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Merchants highly recommend this print-on-demand service for its consistent quality, flexibility, and superior customer service. It integrates smoothly with e-commerce platforms and offers unique features like sleeve prints, private label branding, and white-label packaging. The service handles all logistics, from printing to shipping, ensuring quality control. Its design editor is advanced and offers free mockups. Merchants appreciate the responsive customer support, competitive base pricing, and potential for increased profit margins with a subscription.

April 15, 2021

Used to be decent quality and quick reliable shipping, now you can't choose where to ship the product from. A customer in the US ordered a t-shirt that was supposed to arrive within a week and for some reason it is shipping from Latvia and is taking a month! I'd rather dropship from China, it won't take that long and will cost much less.

Nation Love
United States
Almost 5 years using the app
Printful replied April 16, 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback! We're very sorry your experience using our services hasn't been the best!

Our system automatically routes the order to the fulfillment center that can fulfill the order the most efficiently based on product and stock availability, a destination address, and other factors.
We will route orders to the EU facilities if the product is not available in the US. You can always see where the product is stocked via its product page > availability.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Please feel free to reach us at feedback@printful.com if you have any additional questions or anything else!

- Elina

November 9, 2020

Terrible service with basic printing. Multiple times I've had my orders left waiting for over two weeks. When I asked for reimbursement, I was denied. If you use this app, be prepared to lose customers and not be reimbursed for unshipped orders.

Fort Runwoodie
United States
Over 4 years using the app
Printful replied November 10, 2020

Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry to hear your orders encountered fulfillment delays. I was able to find that your order experienced a stock delay, therefore, the fulfillment has started later than expected. It is true that we are still experiencing some restocking delays and stock shortages caused by Covid-19, but the situation is steadily improving.
If something is out of stock for longer than expected, we'd send you a notification about it, asking if you'd like to wait or switch to an alternative. If the fulfillment hasn't started you can cancel the order from your Dashboard.

As a courtesy, we have issued a shipping refund back to your Printful Wallet, in the Billing section.

Again, our sincere apologies for the delay with your order fulfillment and any inconvenience this has caused you!

If you have any additonal questions, feedback, or anything else please let us know at feedback@printful.com


August 9, 2020

I used this app for almost two years during which time it was getting worse and less competitive all the time.

Good print quality
Easy to use interface
Fairly good selection of products

Arbitrary and incoherent content policy
Inconsistent and often slow turnaround times (even before Covid-19)
Slow and mostly unhelpful customer service
They are among the most expensive pod platforms

Revolt Noir
Over 4 years using the app
Printful replied August 17, 2020

Thank you for your review and for sharing your experience with us, we truly appreciate it. We're glad to hear that you have been enjoying some of our services so far, we hope your experience only improves moving forward!

Due to the increased email volume during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were seeing longer Customer Support response times. Our Customer Support team has worked diligently to make sure each inquiry has been responded to as fast as possible. As of right now, our response time is about one day. We're also starting to expand our chat availability to resume 24/7 live support in the near future.

We completely understand how frustrating the fulfillment delays are. Covid-19 global pandemic affected us the same as all other businesses out there. Our main goal was to keep providing our customers with the products, although various restrictions in place and social distancing measures made It very difficult to keep our regular 2-7 business day time frame. We also didn’t expect such a high order volume at this time of the year. Our fulfillment times are nearly back to normal, please follow any fulfillment updates on the Covid-19 page. Our goal is to offer faster fulfillment times in the future.

We’re sorry to hear that you encountered some issue with having your order printed. If a design doesn't follow our acceptable content guidelines (see here https://www.printful.com/policies/content-guidelines ), we reserve the right to decline the printing of the design. While we may not notice the infringing content right away in every order, it is the user's responsibility to provide material that follows our guidelines. We are working on improving our resources and team to make sure that infringing material is detected as soon as possible.

Regarding the prices, we understand where you're coming from- we're not the most affordable POD drop shipper on the market.
However, we believe that with our prices, we offer more value to our customers – in terms of product quality, customer support, and extra services (design services, warehousing). Product prices also reflect more than the cost of printing they also help to cover such features as our mockup generator, the graphics pre-flighting, the integration with different e-commerce platforms.

We do try to lower our prices when we can! We also try to offer a range of brands and prices so you can go for the more budget-friendly products if you prefer. We realize that the prices we offer might not be for everyone, however, we consider them fair taking into account all of our services.

In case there's anything else you'd like to share about your experience with us or if you have any questions, surely let us know at feedback@printful.com we'd love to hear from you!


Edited December 7, 2020

Honestly, I'm considering switching POD suppliers. I understand delays happen and especially this year, but their fulfillment estimates should be updated to reflect that. Customer service is one of my top priorities but I don't want to expand my POD product line if I can't give customers reasonable shipping estimates. They need to vet their Backup facilities better or hold them to higher standards. We should be able to get a relatively firm fulfillment time on products to tell out customers. For example current phone case fulfillment is supposed to be 2-5 days. I have orders made recently in the last few days that have been fulfilled and shipped without problem, but then am having to constantly chase an order made weeks ago that is now double that deadline and they can't tell me why it isn't fulfilled or when it should be. Exactly how would you like me to convey to my customer they they were the random unlucky order that got sent to a possibly poorly run or disorganized or overworked backup facility and now there's no clue when they might receive their order and no timeline information being communicated to give them? That's not acceptable Printful. My #1 priority with POD is that you fulfill and ship within the timeframe you estimate or at least reasonably close to that or at the bare minimum can explain how backed up you are. EDITING TO update: Two days later, dozens of chats and messages over the last few weeks and STILL no shipment. Beware anyone who likes to ship things to customers in a timely manner. (Or at least give the customer some sort of a timeline)

United States
About 4 years using the app
Printful replied December 7, 2020

Hey there,

Update, 12/09/2020:
We're sorry to see the order is still delayed at our backup facility. Our teams are closely communicating to help you get this order out as soon as possible. We have also issued a full refund for this order back to you for all the inconvenience this has caused you!

Thank you for sharing your review with us! We are sorry to hear your order experienced a fulfillment delay. During these times, we cannot guarantee a set date on when your orders will go out based on the fulfillment facility, order queues, stock availability, and so on. Our fulfillment estimates are subject to change, but we'll do our best to advise our customers as much as we can.

We see you have been in close contact with our support team in relations to this particular order. It seems that this is a unique case and you should not expect your orders to be delayed this much. We hope to resolve this as soon as possible!


Edited August 3, 2019

I like what they are doing, HOWEVER I would love to see more BLACK and plus size models. That's my only concern here. I would like to see all races. When I was chatting with someone on printful all the could do was recommend me to go elsewhere to find people of color (THAT WAS THE TERMINOLOGY THAT WAS USED. smh. A little disappointed. A big change is need here. Thank you!

The revised the post and the original response they gave me.

Be Pretty Not Petty Apparel
United States
Almost 4 years using the app
Printful replied August 3, 2019

Thank you for your review, we appreciate hearing from you!

We're truly sorry to see that you have encountered these concerns with our services.
I wanted to let you know that we do have diverse mockup models on quite a few of our products. You'll be able to see this when browsing products in our product catalog here: https://www.printful.com/custom-products

We are also working on adding even more diverse mockups to our catalog in the future.
Feel free to reach out to us at feedback@printful.com, if you have any additional feedback, as well as any questions or concerns!

- Vita

Edited April 25, 2018

This is so frustrating. The app is very nice to use, products and printing quality are great, pricing just ok but shipping times are way too slow from EU to EU. 19 days to get a sample. I unfortunately cannot work with printful at this stage.

Freire Trade
Over 3 years using the app
May 11, 2020

I have had a really poor experience with this company, from long shipping times (though I paid for 3-7 days; I am waiting still up to a month for one of my items) to poor communication (the chat is always disabled and when i am able to reach someone, there seems to be a disconnect or miscommunication about what I am asking. Even with a simple inquiry (where are my items? When Can I expect them? Why was I charged for shipping?) On top of that they have just discontinued an item that I have just purchased a sample of and pushed to my store. So basically all of this run around trying to place an order and actually receive it, was for nothing as the item has now been discontinued. I don't know, for such a huge brand, I guess I expected more. Disappointed.

Crowned With Grace Boutique
United States
About 3 years using the app
Printful replied May 13, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're very sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn't been the most positive, but we hope we can improve it moving forward!

Due to the global situation with Covid-19, also our fulfillment facilities are affected. As some of our facilities are working at limited capacity and we are seeing a larger order volume, the fulfillment timeframes have extended. We kindly recommend following our Covid-19 related updates as well as the estimated fulfillment timeframes for our products on this page https://www.printful.com/covid-19. Additionally, because the pandemic is affecting industries across the globe, delivery delays are also expected. We are working diligently to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible!

Regarding an item being discontinued - we understand that having an item discontinued is not a pleasant occurrence and it is a tough decision to discontinue an item for us as well. Products can be discontinued due to low demand, quality or stock issues, and by discontinuing such products, we can work on adding better items in the future.

I also wanted to note that I am very sorry to learn that you have encountered some communication difficulties with our customer support team. It is important that our team provides correct and complete information to all your inquiries, and we will be review the quality of the interactions you've had with our team to ensure our standards of quality are met.

Thank you again for your review, we appreciate learning about your experience with our services and how we can improve! I will follow-up with you via email shortly in regards to your order as well as the communication with our customer service team!

- Zana

Edited June 28, 2020

Disappointed with the turnaround time for producing and shipping shirts... I have had orders sitting since June 6th it is not June 28th and still waiting for fulfillment.

(1 star because i know they can do better...but maybe they are choosing not to)

Yes, people are aware of the COVID-19 delay but several businesses are being held up or have come to a stand still waiting on Printful to get their shipping options together. The is bad business and we are currently shopping for a new Vendor...

I am a manager at a fulfillment center. COVID has cause us to be 10 times busier and we have only experienced a noticeable delay of ONE day for certain items....so a 4-6 week delay in printing a tee shirt is un-excusable.

United States
About 3 years using the app
Printful replied June 30, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're sorry that the orders are taking a longer time to be fulfilled! We are experiencing longer production times due to the situation with Covid-19 and an unexpectedly high order volume at this time of year. The order volume we have been seeing at this time is comparable to Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and with the various restrictions and limitations in place to keep workers healthy and safe, some products are taking more time to be fulfilled. By temporarily disabling sample orders and some products in the product push, we are already seeing improvements in fulfillment time for the most affected product categories.

We understand that these delays are not pleasant for our users and we sincerely apologize for them. We are working diligently to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible and we hope to return to our normal fulfillment times very soon!

If there's anything we can help with or if there's anything else you'd like to share about your time with us, let us know at feedback@printful.com!

- Zana

Edited January 5, 2021

Good integration with Shopify but no support. I'm a new customer and all I get when I click on the chat icon is a list of links. 24/7 customer support?

United States
About 3 years using the app
Printful replied January 6, 2021

Hi there!

We're very sorry your experience using our services hasn't been the best!

We try to be available in chat 24/7, though some hours can be more crowded than others and also delay our replies. If you have any questions feel free to email us at support@printful.com or check the availability of the chat button.

We do want to make sure that we provide you with the most elaborate information and answers and customer care is one of our top priorities. We appreciate your feedback in this regard and will use it to improve our services moving forward.

Please feel free to reach out to us at feedback@printful.com, if you have any additional feedback, as well as any questions or concerns!

- Elina

June 29, 2022

app farraginosa, dovrebbe essere semplificata. I prezzi non sono chiari e risultano sempre troppo alti con perdite per il venditore

Earth Thanks
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
Printful replied June 29, 2022


Grazie per la tua recensione! Apprezziamo davvero il tuo feedback onesto.

Facciamo del nostro meglio per offrire prezzi equi e accessibili a tutti.
Sebbene i nostri prezzi possano sembrare un po' alti, confidiamo che, insieme ai servizi e ai prodotti di qualità che forniamo, sia un buon investimento nel complesso I prezzi dei prodotti ci consentono di garantire e migliorare costantemente i nostri servizi, le opzioni dei prodotti, offrire assistenza tecnica e clienti , alcuni altri bei tocchi come le opzioni di branding per i documenti di trasporto e altri servizi. Lavoriamo sempre per abbassare i prezzi dei nostri prodotti, ove possibile, mantenendone ovviamente la qualità.

Puoi vedere il prezzo del prodotto visualizzando i prodotti nel nostro catalogo così come quando finisci il tuo design e spingi il prodotto nel tuo negozio. Se qualcosa manca o non è chiaro, scrivi gentilmente a support@printful.com e il nostro Team sarà lieto di consigliarti ulteriormente! :)


Thanks for your review! We truly appreciate your honest feedback.

We do our best to offer fair and accessible pricing for everyone.
While our prices might seem a bit high, we trust that, along with the services and the quality products we provide, it’s an overall good investment The product prices allow us to ensure and constantly improve our services, product options, offer technical and customer support, some other nice touches like branding options for your packing slips and other services. We are always working on lowering our product prices, where possible, while still retaining their quality, of course.

You can see the product pricing by viewing the products in our catalog as well as when you finish your design and push the product to your store. If something's missing or unclear, please kindly write to support@printful.com and our Team will be happy to further advise! :)