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Mega Beauty Mall

Great services !
I uses W2B on few stores and very satisfied!

My rating always 5+

@The Cozy Homes

Really interesting read negative comments from stupid newbies !
I apologize for this treatment, but it really is.
W2B never requests credit cards photos from both sides :)
I created at least 10 stores and every time verified all my accounts without any problems !
Yes, I know that a lot of very stupid people who do not understand anything in business and try to do it. Not understanding the essence of the issue begin to write negative feedback.

For people like you, W2B have an appeal that before trying to write a negative feedback, try to contact their support team.
Is it really difficult to follow a certain ethic of behavior before writing extremely stupid reviews?

I'm really satisfied customer with huge experience with W2B :)

The Cozy Homes

I installed this app, but immediately uninstalled when i found they want from me photo copy of my credit card from both sides. What the hell !!???

Mega Jewelry Store

Thanks !
Huge services, big discounts on many products which allow me set huge margins and make competitive retail prices !

Fast and immediate support responses !

5+ stars !

Friendly Pleasure Shop

Great service !
I'm very satisfied with catalog and fulfillment process !
Support replied very fast !
My opinion that rating is +5 stars !
Thanks !

@Evelyn Ember
Look like you real newbie in dropshipping business and in internet marketing !
For Your own knowledge !
eBay supper sellers are itself dropshippers and purchase goods directly from China, so they can offer very low prices because ordered by containers and has own warehouses.
If you will always look on ebay or amazon, I strongly recommend you forget about business in internet !

Evelyn Ember

Very disappointing, most items have some reasonable shipping times. I will give them that. Many of the categories it will say 11 items but then you open it there is only 1 item and only 1 is in stock, also the prices on many items give you a retail price some seem true, other recommended retail prices are overly inflated and not checked. I looked and many items are way cheaper on ebay etc than what they list in your comparison. Many items actually cost more than the suggested retail price (when it is right) due to shipping costs so there would be no profit -- that does not make sense for anyone with a dropshipping store or even if you wanted to buy it outright.

Best Health Vitamins Shop

W2B is always provides great service!

Previous member "Ministrymart" wrote that they cancelled app after 1 hour :)
Incredible !
W2B allow use their FREE trial during 7 days !
When I had make my first store I spent 1 week (7 trial days) in learning all their options and functions, how set great margins and shipping and how make store with competitive prices !

Many visitors on my latest stores (!!!!) created by me told that products has too cheap prices even lower than on Amazon :)

Impossible only after 1 hour make decisions with not perfect opinions !

W2B is great service with incredibly friendly, fast and high quality support !
On some my stores I use up to 5-20 suppliers and W2B allow set margins for every supplier. Of course in this case necessary make research in shipping conditions and rates, because different suppliers offers different rates. And then possible create universal shipping rates for all suppliers.

If you wish have real money making business necessary work too hard !
One hour is not enough time for get basic opinion :)

If you started business, necessary of course spend time for learning and also have some basic knowledge in marketing.

Price of good is NOT most and very important thing !!!!

Need have great business ideas in own head and knowledge how make money !

If you are a seller, then you will succeed.
If, after an hour, you canceled the opportunity to train a steep business, then of course you are not a businessman and this service is not for you.

You need to know how to sell, what to sell, who to sell and where to sell.
On this site there are a lot of delicious and interesting suppliers that offer which tasty discounts up to 70-90 percent.
And if you are a beginner, you must always remember and bear in mind that at the initial stage margins should be relatively small.

And in general, who and why I will be teaching, if I'm very happy with W2B.

I rate service a 10+ instead 5+
And very pleased with all W2B services offered.


Great idea and the tech behind it is really nice, but sadly the cost to merchants is too high. We canceled after an hour of trying to source products with this app.
These are barely below retail prices - shipping is impossibly expensive. Just no margin on anything - particularly when you have to add shipping in the mix Wish it would have worked out, but merchants actually have to have some operating margin to survive and modern shoppers are not stupid.

Sex Toys Mega Mall

W2B is the best service ever !!!
With their app developed several sites !
Very satisfied !


Excellent, works great. However, I do wish most suppliers were lower on the wholesale price.

Outdoor Sport Mall

Great support and services !
Uses on few stores and very satisfied!
Highly recommend !!!
5+ stars plus service !