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Edited April 20, 2020

Love it! I have watched the initial videos which explained in detail what this app is able to do. And because I have been creating LLA recently for hours and hours in FB ad manager, this was something worth the try.

So far easy process and my audiences were created seamlessly. So for the ease of use and for the speed 5 stars, it really saves your time!

Thank youLove it! I have watched the initial videos which explained in detail what this app is able to do. And because I have been creating LLA recently for hours and hours in FB ad manager, this was something worth the try.

So far easy process and my audiences were created seamlessly. So for the ease of use and for the speed 5 stars, it really saves your time!

Thank you

Faith Hand
About 22 hours using the app
June 22, 2020

i don't understand the app however waste of time and money for me.
i have uninstalled it but i was charged for the period of 1-6-2020 to 30-6-2020 may i know why?
MY IMPORTANT DOUBT NOW IS THAT Will i be charged again next month if so how to stop from being charged i have uninstalled scalify before 9th of June.

10 days using the app
Scalify LLC replied July 13, 2020

Hi Qvibes,
Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Scalify.

Please note that Shopify handles billing for all Shopify apps. We don't have any access to your billing information nor the ability to charge you.

That's why we went ahead and issued a refund request to Shopify's billing team on your behalf and cc'd you in the email the same day of this review.
(Please consult the email chain for updates from Shopify). You should have the amount back to your balance by now.

Such mistakes do happen with merchants, had you emailed us when this happened, we would've requested a refund to Shopify's billing team immediately, no questions asked. We apologize for this inconvenience and the frustration it caused you.

If you'd like to use Scalify again, we'd be more than happy to assist you every step of the way, until you're satisfied and get the most out of your subscription.

If you'd rather not, we understand. We wish the best of luck with your business :)

Stay safe out there,
Yassir from Scalify

Edited June 8, 2020

This app didn't work at all and they need to have a cancel button upfront we shouldn't have to search to cancel.

Since you've taken the time to email me everyday asking to have this review changed I will increase it to a 3. I just wish I had heard from you this much during the 7 day trial. Seems you're more concerned with my review then you were with my initial issue. To ask me to send you a screenshot after I told you my ad wasn't producing any results and then waiting until the last day of the trial to finally tell me it was a pixel issue still defeats the whole purpose of a trial period. My screenshot didn't provide any additional information for you so that means you could've located the pixel issue without pushing it off on me to send you a screen shot. The urgency to determine my issue didn't come until a review was left and a refund was asked for. So since you're interested in improving your service now, I suggest increasing your trial period to 14 days to give someone a chance to truly see the results if there is an issue that takes days for your tech team figure out.

United States
8 days using the app
Scalify LLC replied June 8, 2020

Hi Kill1Kreationz,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Scalify.

By deleting any Shopify app from your store, your subscription is canceled. Scalify is no different.

As for the app not working for you, from our previous communication, it looked like your Facebook pixel was not installed on your store. Like Facebook, Scalify needs a pixel to be installed correctly in order for it to function.

This encouraged us to add a section that notifies you and other merchants when you’re having pixel issues. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We understand that your review was left out of frustration, and we value the time you’ve invested in Scalify. We hope you reconsider your rating based on further experience.

We wish you the very best of luck with your business.

The Scalify team.

Edited June 6, 2020

good but i don't get the point of having it paid... because i literally have to use it once :( anyway, good use case though, maybe more automated rules with strategies?zzxczxczxc

6 days using the app
Edited October 15, 2019

Not sure if they are the ones writing these reviews or they hired people to do so but I must tell you that this app/company is not what they have hyped themselves to be. Support is nonexistent and basically informed me that they do not help their customers in any way based on the low price of their app. BUYER BEWARE!. Do yourself a favor and install the normal facebook ads app and save yourself from this.

I came back here to actually delete this review but I would not be doing that anymore. You guys are so rude to your customers its unbelievable.

3 days using the app
Scalify LLC replied October 14, 2019

Hello Amekanaafrica,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Scalify on the Shopify store.

We consider your review very hurtful and extremely unfair.

Accusing us of putting up fake reviews is disrespectful, untrue, and goes against everything we stand for.

We replied to your first email in a very timely manner and we explained to you that we can't review your ads for you because we simply don't have access to your ad account.

However, we did check if your tasks are running correctly for you and we did respond to you in a 24-hour window.

Scalify has been reviewed then approved by both Facebook and Shopify and judging from the tasks you run using Scalify, we know for sure that you find the app super useful.

We take every review very seriously and we're truly saddened to have one of our customers unhappy with us.

We also want to make it very clear that we're not to be threatened with bad reviews, we're a small team, and we do our best.

We understand that your comment was left out of frustration, but we're open to having a discussion with you.


Yassir, Founder @Scalify

May 10, 2020

Hi there, I wonder how can i contact you? I wanna know if i use the 7 days trails and i don't get any results.Can i cancelled my subscription?Do you still charge me?

Easy Pet Life Store
United Arab Emirates
About 4 hours using the app
Scalify LLC replied May 10, 2020

Hey there. Thank you for your review.

If you cancel before the 7 days end, you will not be charged.

You can easily cancel by simply removing the app from your Shopify admin under the "Apps" tab.

We are always happy to help so feel free to contact us via this page by clicking "Get Support" or from inside the app or by writing a; email to

Our website also has a support form at

Please feel free to reach out anytime.

Kind regards

Yas - Founder @ Scalify

August 14, 2020

Bad. when you create audiences to quickly and adsets like in scalify. you have more of a potential to get your ad rejected and possibly banned. Also cutsomer service was not good. I tried to ask if you make a custom audience and as soon as the custom audience is created you make all these lookalikes.. won't the lookalikes not be as powerful since it takes time for the custom audience to gather your data.. so basically your making lookalikes off low data from a custom audience that has not finished populating. Also weird how as soon as i made ads with scalify i got like 60 ireland visitors within a minute. This app is not very useful to me

General Village
2 days using the app
Scalify LLC replied August 24, 2020

Hi General Village,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Scalify and we’re sorry it was not useful to you.

Publishing an ad through the Facebook UI or through the Facebook API is not different.

Scalify uses the Facebook API and is an approved app by both Facebook and Shopify.

So there is no reason to think that Scalify was responsible for Facebook not approving your ad.

As for your question, your lookalike audiences and custom audiences sync; you don't have to waste your time waiting for every custom audience to populate in order to create a lookalike audience, as the lookalike audience will update its size automatically once the custom audience is done populating.
Scalify’s role is restricted to automating the process of audience creation using Facebook’s API, it is indeed strange to get spam traffic from your ads.

You can get in touch with Shopify’s support team for more info or get in touch with other merchants who have experienced the same issue using this link:

Once this is fixed, we'll be more than happy to restart your free trial, so you can get to test Scalify and scale your ads, without external issues.

Stay safe out there,
Maria from Scalify

Edited May 15, 2020

Would give 0 stars if I could.

Horrible app, sent thousands of spam traffic visitors to my website while campaign building. Not while the campaign was running, while the campaigns were being built!

Creator refuses to take responsibility for this, and insists Scalify can do no such thing.

We have established beyond a shadow of a doubt that the source of this spam traffic was Scalify and still he insists that there is no way this is possible.

I am not the developer to tell your team what is causing this issue or how to troubleshoot it from a programming and coding point of view, I am the end user telling you your app has an issue with creating large amounts of spam traffic to sites while building large campaigns.

Whether the app does this as a byproduct of inserting the appropriate links for each ad being created, I don't know, and it's not for me to solve, that is for the development team!

The back and forth emails with the CEO trying to establish this point was seriously ridiculous. All that was done was deny responsibility, a real waste of our teams time even writing those emails!

This issue is for the developer team to solve. Not the end user that is pointing out the issue!

All email correspondents were the creator of Scalify denying responsibility for the actions of his app, rather than taking the steps to see why this has happened.

Even after evidence was provided to substantiate our claims! Screenshots of discrepancies between traffic seen on our Shopify store (5000 visitors), and unique link clicks triggered on facebook (only 100 clicks).

Strongly advise against using this app if you do not want to receive thousands of spam visitors on your site.

We had to take extra measures to minimize the impact this had on our Facebook Pixel.

Please think twice before downloading this app, it does what is advertised, it creates the ads you want. But at what cost?

At the cost of demolishing your seasoned pixel!

Not worth it in my opinion.

To add insult to injury, the CEO won't properly look into the issue of why the app is behaving in this manner. He simply deflects blame away from Scalify denying it has anything to do with it.

Again, it is clear to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that Scalify, while building our campaigns, was the source of this spam traffic in the thousands!

----------In response to Yassirs review reply---------------

It's good to see you are still not taking responsibility for your app. Thanks for making that even clearer for anyone reading this review.

Also good to know that confidentiality isn't a concept over at Scalify.

I had avoided attaching email contents in my review but if this is how you're handling this situation, again rather than addressing the actual issue with your app, I have also attached the email sent to Yassir prior to getting the reply he attached below.

-------Quoted from last communication through "support"----------

I would extend the same advice to you that you gave to us. "It is always better to think what I did wrong instead of trying to blame others for a bad outcome.”

I am aware loses are a normal part of building campaigns, and I am prepared for such an outcome. In other cases where we lost money on ads, we were at least able to go back to the ad performance and study CTR, CPC etc. No such experience with the Scalify created campaign, 5000 clicks were nowhere to be seen on the facebook ads manager.

Now to reiterate what I tried to communicate in my previous email, we have spent similar amounts in the past and have not seen THOUSANDS of visitors come to our site in a matter of SECONDS.

The spike in traffic was immense and immediate. Again, to eliminate other possibilities and be sure where it was coming from, we stopped the campaign building and saw traffic drop dramatically back to our regular range. I’m sure you know that facebook doesn’t give instantaneous traffic results within the first seconds of a campaign actually running, let alone a campaign that is still being built not even actually running!!

This is no small anomaly, and should be addressed with a little more seriousness from you and your development team, rather than deflecting blame to Facebook.

How your app works is for you and your developers to discuss and troubleshoot, what you have described to me is how you would like your app to work ideally, but clearly from our experience at Lightning Flame it is not working in that manner.

You should be thanking us for pointing out such a major flaw in your campaign building, not deflecting blame and ignoring the actual issue that is present in your app.

I have attached screenshots of our facebook ads manager, showing only 100 Unique clicks from the campaign….. 100!!!! Not 5000, ONLY 100!! And that is after the campaign started running, not while it was being built which is when we got all the spam traffic.

I’ve also attached a screenshot of our Shopify backend showing over 5000 visitors…. those visitors came to our site WHILE the campaign was being built by Scalify, not while it was running... while it was being BUILT.

Never in my facebook ads experience have I had an ad perform and bring traffic to our site before I even published it, I’m sure you see how ridiculous it would be to claim otherwise.

Ads can’t bring genuine traffic from facebook users…. If they’re still not even published on facebook! Come on Yas, you know better than that.

"Now addressing the assumption that the traffic you are receiving was not from humans.”… this was no assumption, we can clearly tell if traffic is not genuine by using Facebook ads metrics, Shopify metrics, and other tools that we have.

"you are pretty much saying that the Facebook campaign is sending you bot traffic.”… please don’t tell me what I’m pretty much saying and rather refer to what I actually say. As I said in the previous email "We isolated the variables as we were seeing all the spam traffic. We stopped the campaign building being done by Scalify and saw the spam traffic drop off 100% to nothing, then when campaign building was brought back on again, unfortunately it was clear that the spam/bad traffic was coming from Scalify.”

We have been using facebook ads for a while, and never had this issue. So no, I’m not “pretty much saying that facebook” has sent me spam traffic. I’m saying Scalify, whether by a software bug or otherwise, has directed spam/bot traffic to our site. That is a fact, how this fact is handled is a whole other story.

Please take a little more responsibility for what your app is doing once it has access to a businesses store!

The fact that you are simply deflecting all blame to Facebooks API is really unfortunate. I would have hoped that you would take this feedback from a client a little more seriously, and with a little more initiative.

I leave you with the aforementioned screenshots so that you may be able to evaluate the situation more logically.


Jordan A. Riddell
Team at Lightning Flame"
-------------- End Quote---------------

The way you're handling all this is quite disappointing, and quite telling.

To claim I "think" Scalify sent the spam traffic is hurtful and very unfair. It simply shows how little you grasp the issue I am attempting to report, and how little you respect and value actual real feedback from your users.

We have presented the evidence for our claims, and stated how we reached our conclusion, none of our evidence has been addressed, rather you state how you would ideally like your app to work over and over again. Cyclic never ending conversation thanks to your lack of accountability.

Something that is also telling of how little knowledge you truly have of what your app is doing is to claim you need 5000 Unique IP proxies in order to achieve 5000 website sessions.

Firstly, nowhere did I say Scalify was deliberately sending this traffic on purpose, I simply stated that this is what happened in hopes of fixing it.

For some reason you have taken it as an accusation rather than a bug report.

You do not need 5000 unique IPs to have 5000 sessions, if I visit my website from my own IP address, then close the tab and visit the site again, then close that tab and visit the site a third time, guess what... I get 3 sessions registered on Shopify even though they were all from the same IP...

Please expand your understanding, especially if this knowledge is pertinent to your apps performance.

Highly disappointing experience with Scalify, and an even more disappointing experience trying to resolve the bug by corresponding with Yassir

Lightning Flame
About 24 hours using the app
Scalify LLC replied May 15, 2020

Hey Jordan,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Scalify.

We’re frankly surprised to have you share our correspondence as a review here.

We have explained to you thoroughly via email that it is technically impossible for Scalify to send spam visitors to your website, since Scalify uses Facebook API to create your campaigns and it could not at all function without it. So it's the same as saying Facebook is sending you spam visitors, which is a huge claim.

Scalify has been reviewed by both Facebook and Shopify, then approved by both for its safety. Scalify would simply not exist if the opposite was true.

We understand your frustration and we are sure that your comment was left out pure anger, but we highly recommend you figure the root of the issue for the sake of your business, rather take it on us.

We wish you the best of luck with your business, and we hope you solve this issue.

As for those interested, here is a quote from our email that further explains this:

--------- Quoted from our last communication through support ---------

Jordan, I really appreciate your communication and the time you take to elaborate on your feedback. Thank you.

I was just trying to clarify some points. My intention was not to deflect the blame or to deliberately ignore your feedback.

We take feedback very seriously and we update the app whenever there is a problem we can fix.

That spike in traffic on your screenshot is very important. We have taken a thorough look into what may cause this issue with our developers.

There is absolutely no way for Scalify to send traffic to your website for the following reasons.

1. The app doesn't send any request to your storefront. It only uses Shopify’s backend API.

2. ​When building the campaign, only the Facebook API is used. No communication with Shopify at all.

3. The source code does not have any kind of scraping or crawling that could generate a bot like traffic.

Even if all the above was wrong, there is absolutely no way you would get 5000 sessions from the app as each session represents a unique visitor from a unique IP.

If we were to make that happen we would need to purchase 5000 different IP proxies. Why would we do that?

Jordan this traffic is not from Scalify. And I have done my best to explain this to you. So I hope you understand my position.

Again, I really appreciate your feedback. If it was something related to the app, our first reaction is to fix it right away.

I wish this issue was a similar case where we could have done something about it, but it is not.

I'm sorry if this answer does not satisfy your request.

Thank you for your understanding Jordan.


--------- End of quote ---------

We have thousands of customers who have stayed with us for over a year and have never experienced anything similar.

It saddened us to have these claims published as a hurtful review rather than trying to solve this as the real problem that it is.

March 19, 2019

HORRIBLE APP. I was super skeptical about it and I was right the ads won't upload I tried doing it like 10 times just ended like 200 LLA in my audience section contacted customer support and nothing. this app does not work

United States
About 16 hours using the app
Scalify LLC replied March 19, 2019

Hello Manuel.

Our team has responded to your first support ticket 10 hours ago.

Maybe you did not receive our email?

Please find a screenshot of the correspondence here:

We find it very unfair that you gave us a 1 star review for an issue that is not caused by us, especially when we have responded to your support ticket very timely, giving you a clear explanation and an extended trial...

We would really appreciate you taking into consideration the hard work we put in building, maintaining and updating this app with its support and reconsider this review as it really hurts us.

We are still waiting for Facebook to fix this bug. Here is the bug report link:

Meanwhile, we are always here if you need any further assistance,

Thank you.

December 10, 2022

I really wanted to like this app but unfortunatly it's not as good as I thought.
No template pre-made to help building the ADS, no active support, and when you start an ads "worldwide" only Indian people and bots visit your website, thats kinda strange right ? Oh and talking about account attached to the app, it's buggy.
I had to add my Google account many times for it to finally... not work.
Bad experience :(

About 3 hours using the app
Scalify LLC replied December 11, 2022

Hi CherryGoddess,

Thank you for trying Scalify and taking the time to review the app.

Kindly note that Scalify is a badged Meta Ad Technology partner; we use the same API as Meta's own Ads Manager.

If you've attempted to launch the same campaign via the Ads Manager, you'll get the same results as both platforms—Scalify & Meta—use the same API.

Now, when you launch a campaign with worldwide targeting, it's normal for the algorithm to favor a specific location if it detects good CPA (Cost-Per-Action) coming from that location.

This is in fact, documented by Meta themselves:

Regarding bots, please note that Meta sends bots to your website to determine if it's eligible for ads and to verify if it's working or not. You don't get billed for these bot visits.

This has been documented by thousands of advertisers, and you can learn more here:

Regarding support not being active, please note that you can access support from "?" on the bottom right of the page. If you have already submitted a ticket and you have not received a reply, kindly share with us your ticket ID as we could not find any ticket associated with the email address associated with your account.

Regarding not being able to connect your Google account, this has been indeed an issue that was fixed shortly. We're not quite sure which other bugs you're referring to.

We hope this answers your concerns about the app considering you've wanted to like it.

Should you require any assistance, please note that you can reach out via the contact us link on our website or our email address

Kind Regards,
The Scalify team