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The app makes it mandatory to set the (Compare At Price) for all items imported via the app, even if you're not planning for a sale. This problem stems from the pricing rules page. Their only offered solution for addressing this is to disable the compare at feature from your e-store theme settings--a solution that would not make my clients appreciate the discounts I'm offering, which is kind of a new problem. That's besides the fact that I couldn't find any feature that can allow me update the prices of my imported items in case I decided on markup changes within the pricing rules. Too basic for many stores.

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My reply to (Developer reply, September 10, 2019):

Thank you for confirming that advanced e-stores who need to use the “Advanced Markup Rules” are forced to set a rule for the compare at price for each cost range—even if they aren’t planning to. Thus, there’s no confusion about this point anymore, as you claimed. Your offered solution is me emptying the pre-calculated compare at price from each item (item-by-item?) during the importing process. But why are you considering that headache, a solution? Procedural automation should be the solution.

You’are saying: (It's also possible to update your existing products by percentage or fixed value through Dropified), but I hoped to hear the phrase (automatically with one click, the product pricing will be updated for all products loaded to the catalog via the APP and even those products that are still pending within the import list). Or at least state that anywhere within the APP. If you really have such a feature, then you deserve a credit for it.

Developer reply

September 10, 2019

Hi there,

Thank you for the review.
Many if not most of the features in Dropified are based on user requests as we're always listening to feedback and suggestions to see how we can continue to improve our software and service.

Your suggestions have been added to the features queue to have it implemented into our software hopefully in the near future.

Meanwhile, we did send you a message in case you'd like to further communicate your suggestions and use case with us.

Please feel free to reach out to Dropified Support Team via live chat or email at anytime.

Thank you.

Wink & Gun

I have been using this app for the last 2 weeks to handle the collection and management of drop-shipping products. It has built-in support for Shopify with heaps of great features like margin handling, auto price adjustments, image selection & editing, etc.


Es un herramienta bastante útil, hasta ahora me ha funcionado muy bien, dan soporte técnico de forma rápida. Espero que siga funcionando como hasta ahora!


It is quite flexible and resourceful. I like being able to bring over products from AE and eBay and manage them all in a single place. Still working my way in understanding how to use Boards, but in all it has been a good experience. 100% recommended.

Besthomes Secrets

Very very disapointed. I had great expectations finally found out that it was a total scam! The app is Aliexpress focus. So if you are expecting to export smoothly products from Walmart or any other retailers...forget about it!! Lot of bugs. Sometimes you try to import product it just does not work. I've upgraded my plan in order to have several stores but the app takes time to integrate new added stores. So when you want to import products to new added stores, the stores doesn't appear so you just can't import. Other point is shipping. You need to check by yourself if the retailer ships internationaly (while other like wholesaledeals or big buy make it very easy to know as you can filter retailers using their shipping solution). Other point you don't clearly see the wholesale price. It's nice to say you can change price of the products but what about profit margin ?? You have to do everything manually except if you're using aliexpress. I should have never signed up. Never! What a waste of time & money!

Developer reply

August 28, 2019

Thank you for your review of Dropified, and I'm sorry to hear that you had some trouble with product importing.
We offer product importing ability for many supported sites, but some of those sites do tend to change things on their sites regularly. We make every effort to get our extension updated based on those changes so that importing will work again, but sometimes, it can take time.
Also, when you connect more stores in your Dropified account, usually you just need a re-sync for the extension to recognize the newly added store which only takes a few seconds to do.
Again, I'm sorry to hear that you had some trouble with getting things going with Dropified. You can reach out to the dedicated Dropified Support Team at anytime if you need some help with troubleshooting.

Please do reach out via live chat so that we can help to make your experience with Dropified better 🙂

Shore Thang Boutique

Unless you dropship from Aliexpress or Ebay its a pretty tedious process. A couple of the retail vendors that you can import from dont work such as LAShowroom and Fashion Go. The aforementioned vendors only sell their items in packs or with minimum dollar amount per order so unless you are selling wholesale clothing to retail customers in bulk those particular vendors are rendered useless. Also the lack of material information for non automated vendors makes it hard to use the site unless you are using Aliexpress or Ebay which has automation. Overall it's a good app but I won't use it long term.


I used to build and design websites for my clients when I had started a business back in the early 2000's. I was pretty sharp until I became ill and the illness caused problems with my memory. My memory is getting better as I am better now. Things are so different now. Everything is automated software, and there's hardly any coding. I actually made it harder for myself when I joined the Dropified family. I was amazed by the auto-order fufillment, advance editor tools, the marketing techniques with the YouTube videos, the easy connections of my products to my website, I get to have up to 5 stores, and if I have a question, the team is there to answer within minutes if not seconds. There are features I have not used yet because Dropified has given me so many to choose from. I know how much software cost! With that said, KUDOS to Dopified!


Não sei como tem coragem de cobrar uma porcaria dessas ainda. Não consigo fazer nada. É tudo travado e só fica carregando. Não consigo colocar as variantes, fazer os pedidos nem nada. Simplesmente inútil. Ainda bem que existe o Dsers.

Developer reply

August 13, 2019

Hi Rhuan 👋

Sorry for the trouble you're having, you don't have access to features as you actually haven't selected a plan to trial. You can select a plan from this page: https://app.dropified.com/user/profile#plan

If you pick the monthly plan you won't be charged for 14 days and will have access to all features 👍


This has to be a joke! I spent 2 hours synching all my products just to reallise this App DOES NOT SUPPORT GLOBAL SHIPPING RULES you have to take Epacket or otherwise its what the supplier choses. NO WAY TO SET GLOBAL SHIPPING RULES.
This app is advertised as fully automated, no?!

Support didnt care and first told me its possible, later then realised its not. Just sad, wasted hours!

Yes you guys finally explained to me that I have to go to EACH ITEM I sell, and follow a 15 click Procedere where I have to set shipping for EACH PRODUCT separately, and each country I ship one by one, typing in country names ....!! If seller changes shipping, I have to do it all over again, FOR EACH PRODUCT.

I’m gonna leave this at 3 star because otherwise people like me won’t find it.
The rest of the app looks good so far, I actually really like it.
But it’s nearly unusable like this, and this is not some crazy feature I request, this is the most basic function an ordering app should have!
Actually I expected multiple failback options, or even rules like fastest shipping below X$ ... that would be appropriate for an app charging 600$/year!

Developer reply

August 13, 2019

Hi Philipp, I'm sorry to hear that we didn't have the feature that you were looking for. I've messaged you through your support ticket to explain that this is possible on a per product basis, so you can set different shipping options for each product or supplier - rather than setting the same option for all products.

We're always looking to improve our service and hopefully we can implement a global option soon :)



When I heard of an app that could automate the functions that normally take my time away from searching for products or finding new and creative ways to market them, I was all aboard. Dropified has a huge database of videos and written as well as one on one help.
My problem is that I have to work on following the tutorials instead of jumping around. I am new to the world of business and I find that Dropified is a solid ship(ping experience.) Everything you need to learn whatever you need is provided along with tons of support.

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