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Data Export

Developed by Estore Automate

70 reviews
Price: $5.00 – $20.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Export any data from your store – Order reports, Product reports, Inventory reports, sales & marketing reports, commission reports, accounting and tax reports, summary reports, POS reports, refund reports, transactions reports, payment reports, metafield, cart and note attributes, data from third party apps, COGS and profitability reports.
  • Export reports in various formats (Excel, CSV, FTP, Google Drive & Sheets, Dropbox or Fixed URL) to your business partners (vendors, fulfillment team, marketer, accountant and owner).
  • Automate your store operations by creating and scheduling hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Automate, Customize, Summarize and Analyze any Data in your Store!!

See Data Export in action ==>

  • Setup reports on your own using our “Live preview” feature, that shows a preview of the data before report is downloaded.
  • We believe each Shopify store is unique and it’s reporting needs are different. Our team of data analysts and online commerce experts will help you prepare the right report.
  • Since launching in February 2016, we have helped hundreds of stores save time and money. A store owner who was paying monthly consulting fee of $500 for data analysis switched to Data Export. He now pays $20 a month for the same analysis.
  • Report setup and consulting is free. You will pay $5 to $20 per month based on your need. Our prices are 55% lower than other reporting apps.
  • Data Export provides line level detail and summary of the data. Summary of the data is through Pivot table in Excel. For example, the order detail can be summarized by week, month or year on the fly.

  • Please follow our blog at www.estoreautomate.com for tips on automating your store.

  • Your store has Order, Product, Inventory, Marketing, Tax, Customer, Accounting, Shipping and Fulfillment data. Use Data Export to leverage this data to analyze and report the findings.

Here is how Shopify Owners are using Data Export:

  • Clothing stores – To capture the specific order information like size, color, inseam, length and other custom needs.

  • Drop shippers – To send scheduled data feeds that meet manufacturer’s format.

  • Gourmet Food – Provide delivery items, time and address directly to local delivery staff.

  • Sports equipment stores – Sales tax reports to accountants based on customer location.

  • Pop-up Stores – Commission payout calculation to vendors based on weekly sales.

  • Custom Tee-shirt – Send custom order reports to fulfillment team.

  • POS Reports – Specific reports for retailers using Shopify POS.

  • Data from other Apps – Data Export will retrieve data (Metafields and Cart attributes) that are stored from other Shopify apps. For example, if you are using a delivery app, Data Export can retrieve delivery date and time from the delivery app.

  • If you are on Shopify Plus plan, our experts can provide deeper insights into your data through custom analytics.

Save time and money using Data Export!!

Set-up reports and schedule them using our user friendly set-up process.

1) Create reports from all the data available (product, sales, marketing, accounting, tax) in Shopify. You can also create custom reports that will meet your specific requirements. You can create new calculations based on specific conditions.

2) You can run the reports at specific times. We have a scheduler that shows the upcoming reports and the status of each report.

3) You can send the data to anyone - from your accountant, marketing agency, order fulfillment team, drop shipper to your business partner. You can also check the status of the delivery.

Check out our other videos that will walk you through creating, scheduling and editing reports.

1. Create Report

2. Scheduling and verify delivery status

3. Filtering and formatting

4. Formatting using parent and merge

5. Regular, derived and static fields

6. Custom fields or columns

Our customer support team will assist you with setting up the reports so that you can focus on growing your store.


Small - $5/month: Export any data from your store, 1 report template can be created and automatically delivered to your inbox at the scheduled time.

Medium - $10/month: Export any data from your store, 5 report templates can be created and automatically delivered to your inbox at the scheduled time.

Large - $20/month: Export any data from your store, 20 report templates can be created and automatically delivered to your inbox at the scheduled time. Also, custom fields can be added and you can check the delivery status of the reports. Includes summary of the data through Pivot table.

Example of a Report template – You can setup a template called “Daily order Report” and schedule it to be delivered to you and your partners daily. So, one report template can be used to delivery 30 reports in a month.

Data Export reviews

70 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

Great app, just what we needed to process our orders. Awesome customer support! That is super fast in real time! Awesome!


This app is the answer to Shopify's shortcomings in reports. Virtually every piece of data is accessible throught this app. Anyone with basic understanding of Excel will be successful with this app, but if you need help, the customer service chat is top notch. Kudos.


Fantastic app. Support has been incredibly helpful and responsive to custom requests.


Great app and amazing customer service. We needed to pull orders from our store daily into a unique CSV template provided by our dropshipper. The data export team was helpful in setting everything up for us and making sure it worked properly. I highly recommend this app and team!


Great App! Just what we needed! Customer service was excellent! I needed a simple, but custom report I couldn't get within Shopify or other apps. I am not a report/numbers person and my boss needed a report by the end of the day-these guys were great and set up the report for me.

Highly Recommend this app and kudos to their support team!!


Data Export is amazing! Finally a solution to shopify's rudimentary reporting.

The reports are very detailed and completely customizable. They aren't the easiest to figure out, but their customer service department, particularly John, is extremely helpful and very prompt in response.

If you are looking for any data reporting I would definitely choose this app. I use it to send a weekly sell through report to our Sales Director.

Again, highly recommended!


Great App and Fantastic customer service!
We couldn't find any app that could do what we needed then we tried this app and by talking with the customer service they made the modification require to achieve what we needed in just a few hours. Amazing fast and reliable team and app I very highly recommend to anyone!


We have had a really great experience using Data Export so far. I needed a very specific custom report and the tech support expert was very patient in helping us set it up and check it. I was really impressed with his follow thru and suggestions. I'd definitely recommend this as a solution to anyone looking to extend their reporting capabilities.


I can't say enough good things about this app. I'll get into exactly why in a minute but before I do let me just say I have never experienced an app with this level of help and support. Even apps I have paid hundreds of dollars for, I have never experienced this level of support and that made a huge difference to me.

In any case as for what this app is good for, I'll tell you what we are using it for and maybe that can help you decide if it's for you.

We were really struggling to find a solution for a complex issue involving our cost of goods sold, which changes on a daily basis, and our net sales/orders. We had to total these items manually on a daily basis and it was driving us crazy.

Being a little technical myself, I looked into setting a custom metafield for each one of our products wherein we would input our cost. However Shopify by default and by any means other than this app, as far as I know, had no way to export this custom metafield with the other data from our orders such as the price paid (including discount codes).

I emailed the email address above and asked if this app could handle that for us and I got an immediate and helpful response saying they could set it up without any problems.

They also have a dynamic field for actual price paid per item, which is extremely helpful to us because it calculates if any discount codes were used for the order and gives us the actual price paid, after discounts, allowing us to compare it with our COGS and see exactly what we're making each day.

Anyway I am rambling a bit here about our specific use case but the bottom line is that this is a fantastic and invaluable app when it comes to pulling, organizing and outputting any and all data from Shopify.

I am not sure what I'd be doing without this app but I am pretty sure I would still be looking for a solution driving myself crazy.

Thanks again to Freddy and the support team for doing such a fantastic job. Keep it up!

And if you are wondering whether to get this app, or if it can do exactly what you want it to do, I encourage you to stop searching endlessly and trying to learn all the technical details (like I did for weeks and weeks) and just e-mail these guys.

They will give you a straight answer in a short amount of time and my guess is they can do exactly what you want and need without any extra cost. And then you can focus on the things your good at and your store needs and let these wizards handle everything else!

Probably my best experience so far with installing a Shopify app.


Very useful app if you need very specific reports for your shop. I was surprised that there was no easy way to get a current stock report in Shopify but Data Export came to the rescue and it's sure to save me hours of mind numbing Excel graft. Thanks to Freddy at estoreautomate the support is absolutely fantastic. The app isn't perfect (yet), you will need to put some effort into producing your report exactly how you want it but this app gets 5 stars as I don't know any other way to access the amount of data that Data Export opens up.. good job.

$5.00 – $20.00 / month
15 days

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