cases, your paypal account finishes banned.

12 months using the app
November 23, 2015

They have messed up my theme since Friday 20th November. After they installed the app, the prices were not showing up anymore under the products in the collections pages. Was impossible to reach them during the weekend to fix the problem. But was not only that. Monday after many hours they opened the office they have fixed the price issue in the collection page and ruin the design of the head menu of and the design of the product page. . The worst part of this big mess that i've a Facebook and adwords campaign running for an investment of $30K and Bold seems doesn't care a lot to hurt my ads campaign. BE AWARE BEFORE TO INSTALL THIS APP. BOLD SUPPORT CAN LET YOU STUCK TO NOWHERE IF YOU GET A WRONG INSTALLATION OF THE LIQUID IN YOUR THEME. Now, I have to hire a developer to clean Bold mess.

United States
8 months using the app
September 24, 2021

I launched my website a few days ago and the discount price appears on the cart but when people go to checkout the member price is not there but just the regular price. My customers are complaining and I needed help ASAP. BTW THE PROBLEM HAS NOT BEEN SOLVED.

Wagyu Clan
United States
7 months using the app
June 21, 2017

If I could give no stars I would. Nothing about this app is fully baked nor does it have any of the basics that you would expect from any business:

1. No welcome/thank you/receipt email sent to the customer when they purchase something.
2. Formatting the text in their widget is broken
3. The ability to turn off automated emails for certain items is broken
4. You are stuck with their definition of memberships. I have a 6 month and 1 day membership but can't use them because they don't have them and you can't pick your own
5. The checkout form doesn't include address or zipcode, or company logos, or credit card logos, or encryption type, just a very sketchy generic form that looks like you are phishing customer CC info
6. Their email styling is broken and doesn't save formatting
7. Can't send your customers emails through the app, you have to download them out and upload them into another app then send the emails
8. Absolutely will not give you an estimate of when the broken items will be fixed, meanwhile, I have a very cheesy unprofessional looking website waiting on them and paying monthly fees.
9. Be ready to get emails about the new apps you can sign up for when the ones they have out don't work. Maybe they could QA something before building something else half ass.

The only redeeming quality is Chis the support manager tries very hard to support a piecemeal broken product.

Gabbos Sports Betting
United States
7 months using the app
August 21, 2016

Usually I love all of your app's but this one I keep getting customers telling me that it locks up after hitting pay when using there mobile phone or tablet to signup. When I sent you email I was told this is a known problem. If this is the case why does it not get fixed. Most people use mobile products for there web access now. I am finding this very limiting and will have to look for alternatives if it does not get fixed

3 months using the app
Edited September 21, 2020

READ BEFORE INSTALLING - Information is power. If you value the time and energy put into your membership program look for another app. We've had a crippling tech issue with Bold Membership for over a week with no resolution or communication to update the status. Luckily we are in a beta test phase so aren't dealing with hundreds of furious customers who cannot access the membership they paid for due to the membership access page not loading due to a coding glitch with the app. If we were up and running at full capacity our business and reputation would effectively be in the gutter and all progress was undone.

Also, be informed that when someone signs up for a membership using the Bold Membership app plug-in a new order in Shopify is not created therefore will not trigger certain automation that really leverages the efficiencies the Shopify platform offers.

Circling back to the first issue. Please read for yourself the last communication with the Bold Customer Support Team (redacted info appear as '-----' for privacy):

Sep 17, 2020, 11:35 CDT

Hi -----------,

Thanks for responding back. At this point of time, I have no idea of what could be causing this but several other merchants have reported this and that is why this was escalated to our developers. For now, I don't have much information on my end but as soon as we get more information, we'll reach out to you!

Bold Commerce Merchant Success

That was September 17 and we have heard nothing since meanwhile our entire business is hanging in limbo. Clearly, their prioritization of issues in the Bold Membership app isn't as pressing as other issues in their more popular apps.

Their customer support has always been very helpful and this isn't a reflection of their customer support agents as they are just the middle people.

Also, what got my attention initially when researching membership apps was the number of positive reviews the app had compared to competitors. However, after installing the app and working with their customer support on numerous smaller issues it became apparent how they had amassed so many positive reviews. On at least two occasions I can recall they concluded our live chats by saying a statement like "we are having a contest to see which customer support agent can get the most positive reviews, will you leave a review?" In good faith, most people will leave a positive review.

All the information provided above is factual therefore use it to advise your judgment to partner with Bold Memberships.

[UPDATE] Immediately after posting this review their Sr. Lead of Merchant Success contacted me attempting to rectify the situation. My response is below:

Hi ------,

Thank you for the offer but I will kindly decline. I've already invested far too much time on this issue. I stand by my review. We have deleted the app and are moving forward in a different direction.


United States
About 2 months using the app
April 14, 2017

I have to be honest this app needs serious upgrades. An autoresponse email and new notification would be great additions that are lacking. It also gets expensive quickly as you grow your audience. I can't justify the expense as the app is not a fully functional member manager.

Zon3 Elite Fitness
United States
About 2 months using the app
March 27, 2018

great app but customer services is really poor! Please and please do a better job with your client and don't leave them in the dark.

United States
About 1 month using the app