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  • Add products from US/European suppliers to your shop with one-click
  • Automated order processing
  • Real-time inventory update

Looking to sell Unique products from worldwide suppliers?

  • Source products from USA, Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa and more

  • Minimum %30 margin

Spocket allows you to easily Find and sell unique products from your home country. Spocket suppliers are reliable, vetted and ship your products fast. All the products on the Spocket marketplace are discounted to give you higher margins. You will enjoy the full automation of your business from order processing to shipment tracking. Spocket is one of the top selected Shopify sourcing products apps.

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Stand out from the Competition!

Search from more than 1 million vetted products around the world. You can even find beautiful and high quality products from your home country to sell. Add products to your Shopify shop with one click.

Fast Shipping products

With hundreds of US/European suppliers, your products will be shipped to your customers in 5-7 days on-average.Local products are shipped 2-5 days on-average.

One-Click Order Fulfillment

Quickly fulfill all of your customer's orders with our automated order fulfillment.

30% - 60% Margin

Spocket products are all discounted. You are not selling products over-priced, but selling at real price with great margin.

Customized and branded invoicing

Spocket adds your logo and brand to the invoices. You are not just selling someone else's products, you are building your own brand.

Real-time Stock Level Updates

Spocket will update your product's stock level in real-time to make sure you never sell an out-of-stock product.


FREE Forever : Unlimited number of orders with all the necessary features. Push Up to 25 products to your shop.

Pro - $29 Plan : Free Forever + Push up to 250 products + Premium products + Branded invoicing

Empire - $199 Plan : Pro + Push Unlimited products to your shop


Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

No doubt. Our mission at Spocket is to help you start a successful online business. If you are not satisfied with our service, you are welcome to cancel your subscription at anytime. As one of the top Shopify sourcing products apps, this is our duty to give you the best service. (We will just feel a bit lonely after you leave)

What happens to the invoice and my brand?

Spocket is different from other dropshipping platforms. We have on-boarded all the suppliers one-by-one. Our suppliers know that you are dropshipping their products; Spocket will automatically generates an invoice with your shop name and logo to be added to the order's package. By using Spocket, you are not just selling someone else's products, but you are building your own brand.

More questions?

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What is drop shipping?

Dropshipping is a method of running your e-commerce store without owning products or having any inventory. You simply add someone else's products to your shop, and after each sale, the order is sent to the supplier to be fulfilled. In the dropshipping model, you will only focus on sales and marketing.
Spocket is providing you with products that are unique, high margin and sourced from local suppliers; the entire process of order processing is automated by Spocket to make it as easy as possible.

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Spocket reviews

784 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (11 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
  5. 1 star (18 reviews)

Great looking products, but doesn't specify if vendor will ship internationally and what those shipping costs/turn around would be.


Irritating. That's the only word that comes to mind when I think of this app. Trying to navigate through the different categories is harder than it needs to be. For example, my shop sells men's clothing. There is a category for clothing which includes all genders and then there is a category for men which is just a bunch of random stuff. I was looking for an alternate to Oberlo because the shipping times from China are obnoxious, but I noticed that the shipping times for the clothes on Spocket are pretty much the same, but the prices were higher. So I will continue to look elsewhere. This app might be good for some niches and people who like to scroll through pages of unrelated items, but not me.


So far I've had a great experience with Spocket. I've managed to fill out my store quite a bit and have been able to generate a good number of sales starting off. I was able to use a lot of the material provided on the site and in the Facebook group to help grow my business, as marketing was kind of my weak spot, but the Spocket community has been quite helpful in getting me my first 10 sales. We've closed up shop for a little bit because we want to try some different markets, but I'm planning on using Spocket for starting another niche shop as well. A+ highly recommend Spocket to anybody on Shopify


I have been using Spocket for over a month now and I absolutely love it so far. Though their collection is not as big as Oberlo, but the products from Spocket are high quality. I have been selling dresses and Kimonos which are selling extremely well and the customers are also loving the quality of the products. My favourite thing is the branded invoicing, which is very neat. My customer's get a printed invoice from my brand with my beautiful logo, which has helped me to bring many customers back to my store.

Have not faced any issues yet so 5 star from me. I really look forward to new suppliers and new unique products on Spocket.


I've been enjoying the app quite a lot. I have seen great value in the products they bring to the table and have available. If you not sure about it I suggest just trying it out.

With the free plan there is really nothing to lose. Also, I have been in contact with customer service a few times and they have been outstanding in responding to me and helping with any questions I've had. I know Spocket only focuses on products source in USA and Europe mostly, but would love to see more lower ticket products.

Also, shipping times for the products are great honestly. Instead of waiting for 3-4 weeks products come from China, it takes 5-7 days in USA. LOVE this part of the app.

***** 5-star to this point.


I would give this app N0 stars if possible. I'm just starting a new online shop and because of this company's major lack of communication and priorities, my store's reputation is being jeapordized. It's been almost 1 week since I've tried to have an order fulfilled and after simply rquesting a tracking number or just a simple response at all, I've only received a couple worthless responses... NO TRACKING # or even a status update on the order. Trying to communicate with this company is nearly impossible because it's so rare to even get a single reply even though they say "usually replies within 2 hours" LOL! Yeah, right... more like you'll be lucky if they even reply at all and if they do, it's 2 days later. One of the employees told me that they are fulfilling hundreds of orders and that's why it's taking long. That's such a sorry, unprofessional excuse and that alone lets me know that my business means absolutely NOTHING and therefore not a priority. I've tried contacting the developer of Spocket, no reply.... SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP!


so far I'm loving this app :) I'm seeing so many beautiful items and products for my online boutique


interesting app. Certainly now a says people what to shop for product make in USA or shipped locallly from the same country. I have not test the app thourghly but l like the concert. Also we an find unique products here


I'm trying the free version. This seems like a cool app, just wish I could preview more than 25 items on the free version. If I can move them though, I will be signing up for the paid membership.


Don't ever use this app. I'm having terrible experience from these guys. I got charged for not using this app. When I talk to them about it, they told me to refund the amount but later they denied. They are here to steal your hard earned money with a stupid app.

From $0.00 / month

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