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Shopify to eBay in Minutes. Export or import eBay or Amazon.

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Asylum Toys

So, everything started well. Integration was perfect. Listing templates were basic but functional and cross platform management was seamless. That was until I start selling multiple quantity items.

The moment I sold an item on eBay and the app updated the quantity for that product on my website, it would, for some reason, revert the price of the item on ebay back to the price listed on my website, which in every case was lower than my eBay listing price.

This would happen even after going back in to the listing manually to readjust the pricing.

Due to this, over the span of a month, I lost more in profit than the app costs to sub. Not good business practice. Therefore I have now cancelled my subscription and deleted the app. If this wasn't the case I would gladly keep using the app. However, this major bug made it unviable to continue using it for my purposes.

Developer reply

April 11, 2019

Your review is very concerning since we've not heard of this type of issue occurring previously when using inkFrog. It sounds like it could have been a case of sync settings not being set up to do what you had expected.

If you'd like to give it another try, we can get you set up with a one on one meeting with a member of our support team to be sure the settings are set up to do what you want, and offer another free trial to get you going again. Please reach out to me directly at or our team at if you'd like to take advantage of the trial offer and give it another go :)

I have been using this App for several years. However, in the recent months, I am having issues with importing products from Shopify to Inkfrog. It takes a long time to import, sometimes gives error and have to try multiple times to succeed and sometimes have to wait hours until it works. Before it wasn't like this. It was fast.

Developer reply

March 27, 2019

Your review is very concerning to us. We would appreciate it if you would contact our customer care team by emailing with more detail about your recent experience.

Woodchucks Wood

I started out with doubts, but am happy now. I linked this app to my Shopify account, in order to get access to my eBay messages. It looked like inkFrog supported that feature, but only the ebay message headers would import, and any graphical links were omitted. I sent inkFrog support a message, and they had it completely fixed in about 2 days. However, they did respond to me, in about 5 minutes. Their support is top notch. They always get back to me, in about 3 to 5 minutes, with an answer...even on the weekends.

However, today (2/1/19), I tried to turn on the feature for inkFrog to auto send feedback to eBay, and even tho their help file shows how to do it, that feature is missing from the app. I sent the complaint to inkFrog, just before writing this, 3 minutes later, I get a reply from them telling me that this feature isn't included in the "Basic" plan. I need to have the "Unlimited" or "Designer" plan. Even tho that was made clear to me, before purchase, I did not see that, and I feel that omission to the Basic plan, is in very poor taste. I will augment this review to 5 stars, if anything changes....

Sinclair Games

Not a bad app. It is slow to sync orders and quantities. It will also occasionally fail to sync orders and quantities. You have to watch your ebay inventory levels. It does allow you to make some nice listing templates. It also makes listing items very easy. If you sell internationally it is a complete nightmare.


Too hard, just wouldnt work for me

Petunia Pines Co

I ended up deleting this app because it was becoming more of a pain than help. I tried for quite some time to make it work and several attempts with support. Support did respond quickly which was nice, but they provided very "by the book" not helpful answers. I already didn't understand what to do and they would respond with eBay lingo and terms that continued to make no sense. My biggest issues were inventory was NEVER syncing correctly. When I would go to import a product it would say I had for example, 5 available...however, my shopify inventory would be different. If I didn't know exactly how much I had of something, I could easily import all these items to eBay and not really have them. There is a lot of back end work with this app still and I don't feel confident in it's abilities so I have disabled the app and I am moving on. It might be ok for more advanced eBay users, but I am pretty tech savvy and I couldn't get this to work as I wanted (not very familiar with eBay).

Garo Luxury

This APP didn't work and listing was not shown on ebay.

Bestia Dog Gear

Doesn`t display orders from time to time. Especially multi item orders don`t show up. Please fix that guys!

Spicewells 2

I'd love to give it 5 stars, but we didn't have the same joy as so many others seem to have. About 40 items fail to upload regardless of what we do.

What has uploaded seems to synchronise well but we are left with having to add stock manually as well as editing all our prices as we need to integrate P&P into the Ebay price so items are sold with 'free P&P'. There is no way to do this automatically.

Tech help/customer service has been good which is a saving grace but we are looking for something else that will upload all products and allow us to automatically add a fee or % to the price feed from Shopify.

Fox One Hobbies, LLC

I agree with the post below. It does not always deduct your inventory from Ebay or sync properly. I have oversold inventory at least 5 times in the last month since switching to this product!