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September 30, 2019

Super easy to use app and the prices are unbeatable! With the margins we get from this app, we are working on moving all our POD efforts to Fuel.

Was able to create my first product set within a few minutes. Their design tool makes it easy to create many products at once as well.

Quality of the prints and shipping speed are tremendous as well. Would highly recommend using Fuel!

Rachel's Brand
United States
About 2 years using the app
Edited May 24, 2022

FUEL used to be one of the best POD Providers, but it was USED to!! The issue here is that they became so bad that I wouldn't even suggest them to my worst enemy!! It feels like its a group of people that they didn't have to do something better, got some printers, bought some stock(always everything is out of stock, and what they tell you, when you message them, is that it didn't pass the quality control(which I at this point I am pretty sure that quality team its a myth). They need ADDITIONAL 3-5 days). They became so bad, that they had to delete their Facebook group page (where users could interact) from all the negative comments. DO A FAVOR TO YOURSELF AND STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

Type Sale
About 2 years using the app
Fuel POD replied June 9, 2022

Hi there Type Sale, we hear you. We are running into issues obtaining blanks from our suppliers, but working on ways to improve our production times and hope to have this resolved shortly. I totally appreciate your continued patience with us and will make an announcement in the near future.
- Lyman

May 15, 2020

Pros: Excellent for the price. Cheapest American Apparel POD I have found. Shipping and processing are quick despite COVID. Very happy with the print quality.
Cons: App can be glitchy. The art placement is automatically centered which is great the 99% of times you need that, but there is not way to override it when things need to be placed in a speciffic spot. Customer service can range from right away (often) to waiting for hours (not as often, but I have waited hours during their customer service hours).
Overall, I say the company is worth working with. They are new and will probably get better with time. I just hope they can keep up their quick speed and quality prints as more people switch to them.

District Fire Company
United States
Almost 2 years using the app
March 11, 2021

The best app I've tried. Quality and price are both good and they have always met delivery times.
Above all, the customer service is excellent, they answer emails very quickly and wholeheartedly support me to get the best prints.
Thank you, Fuel is great.

United States
Almost 2 years using the app
April 28, 2022

Great app! Must recommend! Looking forward to doing more business with Fuel.
Their service quality, from printing to tech support, is also impeccable.

Welcome Native Spirit
Almost 2 years using the app
Fuel POD replied May 18, 2022

Hi there Welcome Native Spirit. We appreciate your positive review and strive to be the best end-to-end POD service out there.
- Lyman

Edited April 1, 2022

Update (4/1/2022): Fuel used to be fantastic for its price offerings, but today prices rose as much as 30% on some items. As someone who buys blanks for a living by units in the thousands, I know the rates they can get them for. Super unfortunate that we will be taking our business elsewhere now for majority of our items.
Update (1/8/2022): I want to to love this POD vendor so badly since there rates and interface are good, but it seems like every month theres a new issue. Lately they have been sending emails to our already massively jammed email inbox when something is out of stock, and they only give you two days to respond. They used to just put it in the "error" category and it was so much easier, we would swap it for a new garment on our own. Instead, we miss some of the emails, don't realize orders are cancelled, and then customers are mad they have to reorder (and we had no idea for weeks). Also - they are way behind the ball compared to other POD vendors when it comes to adding more variety. For instance, they only have 2 "low tier" hoodie options, when for most sellers those are the most profitable items. I have asked for over a year for them to offer a mid tier/top tier hoodie blank. Also - don't even thick about doing hats or beanies with them - they take weeks to produce and by the time they get to production, the color is 9/10 times out of stock. We just today switched to a new vendor for hats and beanies because this was a daily issue.
Update (12/9/2021): Quality seems to have improved, have had under a .5% return request rate over the past few months. My only complaint still is the major out of stock problems we face with items like hats, select colors of blanks, etc. Lastly, and most importantly, they have a very limited selection compared to every other POD vendor. They only offer 2 hoodie blanks... like come on there are hundreds of blanks out there that could easily be stock, especially a "better quality" one compared to Gildan. We still have to use other vendors to get those nice hoodie items, and therefore charge our customers who buy multiple items for shipping twice since it cannot all be done on FUEL.
Update (6/19/2021): Quality is not good, had an issue last week and this week. Made a 13 item order, and 8 of them are faulty. Not sure how 8 faulty items are able to sneak by quality control, that must not even exist. Print on them is off centered, front and back, as well as sizing wrong on many of the items. Should not have to worry that my clients are going to make a big order and half of it be faulty. Get what you pay for, now looking for new POD vendor.
Update (6/16/2021): Finally, things are mostly back to normal. Shipping is back to normal speeds, MOST items ship within 7 days. Sometimes faster. They did just raise shipping prices which is unfortunate but its the way of the world. Going to keep my rating at 4 stars permanently until they expand their product offering in the categories that matter to the influencer business such as sweatpants and shorts. Also, limited products in the hoodie section (top sellers for influencers). Wish they had a garment like Independent Trading Co or another midweight hoodie, the blanks are only a few dollars more wholesale. A lot of their competition offers it and sadly we have to use them for those products, and therefore have to charge our customers for shipping twice, damaging the customer experience. Would love everything under one roof. Another feature that is needed, custom neck tags. Our business is going to be at the point within the next 3-4 months where we require custom neck tags to uphold the brand identity as we hit new follower milestones, so hopefully they adopt it soon or we will have to jump to a new platform that can accommodate our growth.
Update (6/4/2021): Fuel seems to have fixed the MAJOR issues they were having with production, hopefully that does not happen again. If it does, will definitely be my last straw with their service. That being said, they have returned to normal fulfillment times. It seemed like only when I mentioned that I was so unsatisfied that they started to care about giving me updates about the 30 day delays. I had to ask for refunds for old orders when as a company that should be automatic. They need to focus more on being customer centric and I think then they could become a top POD company, but they are long from there. I should not have to ask about refunds for things that should be so obvious especially when we do over 10,000 products a year with them. They also need a wider selection of products to compete with the other POD companies. For hoodies (top seller) they only sell "low tier" hoodies, and do not sell shorts or sweatpants of any kind. Those are major staples in our industry and are now getting those made by the thousands by an overseas vendor and using a 3PL. Wish I could have everything in one platform.
Update (5/6/2021): Wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but we officially hit having orders that are 30 days old, which is completely unacceptable. No clue how it takes 30 days to put an item in a printer. We have started to shop around for a new vendor, but the process of transferring all our orders would be a pain. They refuse to issue refunds for super old orders as an apology which is crazy, so I decided to refund the customers that are this overdue at my own expense, and eat the cost of the item since I still want them to receive it and provide good customer service. Hopefully they can return to normal turnaround times soon or else we will be forced to leave Fuel out of respect for our customers.
Original Review:
Quality: Not bad for the price. The print comes out right 98% of the time. We have shipped over 7,000 items from them this year and I would say we had issues on about 100 of them. Shipping: Shipping, especially international, can be super slow. Some international shipments take at least a month for delivery. Domestic can be quick, depending on where it ships from and if it is DHL ecommerce or USPS Priority. Turnaround time: This is my biggest complaint. Sometimes they ship stuff out in one day, sometimes it takes a month. We currently have 8 orders that are almost 30 days old. That is not acceptable for any business, and I wish they would recognize that and give some refunds like any other proper business would do. Customer Service: Respond pretty quickly, but sometimes they have a hard time understanding what I am asking for. I think the customer service is international based. The App: The app must be accessed through Shopify, you cannot access it on a standalone website. The system is relatively dynamic, but when you try to change existing items, etc, it gets pretty complicated. Luckily their FAQ gets updated somewhat frequently. Overall: If they could just fix their turnaround time, or at least be sympathetic to their customers when they get promised from customer service that are not kept, they would be able to compete with the big players in POD. I work with other clients that could bring them thousands of orders per year each, but I am refraining from bringing them over to the FUEL because of turnaround times.

United States
Almost 2 years using the app
February 27, 2023

Many things need to be improved, however still rate 5 stars because this team supports me with all the possible resources. The quality of products is great.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
Edited April 26, 2021

From SO GOOD to so VERY BAD. Before 03/20 everything are ok but from that until now production time takes too long time, customer support are very bad. they don't even reply even after 24 hours. I won't using it anymore

Almost 2 years using the app
Fuel POD replied February 10, 2021

Thanks for the nice words, Hoan! We agree. Elsa is fantastic to work with :)

Edited March 31, 2021

I can’t say enough good things about FueL. I’ve owned a promotional products company for over 30 years and have dealt with literally 1000’s of suppliers across the U.S. as well as factories in China and India, so when I tell you I am impressed with a company, it is high praise indeed. Print on demand is a new concept for me and I’m dipping my toes in the water with a personal project,, with more sites coming. I did a lot of research and actually worked with 4 other top companies before choosing Fuel as my primary printer. First off, they have a very good selection of products and their printing quality has exceeded my expectations. They also offer more product color choices and sizes than anyone else I’ve seen. Comfort Colors short sleeve tee shirts are available in 72 colors and Bella Canvas in 93! Offering choices is one thing, but having them in stock is critical. Fuel actually has a link to their inventory so you can see what’s available at any given time. I’ve just checked and at this moment, there are over 200,000 black Bella Canvas Large short-sleeve t-shirts in stock. Selection means nothing without good printing and neither of them means anything if you can’t get products out quickly. Clients have been conditioned by Amazon and I’m happy to say the majority of my orders have shipped in 2-3 days and clients have complimented me on how fast they arrived and how good they look. Fuel also has some of the lowest prices out there. I can actually buy products at a price that allows me to be competitive with other companies in my market and still make a profit. Which brings me to my final, and maybe most important consideration when choosing a supplier, and that is customer service. Their built-in chat feature lets me reach out easily when I have a question and I often get a response within minutes, and rarely does it take more that several hours. I appreciate not only their speedy responses, but their honesty. COVID created a demand that exceeded what anyone from any company could have predicted. As I was beginning construction of my site and asked how they were handling it, they up front and replied that it sucked at the moment, but they were in the midst of a million dollar investment to upgrade production and customer service and they did that and it has paid off incredibly. I’ve had enough experience to know that unexpected things happen, but just tell me the truth, tell me what you are doing to fix it and follow through. Fuel did that. Fuel is also continually adding well thought out products and services and keeps me in the loop of what they’ve added as well as ones that are coming soon. In short, Fuel ticked off all the boxes of features and performance I was looking for and has been a pleasure to work with. I am very happy to give them my highest recommendation.

Zany Birds
United States
Over 1 year using the app
September 7, 2021

My partners & I have been working with Fuel for about 2.5 years now and the experience keeps getting better. As a company they strive for quick shipping and perfect quality and they hit the mark more often than not. One of the best things about Fuel is their pricing and how they allow you to actually make a reasonable profit margin with print on demand. We intend on growing our business across our multiple websites with Fuel for years to come!

United States
Over 1 year using the app
Fuel POD replied October 1, 2021

We're happy to have you as long-time partners and look forward to helping your store grow.