eBay Connect

eBay Connect

by inkFrog, Inc

Import, export or sync your Shopify products with eBay.

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Swing Design

Do not use this app, it creates duplicate orders and has server glitches. We just discovered that we lost several thousand dollars due to duplicate orders created by Inkfrog in Shopify.
Not safe to use, unless you manually check each order to ebay and paypal before shipment.


We now have a new issue with Inkfrog: It created hundreds of duplicates of some order because of a linking issue with their software (as mentioned by their customer service, not due to our fault - we have the transcript of this of course). Therefore, we now have 161 false orders that are completely unbalancing our financial reports (and forcing us to pay taxes for sales we haven't made) and now require manual cancelling, a task of many hours.
Inkfrog refuses to compensate us for that, even if they admit to the fault.
If you'd like to pay 20$ a month for a service that will cause you trouble because it just doesn't work: we totally recommend Inkfrog.
If you are looking for an easy solution to sell on ebay without any issues, keep looking and please, let us know what software you use because we won't be using Inkfrog anymore!

Previous Review:
We used their app for a while and starting a few months ago, we started receiving issues with sales on ebay not being pushed to Shopify: this created many inventory errors that we had to deal with. We've been in contact with customer support for days now and nobody is answering our questions. They gave us solution, that do not work (force synch orders, but force synch doesn't work because inkfrog says that the products are not linked to Shopify and of course... when you go see the product, everything is well linked) and all we get is ridiculous messages telling us that they "Pushed order #xxxx to Shopify", which is useless since we get 3 to 10 errors like these every days - what do you expect us to do, write to you 10 times a day so you can synch our orders?
Their customer support is a mess and your messages get transferred to one person to another and no follow up is done. The promise of this software was very high for us and the options seem fine, but IT SIMPLY DOESN'T WORK and nobody at Inkfrog has any idea what is going on.
After a week of terrible customer support, we will now invest our time into making a proper complaint to Shopify directly instead of being send ridiculous replies.

Developer reply

April 27, 2020

RetroMTL, I'm sorry you're running into these issues with syncing. I took a look at a few support tickets you had with our team regarding order sync. I believe I may have found the problem. On Shopify, there are products listed with a single variant yet on eBay these products have no variants. So when the order arrives from eBay, inkFrog is trying to sync to a product on Shopify that is set up differently than eBay, which is causing the sync to fail. I can't say for 100% certainty that this is the issue, but it is what I'm seeing at this point. I'll respond to your most recent support ticket with our team to continue with this investigation.

RPM Euro Parts

If I could give it 0 starts I would. The support team, as reported by others, is the absolute worst. They are rude, indignant and offer no solutions other than "fix it yourself". My support question was answered with "Please dont email and message us." instead of "Good morning, I would be happy to look into that for you." or "Give me a moment while I look into your issue." (Customer Service persons: Marcella and Marie). Secondly they add their own hyperlink and logo to all of your eBay listings. I've been told this is an eBay problem and I should fix it myself manually deleting it one by one on all 6600+ listings on my store. This hyperlink and logo is against ebay policy and can cause one's account to be flagged and removed by eBay and exists within the programming on their site. Given that they are receiving a monthly fee there is no reason for inkFrog to add this to their customer's listings. It's a parasitic practice. Syncing accounts does not work correctly, takes over 24 hours, has to be run several times in order to get all products captured and still does not capture product categories or all product info. This app is more trouble than it is worth for $30/month.

*Review Update April 21, 2020: The Customer Care team has advised their product does not have the functionality that it did have previously. Product sub categories at one time populated with the product when migrating the listing from Ebay to Shopify. When those sub categories abruptly disappeared it cut the functionality of all of my menus. inkFrog's reply is that the product does not have that functionality and offered no solution. This confirmed for me that their product is far more hassel than it is worth and can potentially cause major issues with one's ecommerce site. AVOID AT ALL COSTS or believe me it will end up costing you.

Developer reply

April 23, 2020

RPM Euro Parts, we've reached out to you directly to address the issues you've had when using the app. I apologize for the frustration you've experienced and hope that you will allow us to assist in resolving the problems. The export option to Shopify is still in beta and if there's a problem with it, we'd appreciate hearing more.


Could be amazing but the amount of time wasted on this app has made me grey. They embed their link on each listing that violates ebay policy so your listings cant be live .. ARRR

Developer reply

April 23, 2020

PlantsToday -- Thanks for the review and bringing this up. We do attach a link to eBay listings, which does not violate eBay's terms. Once the account is on a paid plan in inkFrog, the option to turn off the marketing is available and once turned off, it will be removed automatically from existing and future listings. If you're still experiencing a problem with something in the listings violating eBay policies, please respond to our most recent email sent you to offering additional assistance :)


LIARS!!!! I have been a customer for years. I used their app on 3 sites. On a routine import Inkfrog mixed up all the images so the items in inkfrog had the wrong item. I tried to work with them. I had to get shopify involved. Shopify proved to them that I never changed the images. They refused to acknowledge it was their mistake. Their customer service is the most RUDE and ARROGANT and its not a language thing, they are American. Their goal with customer service is to confuse you and frustrate you until you drop the issue. I have never written a negative review on shopify before for an app. Sometimes the App works but there is no company I would wish to go out of business more than EBAY Connect/Inkfrog. Use them only as a last resort. I'll remove this if they apologize and admit they lied which they have.

Best Buy Deals Global

Useless app! Codisto did a far better job for me. Read my copied conversation withAshley from Inkfrog:
Ashley profile
2:56 pm in San Tan Valley, US
Ashley profile
Guys can you check your app itys not listing to ebay well!
Operator profile
inkFrog typically replies in under 5m.
Ashley profile
Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Are you experiencing errors when listing? Any additional clarification will help us identify what is happening in the account.

no your app wont list
i can list 500 products
Ashley profile
Let me take a quick look. Just a few moments please.
Ashley profile
When using this item as an example: https://open.inkfrog.com/listings/edit/30402829 , the error is due to many item specifics not being added. eBay made some updates where some item specifics are now required to be filled out for each product. I have bolded each item specific that is required:
The item specific Department is missing. Add Department to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again. The item specific Inside Leg is missing. Add Inside Leg to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again. The item specific Style is missing. Add Style to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again. The item specific Material is missing. Add Material to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again. The item specific Closure is missing. Add Closure to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again. The item specific Rise is missing. Add Rise to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again. The item specific Size Type is missing. Add Size Type to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again. The item specific Vintage is missing. Add Vintage to this listing, enter a valid value and then try again.
you must be kidding me
everything is on the product from my shop
i guess your app aint worth paying, need to look for another app
9:56 pm
37m ago. Seen
Just deleted the app soon after submitting review!

BOROPBY - Japanese Fashion & Lifestyle

Terrible customer service.
I want to change the app..
Quick response but just sent templates.
I can't recommend


The experience with Inkfrog is more of a glass half empty than half full. In general documentation is not clear. The connection between Ebay and Shopify is not intuitive (it seems it is until you realize Inkfrog is importing listings that are out of stock on Ebay as in stock to Shopify) and quite often it takes a lot of trial and error to understand where you need to change information so that it updates in the other places. Sometimes we felt settings were in weird places and/or were hard to find (in particular the one for disableing Inkfrog logo in your listings).
Some major tools missing: no way to bulk edit Ebay descriptions, no automatic listing for same object in different Ebay Markets (we would have thought that was a given by now...).
If you have a small store and can manage to do a lot of things manually, Inkfrog is ok, but if you have many listings and need some automatisation, I would not recommend Inkfrog.

Developer reply

September 26, 2019

Thank you for your review Jumajo. We have taken note of your feedback and will discuss it with our developers.

House of Dasein Kink Toys and Apparel

Does not sync images with shopify and no BULK edit or CSV for images!!!!! you must do each manually!

Developer reply

September 26, 2019

House of Dasein, inkFrog does not sync image changes done in Shopify after the initial import of the products into the inkFrog software. During the initial import, the images are imported from the store. We don't have the option available to import image changes nor edit images using a CSV (though you can update the listing otherwise, using a CSV file). This review is based on something we don't offer and don't claim to offer but I will submit the suggestion for these types of updates to our developers for consideration in future software updates. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback/suggestions.

Exotic Bear

This is a poor app. Not user friendly. No real integration w an ebay store but the app is listing products somewhere ?????? Where?

Developer reply

September 26, 2019

Exotic Bear please reach out to us at help@inkFrog.com and we'd be happy to assist. inkFrog lists to eBay as well as your eBay store. The store category selections are available in the edit listing page within the inkFrog software.

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