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Merchants highly recommend this app for its ability to significantly boost average order value and overall revenue, with some reporting a 10-15% increase. It's praised for its user-friendly, intuitive interface and flexibility, allowing for customization and addition of offers throughout the sales funnel. The post-purchase up/down-sell feature is particularly popular. Customer support is noted for its responsiveness and helpfulness, and the app's creator is appreciated for his advice. Merchants also value the app's training content and A/B testing capability for optimizing performance. Some merchants have generated thousands in extra revenue using this app.

November 30, 2021

Fantastic App! Best upsell app that we've used so far. Its easy to use, client support is fantastic and most importantly generated significant value in upsells during our free trial. I've given 4 stars instead of 5 as it would be nice to see a feature that allows you to copy upsells funnels from one shopify store to a shopify store for another country. Furthermore, we've had a few customers that have accidently added post-purchase offers and paid when they've actually wanted to look at the product in more detail. At the moment only the first shopify image shows without the rest of the photo slideshow showing. Perhaps if all the images show it would solve the issue of customers accidently adding post-purchase offers. All in all, very happy with how our free trial went and so will be continuing with OCU Native app. Definitely recommend to all businesses out there - big or small!

Boho Betty
United Kingdom
About 1 month using the app
Zipify Apps replied December 3, 2021

Hey Boho Betty! Thanks for the honest review! We appreciate your feedback, and we agree. Photo Carousels would be awesome. We're trying to talk to Shopify to see if they'll allow for it. That'd be amazing, and we can definitely see the value for our users. Thanks for bringing it up! If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify

November 16, 2022

The supports are not well-trained to deal with tech issues, and the tech specialists seems busy. I had an issue of the invoice email trigger and they took several days to response me 3 times while I kept updating them my conversation with the shopify support. And from the responses I am feeling they have no idea how the app works with Shopify system to trigger notification emails. Besides, there was an urgent issue that the app conflicted with another discount app, which resulted many customer complaints. The support was not able to help me out and the specialist is not available at the moment. They even didn't suggest me to turn off the app to see if it works, and finally I resolved the issue by turning off the app.

Hong Kong SAR
About 1 month using the app
Zipify Apps replied November 18, 2022

Hi lingsDev. Clearly, we've let you down and we sincerely apologize.

We reviewed all your conversations with our team. Thank you for being cordial with our support team. There are 2 main issues that remained unresolved and rightly caused frustration for you and your customers. These both are serious concerns and we didn't do a sufficient job assisting you. We are grateful you've brought this to our attention and are committed to taking corrective action.

Moving forward, we are in the process of retraining the Zipify Support Team on how Shopify emails interact with our Post Purchase and Thank You Page offers. We are also going to review our knowledge base documentation and improve the readability of this information.

In regards to USO discounts not showing in the cart page due to OneClickUpsell, this is not something we've seen before. We are 100% confident our team can fix this given the opportunity. As you mentioned in your review, we should have immediately recommended disabling the OCU app while we investigated the issues. We have already taken action to re-educate our support team on the best course of action in this and similar urgent support situations. If you'd like us to fix this issue we will provide priority support and the fastest timeline possible.

We have the utmost respect for your business and the time you've spent with OCU. We'd like to extend our apologies again. If you would like to give us a second chance to make this right our Customer Service Manager will personally oversee fixing the USO discounting issues on Checkout. We value your experience and will do what it takes to make this right.

January 18, 2023

Stay away from this app. Not only have they charged me after I uninstalled the App in the trail period and they have not refunded me the money. It has utterly ruined my checkout. \Which doesn't work after adding to cart and have had to pay developers to remove the code that stopped the ability for normal checkout out button use and redirect.

Not a good experience and has cost me hundreds if not thousands in sales.

The Paw Co
About 1 month using the app
Zipify Apps replied January 23, 2023

Hi The Paw Co. Steve here, Customer Service Manager with Zipify.com. This review is very concerning. I'm extremely sorry you had such a negative experience and I'd like address each of your concerns and do what we can to make it right. Regretfully, I was unable to locate any outreach from your store to our support team with the concerns mentioned. If you did attempt to reach us please let me know what email address you used so I can review the support you received.

First, I'd like to address the charge for OCU. The $35.00 charge has been refunded as of 1/18/2023. This refund will show in 5-7 days on the purchase credit card. The charge was created ($35.00) 12/15/22 and the app was removed (billing canceled) 12/16/22. This will result in a charge but we are always happy to refund when a merchant wasn't satisfied or if the merchant intended to uninstall before the trial ended.

Next is the more concerning issue of your with the checkout button on your store. The feature you used of OneClickUpsell was the pre-purchase upsell function. This feature does have to interact with the store's theme and there can be conflicts with custom-built themes or regular themes that we haven't worked with before. While this is rare it can happen. Our support team is well equipped to handle any conflicts with our app and can remove the OCU code snippet as well as have our developers resolve any conflict issues. The OCU code snippet can also be removed from the app by turning the app status off. This will immediately fix issues that result from a conflict. Our support would have instructed the store to do this or done it for the store owner by requesting store access as an app developer. I apologize that we didn't get this information to you.

We are very much interested in improving and learning from your negative experience. If you'd like to share what we could have done better to provide you support I will take direct action based on your feedback.

I hope we can work together to improve your experience or at least learn from this experience. Wishing you massive success!

Kind Regards,

March 11, 2022

I use the one click upsell - zipify app. The app is working great, and I am enjoying how the app show my products.

United States
27 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied March 21, 2022

Hey SmoothTrue.com! Thanks for leaving a review. We appreciate the kind words. Glad to hear you're liking OCU! If you need anything please reach out!
-Team Zipify

November 23, 2021

He utilizado esta aplicación y cuando haces una oferta en la pre-compra no aplica el descuento en el check out. Todavía le queda mucho ha esta herramienta para ser rentable.

Buddha Fight Wear
28 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied November 23, 2021

Hey Buddha Fight Wear! Thanks for the review. The team has reached out to you to see if we can help. We are working on adding pre-purchase discounts to carts as soon as possible. Please see the communication with the team so we can help you specifically. Thank you!
-Team Zipify

November 4, 2020

I don't think we have been more excited about an app than this one! We've been using Zipify apps for years and after learning about the capabilities that One Click Upsell would have, we were pumped! The fact that it is native to Shopify checkout is game changing. And the pre purchase upsells are brilliantly done. We have products that before, we would display a pop up to see if the customer would like to upgrade their cart... the issue was that the customer would then have to click yes, then visit the upsell product, then add it to cart and finally, remove their original product. Whereas now, it's a simple click and they've upgraded their cart to a higher AOV. So smooth and so powerful. Thank you guys for all your hard work on this!

Live Infinitely
United States
1 day using the app
December 22, 2022

I like the app, it integrates with my Shopify store. Support service is amazing. Pre purchase and post purchase work perfectly. You can upsell products and many more things. I will recommend it.

Mommyz Love
United States
1 day using the app
Zipify Apps replied December 28, 2022

Hey Mommyz Love! Thank you so much for leaving us a review and for the recommendation. If you need anything, please reach out.
- Team Zipify

October 2, 2022

looks like the app is created and is now deserted. There's no one to answer your query. The funnel that I set isn't working. Don't think they are even interested any more...

28 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied October 5, 2022

Hi DodgeWaters,
Our support team responded to your inquiry in the chat and tried to call you yesterday to discuss your concern. We were unable to reach you. We would sincerely like to connect with you and help you troubleshoot any issues you may be having with the app. If you would prefer to call us, please use this number (800) 770-8216 ext 1 from 9am -4:30pm ET Monday-Friday. Thank you. -Team Zipify

December 1, 2020

Desperately needs multi currency support as well as more payment methods than just the Shopify credit card form. The upsells covert well but only show to 10% or less of our customers. If it showed to all of them we'd be extremely profitable. But unfortunately due to our monthly order volume and high app fee, we would only break even if upgrading to the paid plan.

29 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied December 2, 2020

Hey PushCases! We 100% hear you and agree. This is currently a limitation of the Shopify API. As soon as they open it up to allow for this functionality, we'll roll it out. We know it's important to our merchants so it's on the top of our list of new features to release as soon as Shopify gives the go ahead. Thanks for giving OCU a shot. Glad to hear it's working well on the orders that do show upsells!
-Team Zipify

November 5, 2020

You can't use it with Paypal or any other payment provider. It's just for CC payments, which makes it useless for 95% of the transactions in Europe. Was so excited since I heard it's going native and super disappointed when I installed it and saw the restrictions. Of course, you can still use it for Pre Purchase, but it's 10x more expensive (based on order volume) than all other Apps existing for Pre Purchase for Shopify.

Eleven Australia
23 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied November 5, 2020

Hey Eleven Australia, we definitely understand the frustration. This is a limitation of the Shopify API at this point. We have to work within the restrictions we are given. When they open up their API to allow for Paypal and other payment processors we'll release it for OCU. We know how important Paypal and other processors are to our merchants so as soon as Shopify allows we'll get it rolled out for you.