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November 4, 2021

We installed the APP for managing domestic and overseas shipments with UPS...but unfortunately the API don't send the VAT code of my Company on the paperless documents UPS needs for customs, in few words: USELESS.
We contacted the customer service and all I got was: "It's our fault, but don't know when it will be solved, thank you". Please please, just fix this issue

29 days using the app
March 30, 2020

The biggest problem is that this app will not add weight to all products like in their PRESTASHOP app. That's a huge downside because there's no such thing as "automation" if I need to fill 1000 orders by hand and check all of their weight.

7 days using the app
ITALIAN VALLEY SRL replied March 30, 2020


The features for each marketplace are listed at the following page

As you can see parcel import is not available for Shopify

However you can obtain the same result by uploading an excel file with all the dimensions and weight for each SKU

July 31, 2021

Before I downloaded this app, I checked their official site and it clearly stated they supported my courier but after downloading it, it turns out it does not and it is still on the page which is very misleading.
I emailed them and they responded quickly but it does not seem like they communicated with each other, 3 different people sent me emails about the same issue.

Fake Plastic Love
Hong Kong SAR
3 days using the app
September 14, 2020

Le service client ne répond pas au besoin. Qualité médiocre.
Le service client ne répond pas au besoin. Qualité médiocre.
Le service client ne répond pas au besoin. Qualité médiocre.

Yousra sayagh
1 day using the app
May 15, 2020

J'ai telechargé cette ap car c'est la seule qui gère Delivengo mais malheureusement cela ne fonctionne pas, impossible de créér une etiquette

Santa Muerte Paris
About 23 hours using the app
February 22, 2021

There is no explanation about Speedy company. Nothing is working properly, everything costs extra. Not like to be used
About 6 hours using the app
June 30, 2017

They send unwanted emails and use questionable marketing to gain your info. I requested that they take me off of whatever list they have me on where i was told that they would not do so and i would be receiving multiple emails a month for a period of at least 3 months. This sort of unrequested and unethical marketing and business practices should be all you need to know when you are thinking about doing business with them. The answer is DONT. They want your info, they want you to pay for the privilege of them taking and using your information without your consent. Stay as far away from these unethical and frankly dangerous people as you possibly can. Avoid this company like the plague.

Windy Gaming
United States
5 minutes using the app
September 11, 2022

Absolutely dumb app that makes your life more difficult. Think about this. The app cannot detect any order changes AFTER it has been paid. If your customer reaches out because they want to add another product to an already paid order, bad luck. Of course, you can edit the order on Shopify, but ShippyPro will not change anything. Hence the original order without the item will be shipped. Are you using any post-purchase upsell to maximize your business AOV? God, no, that's awful. Stop trying to make more money since ShippyPro CANNOT detect any order changes after the order has been paid, so any upsells added post-purchase will not show in the ShippyPro order. We are sick of getting "I did not receive X product" emails because of the stupidity of this app. This has cost us a lot of money in reshipments. Reached out to support a couple of times. Not only they're slow, but they cannot provide any solution. Looking for another solution now because it's 2022, and we cannot use an app with such limitations. Not to mention, we will have orders not syncing every now and then, and the tracking number will not be sent to Shopify despite being fulfilled (the orders show stuck with a spinning sand watch inside the app). Go figure.

Canvas by Numbers