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Loyalty Points, VIP, Referral Programs by Smile.io

Loyalty Points, VIP, Referral Programs by Smile.io

Developed by Smile.io

2907 reviews
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  • 10+ exciting ways to engage your customers, all available on the free plan
  • Implement the combination you want: loyalty points, VIP, and referral programs
  • Join 15,000 merchants who power their rewards program with Smile.io

Create a Total Rewards Program With Loyalty Points, Customer Referrals, and VIP Tiers

  • Loyalty Points Program

    Encourage profitable actions that drive customer loyalty by issuing points.

  • Referral Program

    Encourage existing customers to refer their friends and promote your store for you.

  • VIP Program

    Give increasing rewards to your best customers as they interact more with your store.

Turn Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

Smile.io allows you to quickly set up and run your own rewards program. When you reward your customers they are more loyal, more likely to return, and more likely to make repeat purchases.

Over 15,000 merchants are boosting revenue and repeat purchases with a Smile.io rewards program. These merchants are seeing a 15% increase year-over-year in revenue and a 20% increase in repeat purchases.

Inkbox was able to increase repeat purchases 84%!

A Very Generous Free Plan to Help You Grow

Helping you grow your revenue is priority number one for us. That is why you can run a loyalty points program and a referral program at no cost on our free plan.

Reward for:

  • Purchases

    Give shoppers loyalty points for the most important thing: making a purchase. Customers can spend their loyalty points on a $ discount, % discount, free shipping, or store gift cards (Shopify Plus stores); the choice is yours.

  • Customer Referrals

    Turn your existing customers into powerful marketers that generate sales. Give loyalty points, coupons, and more for referring friends, and even give the friend a reward as an extra incentive.

  • Account Registrations

    Eliminate guest checkouts and gain valuable email addresses by rewarding customers with loyalty points for registering an account.

  • Social Shares

    Give your customers loyalty points if they share your store with their friends on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Social Follows

    A strong social following is a great way to build up brand awareness and sales. With Smile.io you can give loyalty points to customers who follow you on Twitter or Instagram, as well as liking a Facebook page.

  • Birthday Rewards

    Show your customers you care by giving them a present on their birthday.

  • And More!

    We are developing more ways to reward customers weekly. Our goal is to make your store more successful through rewards and customer loyalty!

  • Powerful Features to Take Your Program to the Next Level

    If you are looking to make your program as powerful as possible, you want the features available on our paid plans. We already work with some of the largest stores on Shopify and Shopify Plus. Here are a few of the added features available on our different paid plans.

    • Advanced Visual Customization

      Add embedded loyalty point balances and referral links to your site. Also create a totally branded rewards program with our theming. You are able to add in custom imagery, select your preferred brand color, and even add in your own logo!

    • VIP Program

      Offer your customers even more incentive to continue shopping with you. VIP tiers allow customers to earn additional rewards and earn loyalty points faster based on how much revenue or points they’ve generated over a period of time. You can also segment your customers based on how loyal they are.

    • Tab-less Program

      Looking to create an integrated rewards program? You can use our intent system to build a program without the tab. You can link to the modal from your header, footer, or any clickable object.

    • Build with our API

      Use our API to reward for any customer action. You can also use this API to sync Smile.io data with other applications such as your email service provider.

    • And More!

      These are just a few of the added benefits on our paid plans. We also have explainer pages, customer segmentation, the ability to exclude customer groups, and are adding more weekly!

    • Why Choose Smile.io?

      We have helped launch thousands of reward programs in virtually every industry. We can help you too!

      Start in a Few Clicks

      We have made it super easy to get your rewards program started. It literally takes just a few clicks to get up and running. Just click “Get App” to see for yourself!

      Industry Experts

      We have over 5 years and 15,000 merchants worth of experience. This has taught us a lot about loyalty programs. We have published tons of guides, books, and blogs to help your reward program succeed.

      Check out our resource center!

      Shopify Plus Solutions and Features

      We have tons of Shopify Plus merchants using Smile.io to power their rewards programs. We also offer Shopify Plus specific features and services such as redeeming loyalty points at checkout. No matter the size of your store, Smile.io can handle it. From 10 orders a week to 10,000+ we have you covered.

      Shopify Plus solutions


      We price our reward programs based on program members, not on your store's orders or existing customers. We did not help you get your existing customers, and every order is not a direct result of us. We charge based on your reward program's growth.

      Pricing Details

      It’s Easy To Use & Get Started

      Start your program for free today and see how easy a Smile.io rewards program is to launch and run.

Loyalty Points, VIP, Referral Programs by Smile.io reviews

2907 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (62 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (11 reviews)
  5. 1 star (21 reviews)

So far so good! Just switched from another loyalty program that I thought was great, didn't think this one would be 10 times better! Highly recommend!


Good app, been using it for a couple of years now. Handles itself which is great and customers use it very often.

Had some trouble and contacted their support, Maggie fixed the issue for us no problem. Didn't link us to some complicated documentation for us to follow, just went silent for a few minutes and came back saying it was all fixed.

Highly recommend.


I think this is the #1 app shopowners should be using for discounts. No email opt-ins, no wheelio, but this reward program.

It was a 5 minute setup, the free plan has all the feutures you need, looks very, very clean on your webshop too.

I thought the integrations with fb sharing, email referral, tweeting and instagram follow would be slow and distracting customers to other pages, but it's not. It works perfectly fine and not distraction on both mobile and desktop.

I'll report in a month a new review about how the results it got me, a this is very easily trackable with the included analytics inside the app.


Perfect for my shop and customers. No more sending freebies or discount codes, now they have to earn them through a point system. :D


I love this app. It just brings so much more experience for our customers.


This app is awesome in every way.

1) Install went perfectly.
2)Customization is great and very easy to do.
3)Contacted them for support and they got back to me very quickly.
4)The color branding is perfect.
5)The loyalty points and referral programs are flawless.
6) The best part is that this is the FREE version. I can only imagine how much I will love the paid version. Thank You and keep up the good work.

See it in action at www.gruntshop.com


It's a good free way to get new sign ups, followers and referral to try it.


Had an issue with my set up - Spoke to Maggie on live chat and it was sorted in 10 seconds ! Absolutely brilliant she was so any doubts i had about upgrading and paying for Smile have gone away instantly - Top class customer service - Cheers Maggie !!!!!


We have been using Smile.io for over a year now to manage our loyalty and referral program. Recently, we decided to integrate the platform with our store to a greater extent and I am especially surprised at how good and responsive the their customer service is. Special shout out to Maggie M for the timely and pro-active assistance.


Maggie did a fantastic job figuring out my the issues I was having and fixed them in less than a minute in the live chat! Very pleased!!

From $0.00 / month

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