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Sky Pilot

Sky Pilot

Developed by Corknine Development

49 reviews
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  • Easily upload and sell music, movies, pictures, pdf files, or any other type of file
  • Fully customizable delivery pages where customers can easily download, view, or stream files associated with all their orders
  • Instantly deliver files and streaming Vimeo videos to customers after purchase

Sky Pilot is the best Shopify app for selling digital goods. We offer:

  • Complete file protection(Limited downloads, expiring access, access abuse alerts).

  • Fully customizable delivery pages from within your store.

  • FREE plan for small users and trials(up to 2mb of storage).

Sky Pilot allows you to sell access to any type of file, including:

  • Streaming videos (using our Vimeo integration)

  • Downloadable Videos

  • Music/MP3's

  • PDFs

  • Pictures

  • Any other type of file

Sky Pilot is ideal for:

  • Musicians selling their music

  • Online video courses/tutorials

  • Photographers selling their pictures

  • Any shop who needs to sell a downloadable product

Sky Pilot

After checkout your customer will be directed to a customizable page in your website to download, view, or stream files associated with their purchase.

The file delivery page is hosted within your Shopify store and is completely customizable.

You can attach multiple files or videos to a product.

Customers can log into their customer account and view all digital goods associated with any of their past purchases.

For more information and pricing visit https://www.skypilotapp.com

Sky Pilot reviews

49 reviews
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I'm very happy with Sky Pilot! I sell a lot of e-courses and digital goods and I've found SP to be the best way to do this on a budget. Plus, it keeps my whole operation under one shopify roof. Of course, you need a sub with vimeo too, but they go together hand and hand if doing e-courses. I'm paying roughly $30 a month (sky pilot & vimeo) to have incredible integration into my shopify store......convenience for me and my customer/students! My students log in and get their video courses no problem! 2 thumbs up!


Such an easy app to use to set up my products, and their support is prompt and incredibly helpful!


It's exactly what we were looking for! Namely, hosting digital products with a simple way for users to access their digital purchase history so that they never have to worry about misplacing their files. I like the degree to which the app is customizable as well. Works great out of the box, but I always like to tweak and I'm not afraid to play with code, and I love apps that let me do that.


The support is fantastic. it suits us well to host videos on vimeo and share them with customers through shopify. It would be great if there where the ability to send custom unique files for different people / specific orders for people who are paying for consultation as well as digital products, but this package works well, and thats not something most people would need. All in all I highly recommend this extension!


We couldn't be happier with Sky Pilot. This app has all the features you need to do digital delivery of files, and several thoughtful touches throughout the interface. It's very easy to work with, and has greatly simplified a workflow that would have been very complicated for us otherwise. And the support is phenomenal. I have only rarely contacted support, but when I have, responses have been practically immediate, and have solved the issue. We couldn't be happier!


Totall first class app supporting uploading and delivery of digital files. We have been selling excel spreadsheets for many years and we know a good platform when we see it. This is excellent.


Excellent customer support!
I thought I had too much intricacies on my site with what I needed to do, but support got me all squared away on day one!
Simply amazed that I am up and running so quickly. A++ would Sky Pilot again.


Great app and excellent service, we couldn't be more satisfied. Highly recommended.


I would highly recommend this app! Customer service is very responsive to questions even prior to install. Incredibly easy integration that you likely will not need support help even with limited technical experience. Provides file downloads based on storage limits in the app. Provides sellable streaming across multiple product variants in a snap. Literally took less than an hour to read all setup documentation and have first videos working like a charm! Your grandmother could install this app!! (sorry tech savvy grams!)


The best download app we have ever tried (and we've tried a lot of them). Sky Pilot has all the features we have ever needed (bulk uploading, the ability to apply the same download to multiple product variants, the ability to send new updated downloads to customers and notify them, etc.). We highly recommend.

From $0.00 / month

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