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Normal Brandz

Terrible app.They've gotten so many orders wrong that I've had to refund multiple customers. I've lost WAY too much money from this. It doesn't deserve constructive criticism. It deserves to be broken down and rebuilt when the developers get their minds right. It constantly removed products without warning, and a lot of their electronics don't work and break easily. Avoid.

Odin's Treasures

Please STAY AWAY from this app. Particularly if you have many SKUs; whenever you receive an order, it will require you to manually go to the app, find the order, and select MANUALLY which items belong to teelaunch and which items don't. It's an absolute waste of time. I had to refund my first order and delete the app after a week of trying to fix the app. The customer service is basically useless as well.

Developer reply

July 25, 2021

I’m Christopher, founder of teelaunch. While critical feedback is heard to hear it’s the only way we can get better, so thank you for leaving this review. While developing our app we wanted to make it easy for people to bring in products to teelaunch that they use to fulfill themselves or with someone else. That is why we created the product linking feature, which lets you link your Shopify products with your teelaunch products for fulfillment. For the vast majority of our customers this is a non-issue as products created in our app are automatically linked and no manual work is necessary to designate products as teelaunch products.

Your use case is a little different. It seems like you either fulfill yourself or through other providers more than a few products. We do have an ignore button that lets the app know that those products are not to be fulfilled by teelaunch but it was created with a smaller number of non-teelaunch products in mind. I’ve been working with the dev team to implement a feature that let you tell the app to ignore all unlinked (non teelaunch products). While this solution is coming too late for you, I appreciate your feedback so now users like you will be able to enjoy the app in the future.


I attempted to use this app to provide my customers with a better product. What I've gotten are headaches with their non-functional app and miss communication from their ingenious customer support team when I try to explain to them their app isn't adding products into my SHOPIFY store, NOT an ETSY store. I reiterated that fact and my problem in 2 different emails and they still failed to understand anything. I'm staying far away.

Developer reply

July 25, 2021

I’m Christopher, the founder of teelaunch and I thank you for bringing this to my attention. Customer service is difficult for everyone. You don’t like having problems that force you to contact us and we don’t like having you be upset. Some issues are transactional in nature and are easy to solve. You need to cancel an order, no problem give us the order number and we’ll take care of it.

Other issues that are specific to you are more difficult to solve. Part of this comes down to the channels of communication. Email is great for many things but not nuanced technical issues. We’ve taken this feedback under advisement and we're working on a separate channel of technical support that we'll undertake via the phone. It’s our hope that this will reduce the amount of misunderstandings that happen when trying to explain something a bit more difficult via email.

99 Wake Up - (MT VN)

After 17 days still processing, 5 times contact with customer service and still production. TOO LATE for 1 Black MUG

Etsy Store

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Developer reply

October 26, 2020

I'm very sorry for the trouble you're having, can you please email me at christopher@teelaunch.com (Hi, I'm Christopher the founder) and I can help troubleshoot your issue.


Horrible and slow customer service, all orders during covid19 took over 3 weeks, and sometimes it took 3 days to get a response on the status of an order. We tried asking for an expedited production for a planned photoshoot and they weren't helpful at all

Developer reply

October 26, 2020

I'm incredibly sorry for your issues, unfortunately because of COVID, Canvas Brand Tank Tops are in short supply and we tried out best to find the garment you ordered but unfortunately we were unable to, resulting in our delayed response. We have never experienced such an outage of garments and are working on a much more robust system to notify customers. Again very sorry.

Easy Peasy

I made an order a month ago and it still hasn't arrived and it's incredibly difficult to get in touch with customer service. This company has officially lost my business

Developer reply

June 15, 2020

I'm very sorry for your troubles getting in touch with customer service, can you please reach out to me christopher@teelaunch.com, we migrated to a new helpdesk so I wondering if that is the issue as all of our tickets are responded to within 24 hrs. Please reach out and let me make this right

Angie Illustrates

So dissapointing - while I've heard good things about the products, the service is garbage. No updates with tracking, lost items, and general indifference. Even my own sample got lost in the mail, with no updates after six weeks. Use another provider that actually gives two hoots about your business.

Developer reply

June 5, 2020

We're very sorry for your experience, the COVID-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc in the international shipping space and has limited about ability to solve international shipping issues or ensure delivery. We've refunded Angie Illustrates for any lost items and tried to reach out to see if we could explain in more detail the limitations we're all facing concerning international shipping restrictions and delays. Happy to talk to any potential customers about the current issues more in depth, just message christopher@teelaunch.com


This app just sucks! The UI in the app is unbearable and i can't even look at my orders, There are plenty of other print on demand apps that are way more better than this. Would not recommend unless you want your brand to go down hill!


I really hate to write a bad review on any business but I want to help any other business of making career suicide ..... because if you add this app to your store it will most definitely end up ruining your reputation/ good name.

Shipping takes FOREVER ..... no matter what/when you order.

Once our customers have recieved the long awaited items ...... only to find they are not even correct.

Quality-control .... Not sure if this company has ever hear of the phrase quality control. The items came with the stabilizer on the fronts of some of my customers products .... lucky we do embroidery also and I knew what to tell my customers to do.

Customer Service was email after email = nightmare. You get quick responses and then when they know something is wrong ....... you get NO RESPONSE. Your profits are completely eaten up by time spent on each order.

They offered to resend products which my customer agreed to wait ..... the new products also toooooook FOREVER to receive. I emailed them asking when they would be in and the owner told me that ..... "oh they might be at my house" ..... only 1.5 months after ordering initially. We received the new order and it was WRONG AGAIN .... emailed the owner saying hat didnt come and got a quick response telling me "LOOK INSIDE THE BAG" looked inside the bag only to find out it was the WRONG COLOR ..... now no response.

Communication / Customer Service is completely lacking. Also the products are cheaply made and sent incorrectly with NO quality control.

They also offered to refund me because I ended up having to refund my customer because it took so long. They said they would refund the cost + profits lost (which came straight from the owner) and NOTHING. Which isn't even that big of a deal .... but they are a company who's word means ....... NOTHING!!

Save your customers / yourself the headache.

I would not recommend them ..........!!!!!

Also the design tools are not easy to use ..... you have to have other software in order to create your products (if you are a beginner it may not be the greatest). There are others print on demand companies out there that you can design it right in the app. So the ease of use with the teelaunch app ..... is not the greatest.

I will also add both times I have had the app installed on our multiple sites they have lied about where they are located. Who really cares / why is it that big of a deal.

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