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July 19, 2022

This app is great for adding extra product options, but be AWARE that it will conflict with so many other apps. It's a good option, but unfortunately we feel this isn't worth the hassle of constantly trying to troubleshoot it working with other apps.

Kerrisdale Lumber Home
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years replied August 12, 2022

I would like to express my sincerest apologies due to the poor experience you had with our app. Your feedback is much appreciated in order to improve the quality of our applications and service in general. Thank you for reaching out to us and if we can assist you in future, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

April 20, 2022

I have had a few issues with the app. 1. does not allow you to use special characters such as an apostrophe. This doesn't look professional on my website.
2. There was an issue with this app, which prevented customers being able to check out on my site for 4 days! Took 3 days to hear from support. When they finally got back to me, the issue was conveniently gone and they claimed they did nothing to fix it and they had no idea what i was talking about 3. Occasionally the product options do not show on my site, so customers place an order without being able to select their preferences. This interferes with having a seamless customer experience. 4. The inventory control didn't work for me and support was not helpful when I reached out

Time spent using app: 8 months replied April 27, 2022

Hi there!
Thank you for leaving us your valuable feedback.
To answer your first concern I want you to understand that the reason why our application doesn't support the special characters such as (') inverted comma, (") double inverted comma, etc is that it conflicts with the coding language of the application. The inverted commas are used in the coding structure to define the values.
We are sorry the service was not up to your standard, we will surely be happy to help you with any of the issues you are having.

March 8, 2022

Disappointing! For the price you cannot add via product tag, doesn't work with ajax cart and buy now buttons. Can't duplicate option sets. Date picker is not a date picker it's a text field. Adding options and then option sets is a tedious task. Other apps that use this workflow allow you to add options when creating option sets. Positive was the support was helpful and fast.

Gift Moments
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 29 days replied March 11, 2022

Hi there!
Thank you for taking the time to write us your valuable feedback.
I want to inform you we are working on quick solutions for the problems you mentioned in your review.
The date picker and product tag will be added to the list of things we should improve.
Duplicate option sets are currently in the works
We are very sorry you had to experience these issues and we hope you will give us another chance once we fix everything.

November 5, 2021

This app worked on the old plan I had, then I was upgraded and couldn't go back, so now it costs more. It doesn't fit well on the product page either, we had to write custom css to format it. I use hardly any of the "pro" features. It was a lot of work to set up, but I'm looking for an alternative.

Northside Flower Market
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years replied January 5, 2022

Thank you for your review.
We are sorry that our app did not meet your expectations.
If you need any help regarding setup or customization please contact us at

Edited July 29, 2021

How can I add option sets to 2000 products just by using their tag ?
Do I have to select them one by one ?
Do you have any workaround for this task ?
This app is functional but not useful for our case.

Giftshop Custom
United States
Time spent using app: 2 days replied January 13, 2022

Hi there! We are sorry you are having problems setting up our app.
Kindly contact our exeptional support team at
I am sure they will be able to help you.

May 28, 2021

works very badly (we do not know which product is selected with the color charts, the selection border no longer appears...), I was going to buy it ... I will abstain.

Time spent using app: About 2 months replied January 5, 2022

Thank you for your feedback.
We are very sorry that our app did not meet your expectations.
If you need any help in the future please contact us at

November 12, 2020

I am using this app urgently. As a customer, I will not operate it at all after installation. If I can provide a video, I think you will have more users

Time spent using app: About 1 hour replied January 5, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your review.
Our Experience team is standing by at all times to help you with any queries that you have.

October 24, 2020

Well, this app was unable to cater to my needs. So the app claims that it can have infinite variants. This is not entirely true. This app just adds some virtual options to the frontend so virtually you would have unlimited variants. But it doesn't actually solve the 100 variant limitation on Shopify. On my store, there was an issue where their virtual variant and Shopify default variant BOTH will add to the cart when the 'add to cart' button is pressed. So a customer would have to pay twice the price. I have wasted almost 2 weeks with this app and not get my requirements done. I am not entirely blaming them though, they tried to make it work. They provided support, it's just that this app was not capable of actually solving the 100 variant issue. I recommend anyone who has the same issue, to try out an app called "Product Variant Reloaded". That app is the PERFECT solution and they set up everything on my store in just 1 single day.

Arcane Magic Sneakers
Sri Lanka
Time spent using app: 9 days replied January 13, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to write us your valuable feedback.
All that you said above will be added to our improvement list and added to the app in the future.

October 8, 2020

It's all good to add item line properties onto the product pages. A huge problem is that Shopify cannot export this piece of information in order csv. So, pretty much useless in the end. No one can fill in manually per order. And I don't think people including me want to to pay that much for the export apps you suggested. Too expensive in the end.

Cream Japan
Hong Kong SAR
Time spent using app: About 8 hours replied January 5, 2022

Hi there!
We appreciate your feedback as our brand is built upon it.
We will surely add this to our improvements list and hopefully it will be added in the future.

August 16, 2020

I used this app to gather personalization details and photos for custom party favors. It worked well for a while, then all of a sudden, it would not include uploaded photos to orders. When I contacted support, they "fixed" the issue (but broke my mobile view). I tested it out on the computer and it seemed to work. BUT to find out there "fix" disabled my mobile menu and search bar, leaving my website useless for mobile buyers and if you did add a personalized listing to the cart it would change the qty to 2 automatically instead of one, this only occurred with listings with option sets connected to it. I've since, uninstalled and will be looking for an alternative solution.

Party Treatment
United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year replied January 18, 2022

Thank you for your valuable feedback!
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and that our app did not make up to your expectations.