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Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer

Developed by Shopify

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  • Print barcode labels with your Dymo LabelWriter from Shopify
  • Assign barcode numbers to your products
  • Export your products into Dymo Label software

Easily generate and print barcodes for your products, or print customized barcodes by exporting products to the Desktop Dymo Label printing software. This app pairs with Shopify POS to make your store’s barcode workflow quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Please note: A Dymo LabelWriter printer is required to print labels with this app. The barcode printer and labels are available for purchase in Shopify's US store and Canadian store. UK and Australian customers can use one of Shopify's approved hardware partners.

Please ensure you have latest Dymo software version installed:

Download Dymo for Windows

Download Dymo for Mac
*Requires OSX 10.10 or higher

Barcode Printer reviews (44)


https://luca-chiara.myshopify.com I found this pretty easy It is definitely bit time consuming at first to figure out but once I did it was smooth sailing. It was very helpful to scan the items while at trade shows, saves time while working with my wholesale accounts/buyers. All around a decent app.


When it says, "Print barcode labels with your Dymo LabelWriter from Shopify" they mean you can export your product as a CSV file and then upload it into separate DYMO software and then go through this whole process of setting up how you want the label to look... bla bla bla...

You can't just input a new product and then hit a button to print a label. All our labels look the same. Why does it have to be such a complicated process. Work smarter NOT harder!


Its free for a reason, good luck using Chrome...


Works exactly as it is designed to do.

The way it works could be improved, but it does work.


Why can't you set how many numbers in the bar code default is 6 but i need 10 to ingratiate with my drop shipper/vendors


you have to select products and print one by one. Total waist of time.


I bought the barcode printer, labels and the APP only let's you print from a list of the latest 15 products. So I try out the Demo software and after importing my csv products file, 1 realized I could only print 1 label per product per import. You then have to reimport the CSV. file again and again which would take forever.

SHOPIFY does nothing to fix this issue. They wan't you to pay for a printer, buy labels from them, pay for hosting your website with them but they are not interested in fixing issue in their apps or with their partner.


Works a dream... For all those who have said "I can't get this to work" and then started giving bad reviews for User Error, it's time to pay someone to set this up for you...

ANYWAY here is a workaround for those who can't print using the shopify barcode plugin right from browser to the dymo labelwriter. I've found some bugs using different browsers, hardware etc. NOTHING is going to be perfect especially when it's free.

IF you can't print right from the plugin in browser do this:

Step 1: Install the barcode Plugin
Step 2: Assign Barcodes
Step 3: Export the Product data with the barcode data from Shopify product tab
Step 4: Import that excel file into the DYMO software and make your own barcode template. If you can't work this out google "How to use the Import Data and Print function" there are many videos that show you how to do this exactly.

You get what you pay for in life :)


Seems ok..


I've actually had really good luck with this app! I've never had an issue with it not working (knock on wood).

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