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Sunray Fly Fish

DO NOT USE. They have broken API functionality with Royal Mail and as a result up to 50% of my shipments went missing. The UK Manager just called me personally and admitted they know about this issue but thought people weren't losing 'too many.'

Freeman Vape juice

does not work with shopify. Cost us ALOT of money, does not work with shopify. Cost us ALOT of money,

Auto Parts Cheaper

We have been using ship station for years. unfortunately, within the past year, things have gone downhill quickly. Labels won't print, Tracking details are not sent back to Shopify. Just a new headache every day. What used to be the best is now the worst, and has been completely ruined. Look elsewhere for a reliable solution.

Hearth & Heart

Can not click on HELP with out it logging me off to log back in so we have no way of Fixing a uploading error for Etsy. We get this Error:
An error occurred attempting to update orders: receipts is not a valid value for Int32.

Water Bargain

Love it when it works. But it doesn't always work! Lots of bugs and lots of down time unfortunately.

Jewel Brite

Works when it works, but the shipstation connect is not good, the postage is not cheaper, the app is worthless, you can't do anything if not at the office. More time spent fixing stuff that was working then it saves

CamStand ® Innovative Photographic Devices

Tried this to try to make my shipping done in 1 app for fast comparison! I wasted 2 hours trying to make everything work just with Shopify, what a joke! Canceled my free trial ... I see no reason at all for this "add on" Couldn't get anything to work even though I have had accounts with UPS, FedEx and DHL since the '70's! NOTHING BUT ERROR MESSAGES! I went back to my FREE online shipping platforms from FedEx, and UPS. USPS is already is Free and working with Shopify. $108 a year this app? They should pay you to BETA test this crap! 4.8 rating has got to be phony as a 3 dollar bill! Don't believe it!!!

Jade Mackenzie Apparel

Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow. HUGE productivity killer... If they would fix this I would give it 5 stars.

Birds Aren't Real

My experience with Shipstation has been absolutely awful. I have used them for almost a year now and I continually run into issues where ship station connect doesn't work, my password is wrong and it locks me out even though I never changed it, it does not give me the cheapest rate and tries to sell me on the most expensive, it does not sync even though I hit the sync button, etc. I do around 1,000 orders a month and ship station has been a massive pain in the ass. If management is reading this, stop lying to people and letting them think that your company is some wonderful 'shipping nirvana' as you advertise. All you really are is an annoying middle man that just happened to get good rates with USPS. That's literally it.


I have been a loyal Shipstation user for almost 3 years now. Recently, all the features that I loved about Shipstation stopped working correctly. The main features I used from these app was to process my Shopify orders through Amazon Multichannel Fulfilment but recently it stopped moving the orders to Shipped Status leaving it in pending fulfillment never uploading the tracking numbers. I see many others complaining about this problem also. I now have 100's of customers emailing me every week asking for their tracking numbers because Shipstation is no longer functioning correctly.

Now this app sucks and creates more work for me that it would be for me to process my orders without this software! Like I said it used to be great but recently the features I used it for stopped working correctly.

I contacted customer support, it has been over a week now since I contacted them about my issue and it has still not been fixed. They told me that the escalated my claim to a developer and that it will take a while for them to get back to me with no ETA on when this could be fixed, which is just great! I don't have a long time to wait, I need to process my customer's orders NOW! Not in a few weeks... Plus in the meantime they want me to continue to pay for their app while it doesn't even work properly for me.

I will be finding a new way to handle all my shipments my moving forward because I need a company that cares about me and my customers.

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