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Botany Trade Co.

1) It says 7-day free trial but app doesn't prompt you to activate this feature. Very miss leading.
I am not paying $150+ and additional one time fees without seeing whether app works on my site or not.
2) App itself seems not very user friendly, very difficult to navigate.
3) I can't find what I need to do unless i stop and read every single unnecessary tabs and columns. (while trying to avoid all "subscribe, must subscribe, this feature premium only, get now..." notifications pops everywhere...)
4) Works very slow, sometimes freezes and you have to close the windows and log in to your shopify again (I have 2018 iMac , 256mps internet)
5) Finally I was able to add a rule to test it and waited 20 minutes, still n change.
6) I don't think this worth it.
Will update again for good or bad...

Developer reply

July 21, 2019

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

1) When you install the app, the app is free. The 7-day free trial only starts when you enable a paid subscription (monthly or yearly plan). If you need more than 7 days to test and see if the app works for your needs, contact us.
2 & 3) We're always trying to improve the admin screens, with the addition of new features it can get crowded. The main navigation is by clicking on the badges/icons in the header. We're adding a step-by-step tutorial this week admin side to make it clearer.
4) Could you explain to us step-by-step please what you did to make it freeze? This should happen. If you take the time to send us an email to, that would be very appreciated.
5) If you create a discount rule (basic or advanced), you first need to activate a subscription and therefore the 7-day free trial at the same time.
6) If you explain to us your use case, we can guide you through if it's worth for your needs or not.


I use Automatic Discount for permanent automatic discount codes for multiple item orders set up in 7 tiers. It works beautifully.

It's really helping our little business grow.

Also love the customisable Notification Bar that pops up in the cart.

Contact has been spot on also with a response within 7 minutes.

Great app.
Very professional team!


Counterintuitive and difficult to use. After being installed for some time I then noticed zero sales and investigated why. Source code fault on the APP. 1 week later still no resolution... Oh boy :(

Developer reply

May 14, 2019

UPDATE on 05/16/2019: We found the cause of the broken checkout. It was cause by the discount code name itself (15%_OFF_US_$100_OR_MORE). Special characters like % and $ and even underscore shouldn't be used in the coupon code name.


Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback. We sent a login request but it stayed "pending" for 5 days and then got rejected. The issues you faced was specific to your store, we couldn't reproduce this issue our our 3 dev stores. We actually tried many things to fix it our side, but it's almost impossible to reproduce the same store environment with the same apps, same scripts, same theme with the same customization. I apologize for the inconvenience it caused to your business, sincerely. If you want to give another shot to the app, on your live store or on a clone store with the same setup, let us know and we will work on it as long as it's fixed.


fixed my issue right away. thank you so much for the great customer service. strongly recommend app.

Developer reply

April 25, 2019

UPDATE on 05/01/2019: the issue has been resolved.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Like we explained yesterday, the issue is with the Carter app that sometimes fails in your store to get its coupon field pre-filled with the Automatic Discount from our Automatic Discount app. That's something we're working on as we speak to push a fix.

Canadian DIY Supply Inc.

This app worked great for us for about a year. Then, suddenly in January, we had complaints about customers not being able to get through checkout without it timing out. If they had a lot of line items in their cart, it seemed like the app could not update the automatic discount code properly with so many line items.

As a result of this, we lost thousands and thousands of dollars. The app developers kept shifting blame to Shopify. Once we deleted the app, we no longer had complaints or issues. It seems that the issue was a combination of something that changed on the Shopify platform, PLUS this automatic discount app that could no longer adjust the discounted pricing at checkout when there were a lot of line items in the cart (typically 50+ line items).

I tried reinstalling the app this week, and two days in we started receiving the exact same complaints again. Checkout was timing out for customers so they could not place their orders. We have immediately disabled and deleted this app, and will no longer be using it again. Frustrated that the app developers did not have communication with us, and never truly followed up on the issue.

Developer reply

April 1, 2019

UPDATE on 05/01/2019: the issue has been resolved.

First, I'd like to apologize for the issues. I understand that's very frustrating. 

Our side, when we first tested by disabling Automatic Discount in your store, we were still able to reproduce the issue. From what I re-read from Shopify's guru Dane, she was as well able to reproduce the issue when Automatic Discount was turned off. 

Our side, we did contact Shopify App team to figure out a fix. Basically, the issue comes indeed from Shopify's checkout when an order has many items and when the order is edited quite often (products added and removed from cart, quantity changed). This cause a timeout and an error message is displayed at checkout to customers.

The way our app works (and many other Shopify apps and scripts), is that it relies on Shopify's checkout to work flawlessly in order to apply one or more requests. If Shopify has this timeout error, our app like many other apps, will multiply this error, because it checks every cart change to achieve its purpose: applying the right discount to the right cart content, automatically. That being said, it explains why some of the store's customers, with an equivalent huge order, see the error message at checkout (the ones editing their cart more often), while some aren't seeing the error (the ones making a straight order with one single visit to checkout).

To be honest, we can't explain why the Canadian DIY Supply store didn't have any issue with it for over a year, and then around a month ago started to see this issue at checkout. Shopify should be able to answer. What we know is that, pretty often, Shopify makes changes their side (some we are aware of via their change logs, some are more "obscure" and we're either not informed of, or we miss it until a ticket is opened. We really hope Shopify can fix the source of this timeout error, therefore apps like ours relying on it won't accentuate this issue. We contacted Shopify about it and will again open a forum thread, a ticket, a post in Shopify's Slack group and any possible ways to get some awareness and "votes" to allocate Shopify ressources to fix that. 

Our side, we've started last week to work on a "patch", which actually is the best we can do: adding an option in our app's settings to reduce the number of requests at checkout. Doing that, some of our features won't work (for example our add-on to display the savings in cart), but for a store like Canadian DIY Supply that has huge orders, it should help a lot. 

We'll keep you updated about it. 

Galli Publishing

Probably worth waiting another week or two to see the new pricing and what else is on offer, very good support however.

Developer reply

March 29, 2019

Hi, you are right, our plans might be confusing. That's why we're launching next week (first week of April 2019) a badge system to clearly and visually display the enabled features and the current/active subscription plan.

To answer your review, the free plan, like stated in the app listing > pricing section, include the "Discount Links". The premium version is required to access all the other features, and some features have a one-time payment as well: Basic & Advanced Discount Rules, the Pre-filled Carts, the Free Gifts, the Savings Display (active discount display).


today i discovered another bug in the app if the customer selects 2items and goes to cart but what if he decides to add another item from the cart page selector to buy 3 items total he will do so and click right away the checkout button.....well the app will not work even if i dont have any other app interfering in the cart page!!! he will need to refresh the page and wait until that congrats discount pop up comes out in a few seconds wich is amazingly anti user experience so he can have his new quantity discount applied....bottom line he must be aware that he needs to go slowly and refresh each time he changes his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not mentioning the paypal express button..........!!!
Support team do sth!

Developer reply

March 11, 2019

Hi, we sent a login request to have a look.

1) Some themes indeed require customers to click on the "Update" button in the cart page to update the cart. And sometimes, stores have several apps installed, therefore fighting for resources. That explains why our script can load slower. You can insert our script directly in your theme.liquid file (see our FAQ here, near the middle of the page: This should help loading our script faster.

2) About the Paypal Express, the best is to have it located on the Checkout page, rather than on the Cart page, for similar reasons than #1 above. Here's how you can move it from the cart to the checkout page:

Douceurs et petits poids

Nous avons reçu un très bon service afin de configurer l'application correctement en fonction de nos besoins. L'application aide grandement à l'application automatique des rabais pour nos membres!

Aleya Collections

I had to uninstall the app because it didnt work on my shop, i tried to contact support but there was not response for days and when they finally got back to me they mentioned we are looking into it.
I uninstalled the app and asked for the refund, they mentioned they will refund asap that was four weeks ago, i am fighting charge back on paypal.
very unprofessional and no timely response for the customer. this app makes changes to your core shopify theme, be careful if you buy this app. they make you pay for every little functionality. CEO Darek keeps promising to resolve but there is no response from him.

Developer reply

April 16, 2019

Hi, thanks for the feedback. The refund have been sent.
We did look into it, for many hours, if not days. The reason it didn't work for your case was the number or scripts/apps and custom code inside your theme. That's why we asked to make some changes in your theme, to try to solve the conflicts.

Sorry again that it didn't work out.


I use this app for over a year now and it is very helpful. We have so many option and it is optimized to help convert more. Their customer service is more than on point. I would recommend it to any shopify store.

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