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The Grate Crate

When I first opened my online store with Shopify, I came across the SEO Manager Integration... and I had no idea what it was. After some intense Googling (Which is also how I learned how to raise my!) I realized I needed this SEO Magic! So I dove right in! From their videos, testimonials and hands on practice and more googling... I understand how this is such a wonderful and necessary tool! SEO Manager got me from being an infant learning to crawl type of online store... to a full fledged running and hurdling toddler with long legs! I will always have alot to learn, but thank you so much SEO Manager and all your speedy support! I thank you... my family thanks you... and my hurdling at full speed toddler online store The Grate Crate Thanks you!

Wild Blossoms

Excellent app for SEO with lots of great features and the best support team who quickly help with any questions.

Lux Nightwear

Great App SEO power tool! Make my store work more efficiently and effectively. Excellent Service support.

brush brooms

Had some troubles trying to edit my code on my own. The suport team came to the rescue and helped me out within minutes.. Cant wait to start selling.

Riverside Water Polo

We're new to managing our site on our own. Becca helped me understand what SEO is, and why it's important. We're very happy with how the App has helped so far!

A Girl's Best Friend Hair Co.

deleted the app a while ago and still getting charged for it. Just reached out to shopify hopefully I get my refund shortly. =(

Developer reply

November 8, 2019


I wanted to touch base with you regarding this review as you were working with us behind the scenes to turn this negative experience into a positive one.
At venntov we take a lot of pride in giving excellent customer experiences, and I know you have not had one and I want to make that right.

From my understanding, you got the refund you requested. What else can we do to make this a positive experience?

Best regards,

Rhian Beutler

Petits Rituels

I am removing the app for 2 reasons. 1) It's a paid service, I expect them to reply to my emails, they don't. They will reply once, and as they don't answer my initial question, I'll email them again. They have never replied and this has happened a few times 2) All they do is pull in different information from different sources into a dashboard, so you could do it yourself for free. It's great if you don't have a clue about SEO to get you started but I find they have no good resources. It's a nice gimmick to have when you have money to waste. And also, I have a tool that enables me to find and fix 404. I always get the notification from SEO MANAGER a long time after I've applied the fix. So I keep getting 404 errors that have already been fixed.

Developer reply

November 8, 2019


I hope this finds you well. I wanted to personally reach out to you as we try to not publicly address negative reviews unless there is no other way to resolve them. At venntov we aim to give all of our merchants a great customer experience but have obviously failed in doing so with you.

We have emailed you multiple times upon receiving this review in order to make things right, but have not gotten any response. I know sometimes emails get caught in spam filters and understand your frustration and want to make things right.

Please email me at - we are hoping to turn this negative experience into a positive one.

All the best,

Rhian Beutler

My Auto Garage


I downloaded this app thinking it would assist with my SEO. To be honest if you are looking for something that just tells you the obvious then download it and waste your money but the reality is you could simply do what this does yourself at no cost. The big feature I thought I was getting was recommended key search terms but it turns out all it does is ask you to input the terms you want to use and then gives you a green light once you have typed this term into your description and title (pretty obvious to work this out yourself... its either in there or not.)

Once I uninstalled as I could not see the value of $20USD a month I ran into the big issues. I subscribed to another SEO manager tool that does recomend terms and give ongoing assistance to improve rankings, this cost me $35AUD for 12 months (about $25USD). It was analysing my meta information and telling me I needed to update it due to it causing a lack of ranking in google. When i reviewed what it was telling me and cross refferenced this to what was in my shopify SEO sections I realised it was still trying to draw information from the SEO MANAGER App which was no longer existent or editable. After doing further research I worked out you actually have to also unistall the code that gets automatically put into your theme. This is never mentioned at any point on downloading or uninstalling which is incredibly annoying and inconvenient as I have gone about 3 weeks with incorrect meta data. Information given by the SEO MANAGER was simply, resore your code back to a version prior to installing. This is a great idea if you havent modified your code since installing the app which I have done. I have now had to get Shopify support involved who are trying to rectify the situation. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly.

Again, this is a perfect app if you want to pay good money for no return.


Thank you for your response but I think it is important to clarify some of the false information you have presented. Due to the unprofessional nature of providing this false information, if it were possible to give you less than 1 star you would be receiving a sub-zero rating.

As stated in my previous comment, it is easy to install and then remove the app from the Shopify store. What your site does not mention is that you change the code of the store to pull SEO information from your app instead of the Shopify SEO settings. You do not at any point mention this needs to be manually changed back to the original code to ensure SEO is able to work correctly.

You say you have reached out to me multiple times across phone and email. You also say you have emailed me three times which have all been opened and un-responded to. Both these statements are false. You have not tried calling me by phone at all and you emailed me once only on the 28/09/19. I responded to this email letting you know that Shopify admin had already got involved and fixed the issue for me. They got their coding team involved to fix the errors you had created. I can see this email was opened by your team but was never responded to.

I hope anyone looking at installing this app reads these comments and seeks alternative options prior to proceeding.

Developer reply

November 8, 2019

Hi there,

Here at venntov we strive to give a positive experience 100% of the time. Because of this we try to resolve negative reviews privately unless we have no other option.

Unfortunately at this time, we have no other option.

You were never charged for the app. We had one email interaction with you where you asked us to install the app. You had the app installed for 5 days. There are clear instructions on how to remove the code for our app in the uninstall workflow- and we also offer the service for free.

As soon as we received the review we reached out to you via email and phone- multiple times across multiple dates. We have emailed you at least 3 times, all of which have been opened. All of which have not been responded to.

We would appreciate you emailing us back so we can make this right with you. We do truly care about creating a positive experience for you, and hope you email us back about this so we can fix this.

Please email

All the best,

Rhian Beutler

Jardins du Sénégal

thank you very much for your support
merci pour le soutien je recommande vivement votre app facille

The 710 Source

Best SEO app available on Shopify. Installed this on about a month ago, and we're already seeing better results than we saw after using another SEO app for over a year. The SEO Manager support team is responsive and helpful. If you're looking to improve your search rankings, this is the app to use!