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Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer

Developed by Shopify

83 reviews
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  • Print barcode labels with your Dymo LabelWriter from Shopify
  • Assign barcode numbers to your products
  • Export your products into Dymo Label software

Easily generate and print barcodes for your products, or print customized barcodes by exporting products to the Desktop Dymo Label printing software. This app pairs with Shopify POS to make your store’s barcode workflow quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Please note: A Dymo LabelWriter printer is required to print labels with this app. The barcode printer and labels are available for purchase in Shopify's US store and Canadian store. UK and Australian customers can use one of Shopify's approved hardware partners.

Please ensure you have latest Dymo software version installed:

Download Dymo for Windows

Download Dymo for Mac
*Requires OSX 10.10 or higher

Barcode Printer reviews

83 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (9 reviews)
  5. 1 star (48 reviews)

The latest from Shopify

"Dymo has recently removed browser support for Chrome and Firefox, so you will need to use Safari, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge to use the Barcode Printer app"

This is absolutely false it doesnt work on IE safari or Edge - any Dymo is supporting Chrome

worked fine for a bit
stopped working - no support whatsoever
just imagine now that you have to reassign barcodes and reprint hundreds of labels again

dont start with this if you can


It's not working. It did assign a barcode number to all of my products. However, that's about as far as it goes. I can't design the barcode template or do anything else. I tried using Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Please fix this.

UPDATE: So it still doesn't work with Chrome or Internet Explorer. I asked for help in the online chat and Jennifer said that it only worked with Internet Explorer and that I could not use their app with the 450 TURBO. Both are False. I found a way to use Firefox and print on my Turbo. Now it is working 100% fine and exactly as it should.


I can count the number of times I've written a review on one hand and one finger. It has to be really really really bad for me to think something negative.

But to write something? I'd rather keep my negativity to myself.

Since opening my Shopify store - The Electric Spokes Company in 2014, I've struggled through the growing pains of Shopify and their clients, apps, and problems. It's natural to experience problems.

What is shocking to me is that the Barcode printer app is an essential tool for any brick and mortar store, and is probably as important as a cash register.

I can tell you the months lost trying to troubleshoot why it's not recognizing the dymo 450 labelwriter. We've bought new labelwriters, and unintalled and reinstalled using and upgrading to newer computers.

Now, it seems that every day, to print barcodes, we have to Uninstall Firefox (the only browser that it sometimes works), and then uninstall Dymo and then reboot computer, clean registry, and reinstall everything new. ABout 45 minutes of staff time. And we have 3 different computers in the shop.

So imagine, how aggravated we become with Shopify. And now, after being fed up with tech supports inability to address the issue, I sign on to see what the reviews are saying, and if there is a substitute.

Reading so many negative reviews (the positive ones are clearly newbies who haven't yet really relied on this tool to perform consistently) is awesome! I mean AWESOME.

If I had a company with a product app that is critical, and receiving this much negative feedback, I'd be "hmm, better take care of this pronto".

What happens with company's sleep on the job? Their clients start jumping ship. Which is exactly what we are looking to do. Already researching the Shopify competitors. Nothing prompts progress more than pure competition.

Wow, stunning. Holy cow. Wake up folks! Or you will end up like Netscape.

Wake up!


WORST APP EVER! DOES NOT WORK! And the Support people are ignoring the problem. Despite numerous emails I cannot get a response from "Support"!!! I have over 1500 skus and have to now create each barcode label manually because the App keeps telling me my Dymo printer is not installed. I am so disappointed with the lack of support on this from Shopify!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEIR BARCODE SCANNERS unless they fix this app once and for all.


When it works its aweome. But then it doens't work and I have to spend an hour trying to figure out why. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!


The fact that this continues to not work through Google Chrome is a pain. That you cannot assign barcodes from within the same place where you create a product is excessive back and forth. And the fact that you only have access to your most recently created products, meaning you have to go back to your products page to print a barcode.... It's just overly cumbersome. It works, but I hate it.


Just added app - not expecting much due to poor reviews.
I found it to work faultlessly - Using Dymo 450 & latest software download (available from Shopify app store) and on Edge Browser. Thank-you from Bags of Room.co.uk. Hope this helps other users


So much potential here but really lacking key elements.

Please improve:

1. Option to customize: You can't add your logo or shop name, there's not even a option to pick font or at the very least font size.

2. Browser compatibility: Never works on Chrome, sometimes we can get it to work on Firefox.

3. Support: Help when we need it! This application is a key factor to us successfully running our brick & mortar shop.


An update would be much appreciated with more options on label templates


Previously worked brilliantly. Now doesn't work at all with Chrome or Edge browsers - Poor reflection of Shopify's ability to keep their own apps operable.


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