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Shopify POS

Shopify POS

Developed by Shopify

Price: Free – $40.00 / month More info
  • Sell your products in person at retail stores and popups
  • Accept credit cards with Shopify Payments
  • One dashboard for both your online and retail store

Shopify POS is an iPad- and iPhone-based point of sale that lets you run your entire online and in-store business from one unified platform. Forget about keeping track of multiple inventories, product catalogs, and payment systems. New! Shopify POS is now included in all Shopify plans so you can take your business anywhere.

With Shopify POS you can:

  • Accept credit cards instantly with Shopify Payments

  • Manage your online and in-store product inventory in the cloud

  • Integrate with the best hardware in retail (available from the Shopify Hardware Store)

  • Track sales through comprehensive reports and analytics

  • Choose from hundreds of apps to help with marketing, shipping, accounting and more

All the features you need, none of the clutter:

  • Accept credit cards in-store or on the go with our card reader

  • Add customers to orders and keep track of their purchases

  • Track your cash float and summarize daily totals

  • Accept partial payments, multiple payments and deposits

  • Send fully customizable email receipts

  • Search your order history and refund payments

  • Attach notes, shipping addresses and discounts to orders

  • Create custom payment types and custom sales

Supercharge your point of sale with the Retail Package:

  • Connect with a receipt printer, cash drawer and/or barcode scanner

  • Add unlimited staff members with PIN entry

  • Track cash register shifts

Shopify POS reviews (35)


Definetely good for your in store orders has everything from your website easy too use



Please avoid Shopify for their POS at all costs. The app has not been working for a significant percentage of customers for 10 days (according to Shopify themselves), and will take at least another 5 business days to fix. Today is 24 December. Christmas is tomorrow. It is haemorrhaging our business.


We have learnt to work around Shopify's many limitations and constraints. Please see our review for Mr Simms Wanchai and Emack & Bolio's below.

If you read the older reviews, many features have been suggested for years now, and so I don't think Shopify are treating their POS platform as a priority for development.

What is unacceptable is for the POS to breakdown the week before Christmas, when our sales are at their peak. Our customers get frustrated, and it is losing us sales every minute the system is down. When we launch the app, it crashes, so we cannot upload the crash report. I have been told not to delete the app and reinstall, so we are still waiting for a fix.

Meanwhile we are losing sales. Thanks Shopify.

We have 2 POS terminals in the shop, and both are not reliable. The app frequently (once an hour) crashes, meaning we have to rescan all the customer's items when there is a queue to checkout. Shopify POS is not for heavy usage.

Shopify technical support have informed me that the POS is not working for a small number of customers, but won't give any timeframe for the situation to be fixed.

What is really frustrating is the number of gurus you get passed to, so you end up repeating yourself 10+ times literally. To be fair, the gurus are friendly and try to help, but don't deliver on their promises and don't update you without you chasing up.

I don't want to get started about the integration issues we have had with other inventory management systems and Xero. Shopify does not calculate COGS. If you are a retailer, you will understand this frustration so no more needs to be said.


$40 a month forever, just to use this app. WOW! plus fees and hardware costs.
no thank you.


When Shopify POS works, it is a mediocre POS at best. The problem is it is unreliable, and will crash usually when your shop gets busy leaving customers frustrated.

As many other reviewers have said, it lacks many basic retailing features.

For example, when we opened a second shop, we had to open a new account and import all the products in again. Do Shopify expect their users to not grow their businesses? That's why we have two separate Shopify accounts, so when we issue a gift voucher in one shop say, our customers cannot redeem at the other shop. Neither can they do exchanges. The list goes on.

However our issue for this shop account is with data integrity. We have experienced situations where receipts are printed with sales that do not add up to the total. This creates a lot of daily reconciling work for us, and confusion for customers.

We have sent photos to Shopify showing negative amounts on receipts (e.g. according to Shopify we are giving money and product away!). Support are friendly to be fair, and well trained to sound helpful, but as yet we have no solution.

Like the reviewer below, when you cannot trust the data, you may as well go back to pen and paper.

The app also tends to crash very often, especially when there are over 200 transactions a day during this busy Christmas season, leaving customers waiting for their orders to be scanned again.


I guess this system works best for an online store. For my physical retail store it lacks a lot features Counterpoint POS offers with their basic service.

I will be closing my store with shopify.


Good for light usage, we have not experienced and problems as at Bikini Luxe we do 99 percent of our sales online. I can not comment on many of the other problems being commented on here as we have not experienced them. Overall Shopify has been one of our best experiences in retail their customer service alone speaks volumes about this company!

Bikini Luxe - Designer Swimwear and Luxury Resortwear


We use Shopify for Emack & Bolio's and Mr Simms. Please see our other reviews regarding the frustrations we have faced over Christmas, our busiest period of the year.

The other 1 to 3 star reviews sum up Shopify POS. It is a poorly thought out platform, lacking in many basic features, but works ok for us when it works.


We use this all the time. We run two different setups most weekends and this is a life saver. We run this on iPad mini's that are dedicated to being the POS system. It's so easy to use all of my volunteers pick it up quickly. We do a lot of shows in a lot of different places and I like that it works out the correct sales tax based on your location.

Works likes a charm. Thanks!!


Pretty much useless. If you are a serious retailer this will not do. Can work for a trade show or two. It does not do any communicating with payment methods, so it is basically the equivalent of using a clipboard to record sales. Only with those you can do exchanges.


I love Shopify and POS is a pretty useful app when setting up vendors for our company, but I still wished they would create the same app which was compatible for laptops/desktops. I would much rather use a laptop to search, type, or add products along with card readers, receipts, etc from a laptop rather my iPad I currently use. Shopify, if you read this. . Please find a way to integrate a laptop POS app.

Free – $40.00 / month

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