eBay Connect

eBay Connect

by inkFrog, Inc

Import, export or sync your Shopify products with eBay.

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Most buggy piece of software I've ever used. In the last 12 months I have emailed them over 40 times regarding issues. Not good enough for a paid app. At least they are usually quick to resolve. Unfortunately the last 3 weeks their server has been very intermittent and remains unresolved. No reply to a request for a credit considering the major disruption this has caused. I have now closed my account with them and will move over to Ebay's app which is free by the way.

Savvy Simulations

Absolutely horrible app. It listed my item for $2.50 instead of $25 resulting in dozens of sales that I had to cancel resulting in unhappy customers.

Developer reply

December 8, 2020

It sounds like a sync setting may have been set to 10% instead of 110% for eBay pricing. If you'd like some assistance with sync settings, please reach out to us at help@inkFrog.com :)

Galactic Snow Sports

Non-functioning as it was supposed to. Listing eBay seldom apply to listings. Orders do not make it to shopify. Very disappointed.

Veld Dynamic Audio

If there is any issue that actually requires them working on (you'll encounter many such issues)
They will just ignore you, close their eyes, plug their ears and wait until the problem (you) will go away.


From the beginning I never felt like the support team was actually there to support. The app also has so many issues. Variants do not sync correctly, app lags and has such long delays and no one will tell you why. You can send them an email with a list of issues and you'll get back a one liner response that doesn't answer the questions you had. I am only going to keep trying to work out the kinks since I've already spent money on this. But if you are looking for a solution to get your listings on ebay from Shopify, I HIGHLY recommend looking at other services as I should have.

****UPDATE 8-11-20 @ 12:10AM*** This is an email from Michele at Inkfrog. Even when they know their system has an issue and you request a credit for the time and money its costed you, this is what Michele @ InkFrog sent me:

Michelle (inkFrog)
August 10, 2020 10:51 PM (UTC-07:00)
Hi, Gabe.

There is a known issue with slow loading of some inkFrog accounts that the dev team is aware of and actively working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

inkFrog is not obligated to provide a credit or refund at this time - https://www.inkfrog.com/terms/

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From US (IkoinicStudios) Sales
August 10, 2020 10:29 PM (UTC-07:00)
This is all it does when I click the “live” listings under eBay. I’ve cleared my cookies, cache and all history in Safari and even used Chrome and Firefox and the issue is still the same. What’s the solution for this?

This is the approach this company takes with their paying customers. Apparently, through THIER terms of service, they can pretty much destroy your system, have system delays, and there was something about transferring of code and trojan horses in THEIR terms of service that may occur but again, they are not liable. The only thing they are liable for is to collect your monthly service charges every month. Good going Michele @InkFrog. BTW, everything I just mentioned can be found on their Terms of Service so please read those before deciding to to business with this company.

SPD Diecast

The app has a huge flaw. I use it to list my products on ebay and my buyers want to purchase multiple items which requires me to change the "require immediate purchase" default. This allows the app to cycle through the multiple items by listing them on my shopify store and then cancel them. I have had as many as 70 fake orders created by the app for an original order of 10 items, until the buyer actually completes the purchase. Very poorly designed. Messes up the store analytics and order count, etc.

On the Water Relove

This is the worst app EVER. Every month, I get charged for every Ebay fee twice because I have to pay fees on Shopify for every sale that sells on Ebay. I also got hit for double shipping fees this month. Shopify charged me for the same fees I already paid on Paypal for shipping. At $30 a month, this is a waste of money and all the time you invest in getting it set up. Not to mention, the "templates" have a huge learning curve. The free ones are ugly and the paid ones are cluttered and anything BUT elegant. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

GCS Emporium Store

Update 19 October 2020 - This product has gotten worse. Since my earlier post in August and the initial one in July the software has continued to be buggy. A fix was put in last week, after about 4 months i think of the issue being present where there are timing delays from when you get a sale in eBay to when your shopify store gets updated. Its not fixed and im still experiencing delays. The order can come in anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours later. It poses policy issues for ebay because i sell in multiple channels and if i sell the item in shopify while its actually been sold in ebay but shopify doesn't know it i run into major problems. As of today their servers are down and i cant list. Its an extension of the sync issues i think. I have stock to list on ebay that i cant list through inkfrog! They have now put my sales at risk. They do not compensate as per their policy. Their listing templates are still broken. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. IT DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY and will create more problems for you.
Given the effort to migrate to a new platform and redo my templates i am staying on the tool until December when i am shutting more ebay store over the hoilidays and will do a full migration to a new platform then and relist with a product that works. My initial review in August 2020 - Does both custom fields and templates. Better than the ebay and ebay link apps. Tried both. No good. I was SO Happy with this product when is started using it. Through Mid July 2020 and into August alot of bugs started. Sync issues. Then the BIG ONE - the templates stopped working. Once published they couldn't be centrally updated any more. I ran into legal issues with my pricing and listings not being updated and hand to manually adjust every listing - i have over 50 listings. Why use templates if you plan to manage each one individually. They have not provided a timeline to fix the issue and refuse to credit or refund me the cost of the template subscription. Now i am stuck with this due to the massive cost to move to a new provider and start all over again. it's really frustrating. i just want the templates to work again :( Go back to what you were doing in June 2020 the product was so good then.

Swing Design

UPDATE: App continues to duplicate orders in shopify. We lost 5k in dupe shipped orders in 1 day!! Do not use this app, it creates duplicate orders and has server glitches. We just discovered that we lost several thousand dollars due to duplicate orders created by Inkfrog in Shopify. Not safe to use, unless you manually check each order to ebay and paypal before shipment.


We now have a new issue with Inkfrog: It created hundreds of duplicates of some order because of a linking issue with their software (as mentioned by their customer service, not due to our fault - we have the transcript of this of course). Therefore, we now have 161 false orders that are completely unbalancing our financial reports (and forcing us to pay taxes for sales we haven't made) and now require manual cancelling, a task of many hours.
Inkfrog refuses to compensate us for that, even if they admit to the fault.
If you'd like to pay 20$ a month for a service that will cause you trouble because it just doesn't work: we totally recommend Inkfrog.
If you are looking for an easy solution to sell on ebay without any issues, keep looking and please, let us know what software you use because we won't be using Inkfrog anymore!

Previous Review:
We used their app for a while and starting a few months ago, we started receiving issues with sales on ebay not being pushed to Shopify: this created many inventory errors that we had to deal with. We've been in contact with customer support for days now and nobody is answering our questions. They gave us solution, that do not work (force synch orders, but force synch doesn't work because inkfrog says that the products are not linked to Shopify and of course... when you go see the product, everything is well linked) and all we get is ridiculous messages telling us that they "Pushed order #xxxx to Shopify", which is useless since we get 3 to 10 errors like these every days - what do you expect us to do, write to you 10 times a day so you can synch our orders?
Their customer support is a mess and your messages get transferred to one person to another and no follow up is done. The promise of this software was very high for us and the options seem fine, but IT SIMPLY DOESN'T WORK and nobody at Inkfrog has any idea what is going on.
After a week of terrible customer support, we will now invest our time into making a proper complaint to Shopify directly instead of being send ridiculous replies.

Developer reply

April 27, 2020

RetroMTL, I'm sorry you're running into these issues with syncing. I took a look at a few support tickets you had with our team regarding order sync. I believe I may have found the problem. On Shopify, there are products listed with a single variant yet on eBay these products have no variants. So when the order arrives from eBay, inkFrog is trying to sync to a product on Shopify that is set up differently than eBay, which is causing the sync to fail. I can't say for 100% certainty that this is the issue, but it is what I'm seeing at this point. I'll respond to your most recent support ticket with our team to continue with this investigation.

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