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Subscriptions by ReCharge

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Naples Pc

Why can't you do digital downloads or services? Annoying

Step One Foods

I wish it was possible to leave a 0 star review. Recharge has been a headache the entire time we've used their platform. The app has so many limitations and is not user-friendly. Our customers are constantly confused and simple actions are laborious and not intuitive. Their customer service response time takes too long and only magnifies issues. Whenever we do reach out with questions or issues the very delayed response is usually that it's not possible to fix the issue. We reached out to Recharge to perform a bulk action for us (something you would think would be available for us to do ourselves), only for Recharge to tell us the action has been completed when it hasn't resulting in customers being charged incorrectly and diminishing our customer's trust in us. Their platform does not sync well with Shopify and every time we have a product update or a new product it's a huge hassle to get Recharge to sync with our store. If at all possible, find a different platform. Recharge charges a ton of money for a poor quality service.

Adding more context to this review because it is several months later and Recharge continues to be awful.

I have now spent over a month and multiple back and forth emails with their customer support trying to get a report of my active subscribers. Should be a simple and basic function for a platform that manages active subscribers, right? Not for recharge. They repeatedly do not answer my questions, I am passed between multiple representatives in the same thread and the secondary representatives only copy and paste the response that I initially received that doesn't answer my question! They are rude, unprofessional and their platform is severely lacking.

In addition, we completed a several month customer-support pilot that was a joke. We had a 'dedicated' representative who was never able to actually fix any of our issues. We never actually received any specialized help or tailored experience like they promised.

Feshionn Iobi

Very unhappy as I asked the support of this app (Pietro) If i need to connect with another company(third party) to checkout a subscription product listing, and they told me no! it goes through their system.... but clearly said no i do not need to connect with anybody else. After I signed up in the setup process it gives you 2 options: to connect with Strip or Braintree, and that is it. So you do have to connect with a third party, other wise what do you call them?

I am not happy as their communication is misleading in my opinion.

I think their should be an application that will use your shopify and paypal checkout that you already have in place and enable it for subscription charging once a month or so for subscription products. Why have so many parties to do subscription product.

Inked Goddess Creations

I was with Recharge for 3.5 years. Back in June, we started with an issue where recurring subscriptions were being denied. Recharge blamed it on Shopify, who had made no changes, so it was a Recharge error. I was finally told after a week of being bounced around by techs that the problem was resolved, and it happened again in August and September, causing mass chaos for my customers. Each time, it happened on a weekend, and they don't work on the weekends. I finally migrated to another app because of Recharge's declining customer service. They didn't even try and keep me, after 3.5 years of business and after months of pretty major program errors they weren't concerned with fixing in a timely fashion. The app and customer service were amazing for over 3 years. I'm not sure what has happened within the last 4 months, but both the app AND customer service fail pretty miserably now.


I had a very bad experience with them. Their system is not really shopify compatible, it does mess up your website. Nowadays there are subscription apps way more efficient, with way more flexibility and a much better support from the developers. The support team respond fast but they are not helpful at all, rather waste your time I strongly suggest you find an app somewhere else.

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