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We have been using viral sweep for about 6 months. Easy to use and fast to set up each giveaway. We use ViralSweep to run Sweepstake giveaways to collect email data for remarketing. We see a huge ROI using ViralSweep. Once the Giveaway is set up we create a giveaway page on our Shopify store using the integration. It works very well and easy to use. We then run traffic into the Giveaway using Facebook paid ads. We have grown our email list very quickly and the store revenue from emails collected via Viralsweep is a significant % of our store's gross sales. ViralSweep is a key part of our Marketing activity bringing new customers into the brand. We typically run 2 giveaways per month. the giveaway prize is normally around $500 - $1,000. We normally receive over 3,500 entries within 7 days. We would highly recommend using this app for generating incentivized traffic to your store to collect pixel data and email data.


Had a great experience using ViralSweep. We used the basic $50/month subscription and it worked great. Had a few technical errors but were able to get them fixed very quickly by emailing the company's customer service. Giancarlo was great to us. This was the first time we have every done a contest so I was very worried about it but it ended up working great. Another reason we chose to go with this company was because several other competitor companies required you to sign up for a year or six months. As this was our very first contest, we did not want to commit to a year's subscription. Viral Sweep allows us to cancel the subscription at any time.

Shop Nixxle

I am giving 2 stars not because it's a bad app, but because the price / feature structure is pretty crazy. The app really is only useful at the $399 per month level. If you don't pay that you are very limited in features... no hashtag contest, no custom editing options, no analytics, etc, etc. So if you have a huge store and $399 a month to you is nothing, then it's probably worth trying out. But if your store can only justify the $49 or $79 level then there just aren't enough features to make this app worthwhile. For less money you can get more features from other apps and services.

Catherine Trenton Jewellery

Wonderfully smooth and easy to use app. I was very impressed with this app and the customer support is lightening fast. The result for us was impressive. We grew our existing mail list by 977 emails and in the follow up email after the competition to this list we sold out of the item we had given away. We do believe you need to pick and choose when you do a giveaway, however if you choose to do a giveaway this is the best way to do it, with a wonderful landing page to obtain email addresses.

Bakers And Cake Makers

While an interesting idea, you better plan on paying the $49.99 to even really test it. You cannot access 1/3 of the items supposedly available to you on the free test AND you cannot collect more than 8 emails (or even see more than 8 results). My point was to test and see if there was the legitimacy of using something like this instead of just an email opt-in page. Well, I have no idea because I can only see 7 unique (1 is my initial test to make sure everything was working) emails and what they did. I will most likely pay the first $49.99 to collect data, but then I'm going back to the simple email opt-in. I can actually control my flow better since sending traffic each day to the same page is kind of a waste. On that note, several people in the 7 have enough entries to suggest they have visited the page I included (and tested). Yet, Shopify does not show anyone visiting those pages. So- either your program is wrong or somehow it is blocking the real viewer numbers. This is problematic if I choose to use retargeting. I have no idea if these people are really visiting the page or not. While you have a feature to send people to a page after opt-in, this also removes the ability for people to enter daily by clicking on the indicated page. Again, this suggests more control with an email opt-in page since I can just redirect people on the Thank-you page. I will have much better odds those people actually made it to that page as well (and then I can retarget them). The app also claims that it cannot see if people like your FB page, and a few other things now- so if the purpose is to help build up your FB better get creative (while that was not my purpose, this was one of the main features touted about in some of the information I found- so I was disappointed to see that the feature no longer worked regardless of the reason.) For the record, the request to contact the app developer before leaving a negative review is crap. If I'm not happy with the app, that's the review I give. I'm not going to contact you about the inconsistencies with your free trial offer and reality. That isn't something you can fix overnight, and I'm guessing I'm not the first person to point out some of these issues.

Matterhorn Outdoors

Had some minor problems, but support was very helpful. I love the referral features and setup within the site. I hope I can get some results now!


Super easy app to use! Used it on my store

Darbyscott 2

The team is very responsive and the system works well. They are actively making continuous improvements based on users requests and their own goals. Over all great customer support. We are seeing very good response to our sweepstakes campaign and plan to continue to use this app to build brand awareness and reach new customers. WE used one before and this is light years ahead!

Lovely Clothing Company

Too expensive. Not built for small stores.


Absolutely essential app for list building with a ridiculously easy user interface and rock star customer service. Seriously this app is critical to growth and the customer service is outstanding.
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