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January 30, 2023

This app is like lifesaver gives authentic income statement and you can easily plan your discounts and margin. Linking of google ads account and auto calculation of CAC and ROAS is very cool. Must have app for all store owners.
Mitchel from customer experience was super helpful in giving clarification on my cost calculation related doubts.

Time spent using app: 2 days
January 30, 2023

Very user friendly. Great introductory call to answer questions. Just started using the app but so far so good.

shop LUX decor
Time spent using app: 7 days
January 24, 2023

Great Customer Support! If you have an issue, they get back to you quickly and never leave an email unanswered.

United States
Time spent using app: 12 days
January 17, 2023

As a small dtc brand owner, Lifetimely is a great alternative to Triple Whale. You set up your costs + integrate your paid media platforms and have an accurate view on how much money you make every day, week and month. Support is fast, reliable and friendly. 10/10

Oyo Skincare
Time spent using app: 7 months
January 11, 2023

Absolutely brilliant analytics tool!!

Love these features in particular:
1. Cohort analysis - live cohort analysis!, which can otherwise take hours and hours to put together
2. Daily P&L (and by product too) - super useful tool and is helpful for quick decision making
3. Customer Behavior Data - Helps to understand what products generate more repeat and how often customers are ordering. Gives great insight into customer purchase patterns.

Highly recommend to any and all D2C brands.

Time spent using app: About 1 month
January 6, 2023

I wish I could rate this higher than 5 stars, it is honestly my favorite app in our store. I have been running Shopify stores for the past 8 years and been waiting for this exact solution. It provides a simple daily update on our KPIs, integrates with all the necessary apps and they are continuously adding new features.

If you are looking for an app to send you a daily email on how much profit you made, this is it.

Thank you Lifetimely for working on this amazing product.

Foot Cardigan
United States
Time spent using app: 6 months
January 6, 2023

This great app saves so much time! And the customer support is amazing too. Had a really good experience with them so far!

Van Everrett
Time spent using app: 23 days
December 29, 2022

Only new to Lifetimely, but already love it. I confess to having my head in the sand about my numbers a little and feeling quite overwhelmed. But this app gets it all on the table and presents your figures back in such a brilliant and easy to digest way. Just delving into the Lifetime Customer Value section and it is so helpful. I already know this app is going to make a big difference to my profitability for 2023 and so glad to have found it, hello clarity!

The Fine Art Warehouse
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 11 days
December 19, 2022

This is a really great app. Mitchell was really helpful with assisting the set up and helping me understand how to get the most out of it. Now I use it on a daily basis.

SBTRCT Skincare
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
December 2, 2022

This app has been a game changer. Without this app, I would be running a business blind and dependent on bookkeepers and CPAs. Who are usually not focused solely on you and your business? This app shows me what I need to work on, and It shows me which spoke in my wheel is broken and how not to repeat mistakes.
And the customer service is excellent. They actually speak with you on the phone

United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year