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Clever Adwords, Easy Integration

Clever Adwords, Easy Integration

Developed by Clever Ecommerce

711 reviews
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  • Creates and manages your Google Adwords campaigns easily and fast
  • Attract the right customers and maximize your marketing budget from the first moment
  • Automatically generated and optimized by Clever Ecommerce, a premier Google Partner

Create and manage your Google Adwords campaigns easily and fast

    With just 5 simple steps your campaigns will be on the Adwords search network, thanks to the technology of Clever. No work from your side. We will upload all campaigns for you.

Attract the right customers

    Clever Adwords takes information from all your collections and products to automatically generate Google AdWords campaigns on three levels:

  • Search campaigns: Be seen by customers as they search on Google.

  • Display campaigns: Display Banners & Text Ads to reach people interested in your products.

  • Remarketing campaigns: Follow your own visitors through the internet offering your products once they leave your site.

    • We create new campaigns respecting our client’s own campaigns. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and due to our strict business policy, we ensure that no changes will be made in campaigns that were not created by Clever Adwords.

    Maximize your marketing budget

    After the campaigns creation, Clever Adwords will start optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your marketing budget. Clever Adwords app adjust bids with algorithms to ensure the best results. We cover your back! No matter the size of your store, Clever Adwords can handle it.

      The spend on Google Adwords totally depends on your business and industry, but we recommend to start with something around $15 per day. Be aware that for advertisers spending less, it will take a while for our algorithm to optimize properly (about 2 months depending on the volume).

    Choose Clever Ecommerce

    We are Premier Google Partners, which gives you access to our team of AdWords Certified Experts. To earn a Google Premier Partner badge, you need to meet Google’s highest standards and criteria. And this is exactly what we do by managing a large customer base while maintaining a very high level of quality in your Google AdWords campaigns creation and optimization.

    Want more? Become Premium

      Take advantage of our premium features and get the most of Adwords, these are the main benefits we cannot wait to offer you:

  • Support through live chat
  • Add products or collections to the campaigns
  • Campaigns and banners remake
  • Customized banners
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Monthly report and alerts

  • Check out some Clever Adwords success cases!

    ECG America: “Working with Clever Adwords, ECG America reached more than 3.7K conversions, 19.7K interactions, and 2M impressions in only 2 months”. “Clever Adwords decreased ECG America’s expenses on Adwords by 78,97%, running 140+ ads cheaper and more efficiently”

      Belly Bands: “Belly Bands went from 0 to 980+ conversions in only 1 month since using Clever Adwords for their Adwords’ administration”. “Clever Adwords helped Belly Bands reach more than 9K visits to their eCommerce and 1.4M impressions, with 47+ ads running”. “Belly Bands saw how their sales and brand awareness levels were improved fast”

    Frequently Asked Questions

      How much time do you need to create my campaigns? It will take our team less than 5 minutes to configure and then about 48 hours to process and review the campaign. Campaigns will pass through review and quality control by one of our Google Adwords account managers, which should take less than 48 hours.

      How do I know when my campaigns are ready? You will receive an email confirming your campaigns have been uploaded to your Adwords account. This email will also contain the banners we have created for your display campaigns, general information about your campaigns and a Wordcloud with the keywords used to create your campaigns

      I have multiple shops, should I create multiple Adwords accounts? Definitely. This way you can have all the metrics of each shop separated. It will be much easier for you to gather performance information about each of your shops this way.

      Could I include more products/collections after creation? Adding new products and collections is only available for premium users. Contact your personal account manager in order to get help.

      Which languages are allowed? We are currently able to create Adwords campaigns in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and Portuguese.


    More info at: www.cleverecommerce.com

    Clever Adwords, Easy Integration reviews

    711 reviews
    1. 5 stars (590 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (42 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (14 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (15 reviews)
    5. 1 star (50 reviews)

    These guys have done a fabulous job. The app is like a piece of cake, all ads were setup like a pro in no time and response time for help was in milliseconds. I am impressed and I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to run their campaigns on Google.



    Easy to use, great costumer service...
    ... and it works, which is the most important thing.
    I would recommend.


    Quick and easy set up. Saves me a lot of time. Customer service is great. David has helped me out many times. I recommend the premium plan for more targeted ads.


    I have other shops without this app and for the same budget this one is performing much better.

    Excellent app and awesome support! I was able to have my campaigns up and running fast and it was super easy! Not even need to go into the Adwords Dashboard. This tool creates search and display ads automatically and works like a charm. Congrats!


    UPDATE: Carlos and Jose have both contacted me telling me that I actually made the mistakes that resulted in such poorly designed, poorly written ads. Then they asked me to re-download the app with premium freebies in exchange for changing my review.

    I spent time with the set-up, entered custom text and made selections in each field. The app just simply did not save my data and as a result made really bad google ads.

    I suggested that they both focus on fixing the errors in their interface rather than trying to convince intelligent customers that they're wrong.

    ALERT: When you delete the app from your store, they still have Manager access to your AdWords account. Be sure to remove their access separately.

    The banner ads do not look good, they look terrible in fact. The banner ads feature a font that is really stylized and hard to read. There are typos in nearly every ad; banner, display, search, text, etc - "Quality" is misspelled as "Qaulity". The ad text is generic, pulled from Google categories - so some of the search ads have the phrase "Arts & Entertainment" for my products which are coffee mugs and coasters. I'm not really even sure how that mistake happened. As a personal preference I didn't like that some ads ended with the phrase "satisfaction guaranteed" which does not apply directly to retail gifts and souvenirs. I only let the ads run for one day (it asks for 4 weeks to learn, which is fair) but I had 11,100 impressions and only 49 clicks. That's a .44% click through rate, which is absolutely terrible. It just verifies what other reviewers are saying - these ads do not get "qaulity" clicks or customers to your site because the ads themselves are not "qaulity". I did much better creating Google Ads on my own. I understand that the service was free, but the terrible ad spend was not.


    It Brought a ton of traffic but no sales not bad thought


    Couple of clicks and a bunch of campaigns are automatically created with ad groups and ads. And you see instant increase in visitors if you are currently not advertising using Google Adwords. The easy of setting this up is cool.

    All the ads created are using your collection names, images, logo, etc. They are not targeted and is very very generic. So all you get is lots of hits but no traction. It's like slinging mud on the wall and praying that some will stick.


    Carlos was very helpful in linking my adwords id. The customer service is awesome!


    so far so good setting it up and upgrading to premium plan, will look fwd to see results on sales.


    Awesome app , really professional work



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