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Merchants find this print-on-demand app user-friendly, offering a wide range of unique products and seamless integration with various platforms. They appreciate the competitive pricing and the responsive customer service that efficiently resolves issues. The app's designer is also praised for his assistance with technical queries and design edits. Merchants highly recommend it for its quality products and speedy delivery.

February 15, 2024

A lot of orders errors. There must have been an issue where all files were compromised, but almost every time someone orders, I get an error and when inquire about it, they ask me resubmit the file. I'm going to be switching to another drop shipper app.

Diggin Her Roots Boutique
United States
Over 4 years using the app
January 31, 2024

The only thing I'd prefer to be different with Teelaunch is the payment system. Right now, I pay the wholesale costs when an order comes through, and then Teelaunch pays me what the customer paid them (minus payment processing fees). If I didn't have to pay the wholesale upfront, and could just be paid the difference in prices, that would be wonderful!

Otherwise, they're great! Their prices are low enough for me to sell the products at a reasonable price and still make a reasonable profit. Their customer service has always been quick to respond, and they have a great variety of merch items so I can give my (music) fans anything that I think they'd want. The fact that they integrate with Shopify, which allows me to have product listings directly on my website, as well as Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, is amazing!

United States
Over 1 year using the app
December 23, 2023

I have been working with the Teelaunch app for 1 1/2 years and would recommend it and the team of customer service. For POD I primarily use Teelaunch for the Metal Wall Art and the Laser Etched Cutting Boards. My customers RAVE about these two products! I create all of my own designs that are personalized, so every sign I create is different. Whenever there is a problem with a product (damage during delivery for example), the customer service is quick to respond and almost always resolves my issues fairly. You will never find a perfect service, with perfect products that always are without flaw - because people are involved and people can make mistakes. But Teelaunch has been great to work with and I find the team there to be kind, efficient, and willing to help at every turn. I've even needed to work out a bulk order and talked directly to the owner of Teelaunch to work out the details - which went flawlessly.
There are hitches in every partnership - I wish the metal signs were packaged with more protection. But other than that, I have had a great working relationship with Teelaunch. Did I mention that I have hundreds of extremely happy customers that love the products that I get through Teelaunch? I use Teelaunch because of the unique print on demand products that I can sell through them - I recommend them for that AND because their customer service has been second to none for my business.
Oh, and I really like the interface where I upload the designs. It is easy to use and SOOOO much better than some of the other POD services (and I use 5 others for a variety of products.) Each order is synced directly from my Shopify store and in the Teelaunch app I change the design to the personalized design. I can correct the shipping address there also. It's easy to use and never a problem to change out a design. When the order is fulfilled all of the tracking info seamlessly gets sent back to my Shopify store. Works like a charm!
Highly recommend this app!

Amazing Faith Designs
United States
Over 1 year using the app
teelaunch replied January 23, 2024

Big thanks for your awesome review! We’re super happy to hear how much you and your customers love the Metal Wall Art and Cutting Boards. 😊

Creating unique, personalized designs is what teelaunch is all about, and it’s great to see yours hit the mark.

Glad to hear our customer service and Shopify integration are making things smoother for you. Your feedback means the world to us, and we’re always here to help.

Here’s to more amazing creations together!

May 10, 2024

I cannot use it. I don't know why. There is an info in my Shopify that the app cannot make connection. I really like some products that Teelaunch make and hope I can sell them.

Canvas Creations Home
About 4 hours using the app
teelaunch replied May 11, 2024

Can you please email me at and we will figure out how to get everything working for you.

June 3, 2024

Cannot sign in to the api. It stock in account creation page

AuraZen Décor
United States
20 days using the app
teelaunch replied June 5, 2024

Can you please message me at and I'm sure we can get your API up and running for you.

January 16, 2024

BE CAREFUL! Exercise caution when dealing with TEELAUNCH. While they may fulfill a few orders promptly, ordering in more than a few orders poses a risk. They struggle to meet deadlines when you start submitting more than a few orders and to exacerbate the issue, they enforce a 10-day no-movement tracking policy. This means they acquire the tracking information but don't dispatch the item to the courier for an entire ten days. Unfortunately, this policy nearly compromised my business during the last Christmas season.

United States
Over 3 years using the app
December 20, 2023

Been using them for a while and I'm finally cutting them off due to the fact that they will not let me cancel orders and get refunded even after they emailed me saying they are having major printing issues and won't know when they will be able to print my products. Also, they are always slow as molasses. And if they mess up your print, their reprints take even longer. Don't suggest printing flags with them. It will only frustrate you.

The Original Deer Mullet Shop
United States
Over 1 year using the app
January 30, 2024

** UPDATED** they handled my issue and got my replacement and I am happy about it now. Thank you!

I very soon will be dropping this company as well. I been selling there metal signs for almost 2 years now. Now when they mess up, they don't wanna fess up and fix it. I'm pissed now, my customer received her sign and you can clearly see there was cutting issues. Teelaunch customer service is blaming it on my design details which is a lie, because I've sold the same design 100s of times no issues, and now all of a sudden it's an issue? and they won't replace it. I'm bout done. I'm not stupid, I been selling on Etsy same products for almost 2 years and now that ya guys are lying to me, which just straight just pissed me off. So now I will be moving all my metal signs over to MY EASY MONOGRAM company to produce my signs. Ya just lost a good seller, cause I'm sick of your crap, and now that I'm being lied too. Garbage!

Liberty 13 Shop
United States
About 2 hours using the app
October 13, 2023

Been using Tee Launch for years and would recommend to anyone who hasn't got the funding and physical space to stockpile large quantities of items. On top of an easy-to-use, plug-and-play Shopify app, Tee Launch also has really good customer service. They just recently helped me out big time with an issue and the care was fast, personalized, and crucial.

Hard Pack Records
United States
Almost 7 years using the app
teelaunch replied October 28, 2023

Thank you so much for your feedback! It warms our hearts to know our Customer Service team was able to assist you. We genuinely care and are always here to help!

October 1, 2023

No good for international orders. They used to be really good with great support, but now with rising shipping costs and VAT rules for Europe and the UK it's no longer worth it. Not all their facility's can give the IOSS number needed by couriers to ship to Europe or the UK so customers may get charged customs fees and it causes big delays with orders. This is not a problem with other POD companies that I use. My last order from Etsy came in over 2 weeks ago and at the time of writing the order still has not been shipped, and it seems that there is nobody at support during the weekends. Sadly I will have to find alternative suppliers if I want to sell outside of the USA.

United Kingdom
Over 5 years using the app
teelaunch replied October 28, 2023

I genuinely apologize for the hiccups with our international shipping. Good news: we're actively exploring more options, including introducing FedEx International Connect. Plus, I've been in touch with the facilities about the IOSS numbers and am doing my best to ensure they're accepted. Also, we're in talks with our main printing partner, who has centers in the UK and Czech Republic, to offer more of their fantastic products. This means fewer shipments from the US! I truly hope you'll stick with us and allow us another opportunity to make things right for you. Thanks for your understanding!