Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor Marketplace

by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Convert your ECommerce Store to a Fully Fledged Marketplace

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King Kong Shop 176

Don't waste your time and money with this app! Find the other alternative app. There are many hidden cost that you didn't see and your storage space will be run out fast and you will to pay more for storage. Customer service is very slow and don't know what you exactly need.


I really reccomend this app. It have a lot of features and is pretty customizable. It have some speed bug in loading the seller page but is normal because of the backend...we can't ask more.
The customer service is amazing and always replies and solve your problems! (expecially Ayush...he's the man! :) ).


The customer service is amazing. Answers provided to questions are deep and insightful. Great attention is paid to providing answers that are relevant to clients. I strongly recommend this app.

I used this to upgrade my shopify store to a market place, I am a novice I have no idea about coding, the tech support for this app was great, I have got it to work as I want, I highly recommend this app & the support behind it. Thank you to all but especially to Pooja Ishpuniyani @Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.


I used this app for my e-commerce business. It meets majority of our needs and present some really good additional in-use apps.

Mr. The Shop

We wanted to like this app, but the amount of glitches and support tickets I had to submit was beyond ridiculous. I created a folder in our emails just because there were issues all over this app. YOU NEED TO KNOW CODING TO GET THE FULL FUNCTIONALITY!!!! If they tell you otherwise it is a full-fledged LIE. At one point they kept giving me conflicting info. At first to change the color and formatting with simple clicks they said I needed to upgrade my account so I did. Then I find out that even with the upgrade I couldn’t customize it to my brand’s logo. I needed a theme html to do it. WTF is that in BASIC TERMS….AGAIN I DO NOT KNOW CODING. There should be a button I click that changes it. Simple. They send me screen shots of functions I didn’t even have even with the highest upgrade. I will say they ended up fixing the theme issue, but when I found a problem (the words were not visible because the lettering was black and so was the background), they warned me that they will fix it this time, but going forward it is a PAID service so I couldn’t ask them to change it unless I paid. I also noticed that when they changed the theme. The header disappeared unless you zoomed in just right. So I would have to tell my sellers zoom in just right to see all the options?? It should just be there.

The postal options are limited. The sellers cannot post the amount for shipping. Also, to do so you need to upgrade (which I did) and add a UPS app. What if the seller uses USPS or Fed-Ex? No option for that. The other services for mail are outside the US so they are useless. Also, since the support team is outside the US the response will be a weird times. It took me 3 months to get it somewhat functional and close to how I want it but I found more glitches today so I am totally done with this app. I deleted it after so many months dealing with support and customizing it. It is just not worth it. It is so not worth it that we CHANGED OUR BUSINESS MODEL. So disappointed that this app gets someone’s hopes up only for it to be too difficult to use.

In short this app is not user friendly, everything you need requires the highest upgrade and paid services get it how you want it, it takes too long to customize.

Gifted Local

I have been using this app for approx 6 months and highly recommend it. I think the customer service is excellent - I had a real issue a few weeks ago and they sorted it out extremely quickly and even offered a work around to fix the problem in the short term.


We had a few issues setting up but support was responsive in terms of fixing any bugs. I recommend having a copy of your theme before making major changed with the app. Doing this helps support greatly in terms of pointing out where any issues arise. But the app is great, it really is sth my vendors have enjoyed using and I recommend it 100%


I like the app and all the add ons you can get for it.
I think the ones who write the bad reviews never have had a actual quote on what a Marketplace with all those function actually cost. You will easily end up paying 100K. With only basic functions. With API connectors for all the shop systems will cost you at least 20K again in dev. And then the 200-500€ if you activate all the apps does not seem so bad, does it?
Of course it is not the easiest app to use. But still for what it is I like it!


Edited *previous issue was addressed*

Following remain:

Stripe Connect setup does NOT work (in order to auto payout sellers for orders) and we keep getting generic answers and a run around. This is now week 3 and multiple attempts to setup stripe Connect (paying for the 'feature app the whole time) and we keep getting referred to walkthroughs.

Webkul has blown up my inbox with 300 emails in a day, locking me out of sending emails from GMAIL. Slow slow replies on customer support tickets too...(How to fix this? Set an option for emails to be summarized in daily single emails instead of 200 new emails everytime someone adds 200 new items as a seller)

After apps etc, it was more about $200-400 a month than the price listed, all the apps inside are needed for basic functions like shipping.

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