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April 30, 2020

If support didn't ghost me, I might have had a different rating for this. The app seems cool, but I had a few problems to start. They where mostly my own mistakes for not reading all information. But...

From start I had the problem that my normal product button "Buy Now" overruled the auction. So in case an auction went above the productprice, people would be able to click the buy now button and get it cheaper than the auction.

Also the buyout-price never worked or figured.

I asked for help with this 3 times.

First answer: Explaining me that buy now is different from buy-out. Well yes, I kinda knew that. The problem was that the buy-out price didn't work.

Wrote back friday 24 april waiting for answer.

Second answer: Never came.

Wrote back tuesday 28 april asking for confirmation that they got my "friday-mail".

Today it is thursday and no answer still. Tomorrow it's been a full week without any response.

Uninstalled the app.

Can't recommend this product or customer support. Stay away

12 days using the app
Edited July 1, 2019

This app is amazing! And so easy to install. It works perfectly and in addition it is visually very appealing. We needed an app for our online aquarium store which would enable us to auction products that were rare allowing everyone the opportunity to purchase these items. Additionally this app engages our users and keeps them coming back to see which other items are up for auction. The app developers are very responsive and supportive in addressing any questions we had with the app. We have been waiting a long time for an app such as this to show up. Highly recommended.

Reef Secrets
About 20 hours using the app
Edited February 23, 2023

Overall this is a decent app compared to the other auction apps. Pretty simple to use and set up.

The most serious drawback is that is if you are running multiple item auctions the app creates draft invoices for EACH lot and automatically sends to customers for payment, no way to stop it. If a customer wins more than one lot an invoice is generated and sent for every single one individually. At the end of the ENTIRE auction all multiple lot winners need to have a consolidated draft order listing the lots and price to pay. No way is someone winning 5+ lots and having to pay each individually.

** Update - Support is great and reached out immediately. We did not find a complete fix to this but they were able to disable sending the draft invoices to the customer. It will create "Open" draft orders that you can then edit and send to the customer manually. You would still have to consolidate the draft orders manually but you can make your customers happy by only sending one invoice for the multiple lots won. This had to be disabled by Tipo as well as the checkout now popup that shows up if the customer is on the page when they win the auction.

You will also need to either A: disable the "He (she) has won an auction" notification or B: remove the complete purchase button from the notification email template in the notification settings of the Tipo app.

A staggered lot start time would have been a nice feature so they wouldn't all go off at once. You could use popcorn bidding but they still initially all end at the same time if no one bids.

Auction results disappear from the product as soon as it ends. Would be nice to leave the results up for x amount of time so bidders can review the lots and see what they went for.

The Direct bid and automatic bid boxes being separate is confusing to bidders. Bidders are using the bid directly box not realizing they are not placing a max bid that will place bids when they are outbid like the automatic or proxy bid box. IMHO this should be a single box where bidders can just place their bid and it will increase the bid automatically to the max only when being outbid. I did adjust the settings translations to add a warning to each of these boxes to help with confusion for now.

Sometimes the auction widget lags on the collection page. Takes several seconds to populate all the while showing the original item price. Make sure to set all of your auction products to $1 if you don't want people seeing the price you originally had on the product.

Overall the app is ok, easier to setup than some of the other options and there are not that many options. Will keep this around now instead of using one of the other ones.

Support is top notch and helped me with my problems within a couple of hours. Thank you for that. You have yourself a customer ;)

Sundown Liquidations
United States
11 days using the app
December 2, 2020

completely useless app. it technically runs an auction but nothing even close to being production ready. no ability to configure. can only hope they listen and work on development

24/7 Sports Cards
United States
7 days using the app
tipo.io replied December 2, 2020

I understand your requirements. I have added to our feature request list so we may consider to add it in next update.

May 23, 2020

Outstanding Tech Support. I wasn't able to complete the setup following the instructions. I wrote them and 24 hrs latter, and after a brief chat conversation, they set it up for me.
They did the coding themselves.
Forever thanks.
I still wish though that the Snippet could have further aesthetics configurations and cooler designs. It seems like it is already a task on their roadmap for the App.
Still, to me it is a 4.85 star App.

We Fave You
About 8 hours using the app
Edited January 12, 2023

Easy to use and set up. But this is only for sites who will have few auctions, less than 25. Can't checkout once when a customer wins multiple auctions, separate checkout link for every won auction found in account page. If they can fix that issue I would be back to try again.

If you want multiple auctions with different end times, you have to create a new auction and then put your product in that auction. Again, if you had many auctions that would be very hard to manage a new auction for every different closing time.

I also looked up all of these sites who reviewed this app and there are only two websites currently using it, one with 22 auctions selling farm equipment in Sweden, and another one with 6 auctions selling leather products in the USA. I really wish this app would have been the solution for large scale.

Great customer service with fast response time!

United States
2 days using the app
August 3, 2019

They send directly an email to customer with a gmail account also put your private email in cc so customer can see it.
Does not support GDPR!!
Needs to fix lots of things.Honestly.

1 day using the app
tipo.io replied August 6, 2019

Dear Customer,

Thank you so much for your feedback.
Our team have just fixed the problem by changing the Email Delivery service.
Best regards,

August 19, 2019

I love the "ease" of use and the 7 day free trial BUT I have been waiting 2 days to figure out why my auctions are not showing and still no reply from tech support. It seems easy but I cannot figure out how to launch live. Free trial is a waste because by the time I get help, my trial will be over.

Dolls so Real Inc
United States
2 days using the app
tipo.io replied August 19, 2019

Hi Lynne,
I'm sorry for my late response. Your first message for me in last 8 hours. It was middle night in our country. I'm sorry because our office was closed at that time.
I can extend the trial days for you and any other customers, If you need more time to test the app. please let me know if you need or email me at hi@tipo.io.

June 11, 2020

This app messed up my site! Now, users can't enlarge or preview product images when clicking on them. Also, there's no option to remove the "BUY IT NOW" or "PAY WITH GPAY" buttons from the auction page, so someone could just buy the product without paying the auction price which makes it totally useless. And the entire app is programmed poorly.

Church of Pickle
United States
About 14 hours using the app
October 26, 2021

Needs to be an option to hide buyout price from the home page of the store or any page of the store during an auction. I thought I found that button, selected it and then nothing changed.

Valley Town Comics
United States
About 1 hour using the app