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Edited October 3, 2018

This is such a good idea - it means I don't need to order or store large numbers of prints or have the hassle of packaging and posting them. It's a fairly new app and has had some teething problems, but most of these seem to have been ironed out now and the Printspace do seem to be genuinely listening to customer feedback and taking it on board.

Miriam Stayte
United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
September 29, 2018

Brilliant for uploading and selling my photography prints, but currently I have problems with the vendor choice because it's not showing the vendor which the theprintspace uses anymore and also it never saves my changes to a product.

Max's Wildlife Pics
United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
January 5, 2022

I have been using the creativehub app in combination with my art store on Shopify for several months now, and it has been a very elegant way to ensure my art prints are manufactured to the highest quality standards - I had personally ordered prints at ThePrintSpace in Düsseldorf before, so I was already a fan of their paper choices and brilliant prints. Plus, the packaging and shipping leaves a highly professional impression with my customers, especially when adding a certificate of authenticity - which comes with a hologram and all. Dropshipping my art prints via creativehub allows me to fully focus on painting and exhibiting my work, and I can be sure that I'll be able to handle whatever amount of orders come my way :D I used to run a different shop where I printed and shipped my art myself, but this is a massive improvement for me and makes it much easier to explore larger sizes for my work. It is an incredibly satisfying feeling to wake up to a chain of E-Mails telling me that 1) an order has been placed in my shop, 2) the order has been printed, 3) the order has been shipped, without me even realising it - and needing to do nothing about it! So, the orders from Shopify are pulled by creativehub at midnight each day and then printed & fulfilled within 24 hours on a business day, often quicker, so if a customer orders at say 10pm and I sleep really long the next day, this does indeed happen - and is welcome to happen more often in the future :D As a special benefit, I would like to mention the flat shipping fee - wherever my customers order from, creativehub charges me a flat shipping fee (I think it is 8 pounds or something of that magnitude), which I can easily absorb for my customers and just offer them free shipping altogether. Going forward, there is one wish I would like to express though, and that is a quicker and maybe more in-depth response from the creativehub helpdesk. I encountered a rather painful glitch once where an important order placed by a customer of mine on Shopify got "stuck", i.e. it could not be seen and processed by the creativehub backend and I did not know what to do - in the end, the Helpdesk and I managed to pin down the root cause of the problem, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation, the problem is now solved and I learned how to prevent this type of situation (it was about selling prints as edition and how to correctly import the edition as a "variant" to Shopify, which is required for the order to be processed correctly). However, the exchange with the helpdesk dragged on for more than a week (!) and I felt that the data I provided for troubleshooting was not properly or accurately ingested, so it took unnecessarily long to solve the problem or even to offer a pragmatic workaround for this very instance. And all the while I had a customer waiting, which made it all quite stressful for me and I must admit that I felt left hanging in this situation.
So going forward, I would hope for helpdesk communication with creativehub to be consistently quicker and more responsive when there is an acute problem on hand, so an issue like this could probably be worked out in maybe 2-3 business days if everyone is cooperating and there is a good back and forth of data. Alternatively, one could just quickly offer some sort of goodwill process to fix the immediate situation and figure out the root cause later simply to prevent extra waiting times for end customers. Creativehub states on their page that they try to answer queries within a couple of hours and this would indeed be a very good response time to ensure. So this is one improvement I would like to see, on top of an already very powerful and ambitious technical solution to help me as an artist focus on doing art.

Coven of Corals
About 1 year using the app
December 9, 2020

Great app. Only one flaw, is that the Shopify order numbers on the creative hub don't match up to my Shopify order numbers that come direct from my store. This cause an inconvenience when correlating the two systems. I have told Shopify about this who have contacted creative hub, but have had no response....I hope someone can get back to me because this problem is quite annoying!

Prints by Tom Selmon
United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
July 19, 2021

The idea behind this app is great, it is exactly what I was looking for: high quality prints with limited edition control, certificates of authenticity and as seamless as possible in terms of being print on demand. Unfortunately in reality the print quality is terrible, the certificate of authenticity looks like a high school project piece and definitely not fitting with a "high end" and limited edition style store. I took the file I printed with them down to my local cheap printing (like costco or a similar supermarket) and the print I got back (exactly the same file) was far better quality than what creativehub sent me. There were scratch marks and white dots on the creative hub print, none on the locally printed one. I really want to like this app, but I've spent way too much time and money trying to make it work properly. It need to sync both ways, if a title is changed in shopify, it needs to be reflected in creativehub. There are so many flaws in this system still unfortunately.

10 months using the app
May 12, 2019

Nice app. It gives me a lot of choices. As a personal choice I would like to see some aboriginal art

6 months using the app
September 2, 2022

Die App zeigt meine Produkte nicht an!!! Ich habe ein neues Produkt erstellt kann es aber in der App nicht hochladen, weil ABSOLUT NICHTS angezeigt wird, außer den zwei Worten 'PRODUCT LIST'. Meine anderen Produkte sind in meinem Shop aber wie gesagt, die Liste ist leer!

Claudia Pollack HIGH VIBE ART
6 months using the app
creativehub replied September 21, 2022

Hi Claudia. I am sorry that you were experiencing this issue. You will see it is now resolved. We made some improvements to our import process in creativehub which allows you more control over variant, product and batch importing. These updates needed to be reflected on the Shopify app side which is complete.

Edited September 7, 2019

This app, in theory, provides a really great service! Fine Art printing and a global shipping solution for artists with Shopify stores. The printing quality is really great and the flat fee global shipping is amazing!

However, the app itself is buggy and will without doubt corrupt your store. By duplicating products, re-ordering variants, proliferating "broken image" thumbnails throughout your catalog and not updating basic changes (like new paper sizes, prices, and editions), this app will keep you busy all day just trying to clean the mess. And then, to add insult to injury, it will show random products as being Sold Out (which isn't great if your objective is to sell these products!) Basically, any change you make within the app will trigger a destructive knock-on effect in your store. The technical support is poor and under-resourced so don't expect any help when you need it (and you'll need it a lot).

It's a great shame that not enough resources have been allocated to the development and support of this app as I believe it has (had) massive potential.

My advice; stay well clear of this app until at least the next version (or ten) rolls out. It's simply not worth the headaches.

Lacuna Collection
United Kingdom
3 months using the app
creativehub replied May 14, 2020

sorry we were having some issues, we have fixed all known bugs now, so if you could please retry we are confident you will be happy.

Edited January 31, 2019

Have been declined twice at this moment in time as far as the Art Catalogue section of this App goes and in hindsight it has been for very right reasons. My shop hasn't been ready for taking on such awesome Artwork. I mean the idea of being able to sync up your store with beautiful images created by high profile artists that you can print on demand as Giclee prints while taking a commission is absolutely mind blowing for me! So one would like to explore this part of the app but at this moment all that comes up is an error message.

As far as selling your own Art goes this App has worked perfectly. The first delivery turned up within 24 hours.

Customer services has been spot on so far. Instant replies almost...

Very cool concept! Only firm offering a service like this on Shopify!

O, FYI not all of us are supercilious fine art geeks!

I’ve had a ganders at the Art Catalogue on the web browser a slight bit and my first thoughts are that it does need updating. But at the end of the day If somone was to tell me you have to go and sell a hand full of sand to some Arabs and your life depended on it i would sell that sand as if it was the best thing since sliced bread and I would sell it for over the asking price. ‍♂️

My point I’m trying to make is even if We only had 3 or 4 options of artwork to choose from that would be enough to set a high brow print on demand company flying....

Black Coke
United Kingdom
About 1 month using the app
November 29, 2022

I am very frustrated with Creativehub. The new shipping prices are exorbitant. I find it an impertinence to charge almost 30.00 € for a delivery of less than 500gr within Europe and then tip you to offer free delivery in your store. How can you make money with it, especially if you are not yet so well known and can not charge high prices for your art? I have never experienced such high shipping costs for anything I've ordered within Europe. In addition, certificates for limited editions come without authentication holograms although this is described on the certificates. After contacting customer service, they said that there are none available at the moment. I would expect at least to be informed about that or that the text on the certificates will be corrected, so that customers do not complain when getting their artworks.

Matthias Maier
28 days using the app
creativehub replied June 14, 2023

Hi Matthias, I am sorry to hear you are disappointed. Please allow me to clarify some incorrect remarks:

Our dropshipping shipping costs to Europe are between €6.95 - €15.00 for print only orders - this is a flat rate regardless of how many prints are in the order. For framed items, shipping costs to Europe starts at €14.13 going up to €91. Please keep in mind this accounts for delicate wood frames with glass sized at 841x1189mm. These need to be very well packaged as they are fragile oversized items. All frame deliveries are also shipped via DHL express courier arriving in 1-3 days.

If you need help pricing your artwork to help account for shipping costs check out our help centre article here: https://www.theprintspace.co.uk/help/knowledge-base/how-to-price-your-online-art-prints/

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