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Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer

Developed by Shopify

118 reviews
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  • Print barcode labels with your Dymo LabelWriter from Shopify
  • Assign barcode numbers to your products
  • Export your products into Dymo Label software

Easily generate and print barcodes for your products, or print customized barcodes by exporting products to the Desktop Dymo Label printing software. This app pairs with Shopify POS to make your store’s barcode workflow quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Please note: A Dymo LabelWriter printer is required to print labels with this app. The barcode printer and labels are available for purchase in Shopify's US store and Canadian store. UK and Australian customers can use one of Shopify's approved hardware partners.

Please ensure you have latest Dymo software version installed:

Download Dymo for Windows

Download Dymo for Mac
*Requires OSX 10.10 or higher

Barcode Printer reviews

118 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (12 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (11 reviews)
  5. 1 star (73 reviews)

Have to install and un install daily


Shopify costs us too much money monthly for how much stuff doesn't work in a more streamlined fashion... For the past 2 days, the "design barcode" screen is blank on 3 different computers in two different locations, using Safari browser as recommended it is still blank... Have also tried Chrome and Firefox just to see, but no dice... now going to try to figure out what Edge is and download that and sit on a prayer that something works!

UPDATE: Borrowed someone's computer with Edge browser and still the same blank screen.


So I've completely updated my review after talking with a Guru and having them inform me of a feature I wasn't aware of...

I hope this review helps you and serves as a better instruction manual than what is available in the Knowledge Base.

Scenario: We want to add asset/price tags with bar codes to all of our merch so we can implement asset tracking and use barcodes at checkout.

First install the Barcode Printer software from the app store.


1) You need to buy a supported Dymo printer. We bought a LabelWriter 450 Turbo off Amazon and it works great. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS to install Dymo software on your computer, then connect the printer.

2) Make sure you buy SUPPORTED labels We are using the Dymo 30336 for asset tagging. They are 1" tall by 2 1/8" wide and fit perfectly on our existing price tags. We are putting item name, price, size and the barcode on each label.

3) Go into Barcode Printer software and make sure you assign barcodes to all of your existing inventory by pushing the button in the top right corner. Choose the option to assign to everything that doesn't already have a barcode. You'll need to do this step EVERY time you add new items to make sure they get a barcode auto assigned.

4) Go to the Barcode Design button in the Barcode Printer app. Choose the layout that matches the supported label type you want to use. Click the check-box options to choose what data will be printed on your label.

5) IMPORTANT: This is the part that the Guru helped me with. If you want to print a label for an item, go into products and open the product. Next, choose "More Options", then scroll down to the "Print Barcode" option. From the next screen, you can choose which items (variants) and quantity of barcodes you'd like to print.

6) DO NOT attempt to use the "Export to Barcode" option from the main product page. If you select a bunch of items and use that feature, you can export to a CSV file and then import into the Dymo application directly. I tried this and wasted $10 in labels printing garbage. Why garbage? Because it doesn't actually print labels for your inventory. It prints your PRODUCT list. For example, if you have a clothing item in small, medium and large, it will print three labels no matter what your inventory count is for that item. If you have zero smalls in stock, 10 mediums and 5 smalls, you'll just get three labels. Small, Medium, Large. The "Export to Barcode" feature is worthless...it should be on the Inventory page, not the Product page.


Everyone was right. This app is terrible. Installed and NOTHING WORKS. Can't create a template and says it's not installed. Tried several different browsers. Shopify, get yourself together and stop giving your customers awful apps. I pay to be on this site. Looking elsewhere for my business.


What happened to the awesome app? I have used it for one year and love it and then today I went to print out labels and nothing.



Shitty app. Has wasted so many hours with issues. This doesnt even deserve one star. Where's the poop emoji?


Im down grading my 3 three star review to one star.
This app barely functions at all.
Won't work on chrome, half the time you try to go to the barcode print out page and it takes you to the app store.
C'mon guys fix your app its terrible!


I loved this app! I hated this app! and now I love it sooo much more!
I purchased it almost a year ago, it worked great on firefox...then I moved my computer...wouldn't run...kept getting 'dymo printer not installed' message. Tried all the recommendations from Shopify and Dymo techs...still didn't work. Then finally my daughter thought to use the usb port on the front of the computer rather than the ones in the back! Presto! It seems the dymo printer prefers slower than faster! Works great on Microsoft edge!


Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks


it seems that there is no support and everyone is complaining yet shopify is MIA
what is going on here




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