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The Golden Dandelion

Update: I reached out by email and Laura got me all set and going! I must say they have quick customer service, even on a Friday Night.

I got the app recommendation from my Shopify APP store, I have a Shopify website, but was not approved because of a SSL certificate. Does not make much sense. Why would Shopify allow a website to be hosted without one and why would you even advertise in a Shopify App Store if you know we can't be approved??

Empress Sabbat

I just registered and got the same message I've been reading about in these low reviews.
" We received your request for approval, but at this point, we're unfortunately unable to give you full approval.
We perform comprehensive checks to determine if an account is valid and complies with our Terms of use and Anti-spam policy. Your account didn't pass this test, for now.
Your website has no or insufficient content. We require all our users to have a fully finished website.
We recommend you to update your account so it complies with our terms and policies, and then request another approval. Normally you should be fine then."
*** My website has been fully finished and functional for a long time. Insufficient content? What kind of foolishness is that?

Developer reply

October 30, 2019


Please be informed that your account is approved and you are free to use it.

Thank you!


would not allow me to fully set it up on my OWN SHOP. I confirmed it through my Gmail account but it makes you have to create a domain just to confirm AGAIN through a useless Shopify email which us unnecessary when you choose the option for you the reason why you don't have a domain it denies your request, but I been using my site for a while.

Developer reply

October 21, 2019


Your account is currently approved and you are free to use it, however, if you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at

Thank you!

They just get your subscribers list and that's all. I think its scam. My store is 5 years old what its mean please finish your website)))))i finish it 5 years))

thanks for reaching out! We could not approve your account because your website does not work. We need to check your website to see what type of content are you planning to send. Please finish your website and content us, then we'll review your website and account.

Let me know if you have more questions related to this matter!

Kind regards,

Developer reply

October 14, 2019


I am very sorry you've had a bad experience with our app, however, some accounts are not approved in order to make sure the best possible deliverability.

Your subscriber list will be deleted.

Thank you.


super app. easy to use. good support. intuitive interface. the newsletter banner can be easily integrated into the homepage via HTML. the workflows are easy to create. many explanation videos are available.

Triple Mountain Model Horses

We've been using MailerLite for almost two years, and love all its easy-to-use features. It has a really simple drag-and-drop editor so you can just drag a "building block" onto the screen to add it to your email, then add your text, images, video, products, rss feed... Pretty much anything you can think of, they have a building block for it! Colors, font, and spacing are all easily customized, too, and if you want, you can create a template that you can use over and over, just switching out text and images to refresh your campaign quickly.

You can also watch your results in near real-time with their simple report showing how many people have opened your email and how many have clicked on a link you included in it.

They have even more features that we haven't even used, all included, but even if you're just creating email broadcasts, it's well worth the money!

I've seen some reviews here complaining about the "wait time" for them to review your account before activating it. People should be THANKING them for this! They are insuring a new account isn't intending to create spam by sending to people they don't have permission to send emails to. If a spammer starts using a service, it can cause problems for other businesses that use it, by having email providers block that service or send everything from it to spam. By reviewing first, MailerLite is protecting all of us, and that's a benefit to all reputable businesses.


We love Mailer lite at couryah, we are using it to send out email marketing campaigns and we even have the option to schedule the email in a later time to match our high traffic times. Easy to use and we are very happy with the FREE plan and as we grow the company, we will certainly explore the plans to match our needs. Great Job to the team at Mailer Lite!! I would love to see more block options tho so we can get more creative with our email layout! Thanks tho! Thumbs up for sure


don't even try to install this waste of time...they are on shopify just to waste people's time & money

Developer reply

September 23, 2019


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Your account has been approved and you can start using it now.

Thank you.


1) It's so misleading that is says "free" when it obviously isn't if you have more than 2500 subscribers. 2) They have to "review" your account before sending your campaigns, and of course they charge you before hand so even if they decline your account they still get the money and you paid for a service that was of no use.

Developer reply

September 3, 2019


You can visit our pricing page for more details regarding our free and paid plans -

The review process is the usual process we follow for all accounts to ensure the best possible deliverability to our current clients. As no campaigns were sent, you can always ask for a refund.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us via live chat or at

We are sorry if this has caused you any troubles.

Thank you.


This service and app allows me at an entry level to have all the options of the more expensive Email/Automation/CRM services and to grow when I grow. Im really happy with the functionality of Mailerlite and the how to videos are awesome. Thanks Guys!

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