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WatchStatus Ltd

Used for a few months. I have a completely untouched google shopping and search campaign set up and these both perform as well as StoreYa's campaigns. Their staff are great but this programme is a huge rip off and priced to compete with the very best in marketing agencies. This is okayish to get going but definitely use a marketing agency who will keep you informed every step of the way and actually show you the ads they set-up.

Developer reply

August 6, 2020

Thank you for your feedback.
Upon reviewing your account I see that you've been with us for 4 months, upgraded twice, and received a ROAS of 13X.
One of the advantages of working with us is that you can cancel at any time, so feel free to test your local marketing agency, and come back if you see a drop in sales.
Good luck!

Walkabout Harnesses, LLC

Storeya has become one of our most successful and reliable advertising channels and we haven't needed to create any of our own google ads since. Our ROAS is 10.7. The results are pretty self explanatory. I recommend relying on storeya for 30-50% of your marketing activity, and focusing your limited energy on the other tasks that you can't automate. Take advantage of this resource, just be specific about your budget and goals with your campaigns and they will listen.


Better set up a campaign yourself or find someone to do it for you! You will get a better results! Just not worth the money!

Developer reply

July 21, 2020

Thank you for your review.
We know that launching a new site and getting the first sales is hard. We have been helping people doing exactly that for the past 8 years building our reputation from the ground up. It would take more time and data for your site to succeed. Feel free to visit us in the future. Good luck!

FUSCI Seated Clothing

Wasted marketing dollars. Do it yourself or get help from a Fiverr freelancer. You'll get far better results with a lot more transparency. Automated robots don't work. I used for 2.5 months. Enough time to prove themselves. Original charge was $120 a month. Then the next months went up to $180. During the last month, my campaign was cut 2 weeks short because they said it was too expensive to attract the target audience. So you need to pay them more before they turn it back on. If you are in business sales are what count. You won't get them from Storeya.


Don't download this app, their team is completely unethical. After leaving this review they threatened me telling me they will refund me my money if I remove the review. After downloading it you'll be prompted to pay extra hidden fees.

really bad app, it will make you spend at least 300 dollars. 120 a month I just paid and then it asks me to upgrade to their deluxe plan and its just absolutely outrageous. If you are getting this app get ready to dump money all over the developer. Im asking shopify for a refund.

Developer reply

March 11, 2020

It's unfortunate that you decided to write a negative review before trying our app.
We never recommend our clients to spend more money before they see a positive return on their ad spend. On the contrary, we lowered the entry bar to a minimum so that anyone can test us out and gradually extend the budget when the results are to his/her satisfaction.
You are welcome to reply to the email we sent you.


Horrible customer service. I chose the basic $120 plan to start and was charged $335. I was sent setup instructions hours after creating the account. I would not recommend them. Very unprofessional. And the so called positive reviews are from people who don't know anything about marketing and let these people get over on them.

Developer reply

December 25, 2019

You provided us with a site that was offline and online at times and had demo text and images in it and therefore couldn't be promoted. The site was registered 4 days period to signing up and was not indexed on Google yet.
Your account was immediately canceled and fully refunded. We invite you to come back once the store is ready for paid traffic. 

National Sleep Store

I installed this app about 3 weeks ago after I read both good and not so good reviews, in that time it shows that the app has generated 63 visitors, some days the bounce rate was really good, and other days not so good. The one thing it hasn't done is get a conversion, I was hoping it would so I would have reason to continue. I think the app may be good for some markets, it just doesn't seem to yield anything for ours. Support was good in being responsive to questions. If someone decides to try the app, my only recommendation is don't be upset if it does nothing for you.

Developer reply

December 10, 2019

Thank you for your feedback, and the kind words about our support team.
Since you started using the Traffic Booster on Nov. 21st., the bounce rate from our traffic is much lower than your other channels, which shows it is targeted traffic.We are still working on your account. It takes time and data to get a conversion, especially the first conversions.Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we'll be happy to assist.


**Dropped from a 2-star to a 1-star review as Storeya just bumped 4 positive reviews above mine.**

I don't normally write app reviews, but I wanted to provide a detailed review of this app as it is a large investment for many small businesses and there are a couple of things I thought it was important for other stores to be aware of.

I used Storeya's Traffic Booster for 2 months, the first month I was on the basic plan, the second month I upgraded to the standard plan.

1st Month
Paid $178AUD for basic plan. Storeya drove 152 visitors, resulting in 2 sales.

2nd Month
Paid $730AUD for standard plan. Storeya drove 462 visitors, resulting in 9 sales.

- Quick & Easy set-up
- Responsive Email Customer Service
- Reporting Dashboard

- Delivered about half the traffic they advertise in their marketing (Storeya advertises that the basic plan will drive 250-500 visitors and standard plan will drive 700-1,400 visitors)
- Lack of transparency around the ads they are running on your behalf as they run the campaigns in their own account.
- High-bounce rate of traffic compared to other sources.

General Comments:
I have my suspicions that some of the claims made by storeya in their marketing activities are misleading. For instance they are currently running a video ad on instagram featuring 'Christine Jones' from Christine claims that she is seeing a return of 6.5X ROAS, then in the review posted from zodiac fanatic below they claim a ROI of 13X. Obviously extremely impressive results, but I was a little sceptical. I looked at zodiac fanatics website, which says it is located in New Jersey, USA. However their facebook pages shows that it is managed by 11 people from Israel, the same country that Storeya operates from. Seems unlikely that these are REAL results IMO.

Final comment:
Buyer Beware. If you are going to use this app start with small amounts, and don't expect the incredible results they advertise.

Developer reply

December 5, 2019

Thank you for your feedback.

We think it is important to mention that:
1. We have gained the majority of your sales.
2. We have gained a conversion rate that was twice as high as your general store's conversion rate. You are welcome to use our free Benchmark Hero app in order to improve your store's conversion rate.

As for ZodiacFanatic, they have no issue being a USA company and letting an Israeli company (with team members in Germany and USA) managing their ads and social activities. We do the same for merchants from 186 countries.
Their Shopping ROAS was indeed 13X while their total ROAS was 6.5x, so we kept our ads intact accordingly.

Equip To Work

V bad value, V poor results, V Low quality traffic, keep saying budget exhausted, constant encouragement to upgrade, with no way to go back, overall it STINKS of rip off !

Developer reply

November 27, 2019

We are sorry to hear your feedback.
We believe that you kept on extending your advertising budget with us for 8 months because we drove 33% of your sales.
We encourage you to use our free Benchmark Hero app in order to improve your store's conversion rate.
If you need any further assistance feel free to reach out at


Overall disappointing performance. Main issue is because StoreYa controls the campaigns inside THEIR Google AdWords accounts, you can't see what's going on. Understandable they don't want you to have the campaigns their system builds inside YOUR Google AdWords account, because you could cancel after the first month & keep the campaigns built.

There are better solutions out there for Shopify stores out there, where YOU get to keep the campaigns inside your own Google account, and can see & adjust as needed. Hire a specialist on Upwork for a few hours and/or using AdNabu (app available on Shopify) would appear to be a better choice.

That's where we're headed next.

Developer reply

November 18, 2019

Thank you for your feedback.
We run Google Ads on accounts that we open and manage for our merchants so that we can have our technology optimizing them in real-time.
That technology managed to get you a conversion rate twice as high as your store's overall conversion rate and 8x higher than your own Google Ads account.

Our SAAS plans such as the one you used, allows a very low entry of $120 with no setup fee and no commitment and come with a dashboard showing all the stats on a daily basis.
We also offer a traditional plan (like PPC agencies provide) for a much higher media spend and a time commitment - that plan comes with access to the Google Ads account.