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Merchants highly value this app for its robust fraud detection and chargeback protection. They appreciate its accuracy in flagging fraudulent orders and its guarantee feature that reimburses for chargebacks. The user-friendly interface provides detailed sales and customer data. The customer service is responsive and the pricing is deemed fair for the value provided. The app integrates well with Shopify and is suitable for all business sizes. Its automatic transaction approval or decline based on fraud detection saves merchants time.

April 1, 2024

Interface is relatively simple to use. Unfortunately when you need them don't expect them to be there for you. We've been a customer of Signifyd since the app was new and have never filed for a chargeback claim reimbursement. We've used the guarantee for only orders that were concerning to us ('pay as you go' plan), but even those that were guaranteed never went to a claim so our account has been pure profit for them.
We just found out that they decided to stop supporting the plan that we have been on and closed our account. They didn't send any notification that the account was going to be closed nor that it was closed, and no way to get it back without a $500 monthly minimum spend. Apparently small businesses aren't worth their time.

Cubic Zirconia CZ
United States
Over 7 years using the app
December 18, 2023

Simply the best in class for chargeback protection and support.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
July 25, 2023

they take care of you instantly had the app for 6 years now! recommended! if you have any issues they will respond on a timely manner.

United States
About 6 years using the app
August 25, 2016

Just a great service. We started with the on-demand plan, and recently upgraded to the "Complete" plan. They've come through for us on every chargeback, although though we don't get very many. We can't compare it to other such services, since we haven't ever used such before, but they're great, and stellar customer support too (Tony being a standout).

Reviv Serums
United States
Over 8 years using the app
August 20, 2013

Revenue new markets

Signifyd was instrumental in our ability to launch in new markets given their ability to ensure we processed only clean transactions. Fraudulent international transactions was a major concern for us given the decreased searchable customer data compared to our domestic home base. Signifyd’s impressive database was able to find rich data sources on even the most remote of customers, giving us peace of mind knowing we were not about to ship to international identity thieves. KhalsaKirpans.com

Khalsa Kirpans
United States
Over 7 years using the app
August 20, 2013

Chargebacks, less chargebacks

We sell jewelry at thekhalsaraj.com, and chargebacks can severely hit our bottom line. With Signifyd’s service they provide an analysis for all of the data they provide, explaining why you should or should not accept a transaction. With alerts notifying me such as an email that has previously been tied to a chargeback or making our team aware that a credit card was issued out of country, our ability to monitor our transactions with data you simply cannot find anywhere has become razor-sharp!


The Khalsa Raj Collection
United States
Over 7 years using the app
September 4, 2020

The Signifyd team is very personable and easy to contact if you need to make any updates to the way they interact with your store. They strive to set up quarterly meetings to know what is coming with your business so they can prepare to support you adequately. I've been thoroughly impressed by all of the interactions I have had with their customer care team.

Rad Power Bikes
United States
Over 7 years using the app
June 14, 2019

Signifyd has been great for us. They manage all our chargebacks, which frees up our time to focus on what we do best. Overall has been a great experience.

United States
Over 6 years using the app
February 18, 2014

We have work with credit card processors prior. However, with the guarantees and superior service. We would recommend this company, very highly. Thank you and thank you Mark. Keep up the great service.

Pacific Bay Watch
United States
Over 6 years using the app
Edited May 29, 2017

I had a order they guaranteed result in a chargeback It was only my 16th order with them and for a fairly high amount $529.66 but they approved the claim within 2 Hours and reimbursed me within 24 Hours. Incredible !

Laptops For Less
About 6 years using the app