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Automated Store Backups. Easily Undo, Recover, and Restore.

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Bounce Color®

Expensive overage charges introduced without permission or notification. Lost a long term paying customer and a lot of trust.

Developer reply

May 3, 2021

Hi there. We're sorry you've lost trust in us.

Rewind plans are based on order volume, and we only charge overages when a customer consistently and significantly exceeds their allotted orders.

We do not do this without permission (as a matter of fact, Shopify requires us to have permission before permitting us to issue an overage charge). We ask for explicit permission from customers at sign up.

Because it can be hard to remember sign up steps, we also send an overage notification email to the store owner in advance of a charge. This email serves as a heads up, a reminder, and an opportunity to change to a more suitable plan.

All that said, we have many plans available with various coverage levels. We'd be pleased to work with you to find a suitable plan for Bounce Color moving forward.

Stay Motovated

I have a new store, but the 7 day free trial is only available for the 39/month option. 3/month and 9/month options are for some unknown reason not available. I am not sure why am I "not eligible" since I don't any orders, which is less than 20 order limit for the lowest package... Looks like a nice trick to pretend to be an affordable app.
Also, chat support is a robot that keeps asking for email. This is not a chat support, it's an email support.
Red flags for me, I will not pay for this app.

Developer reply

February 19, 2021

Hello! I'm Kaleigh from Rewind support - I want to clarify that we have a 7 day free trial for every plan, regardless of tier and that if you were only offered the $39 plan then that's something support can assist with.

I'd love to have a conversation with you about your plan needs and get you on the plan that's the right fit for you. Give us a shout at and we'll make sure you wind up on the most appropriate plan for your business AND get the free 7 day trial.

Ladies buy Leigh

I took the app in good faith.... Be aware that it does not back up everything as said... It does not back up Oberlo (at least) so any issues like i have just experienced will wipe out your store... For anyone thinkingg of getting this app or you have it already, be aware of this problem and check what you need before installing it.... Its flawed

Developer reply

October 15, 2020

Ladies buy Leigh,

I am sorry you've experienced issues with your store recently. There are many things that can go wrong when selling online. At Rewind, we are committed to protecting against as many types of data loss as we possibly can.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, we cannot backup and restore data from other third-party apps. So you're exactly right - we do not backup Oberlo, the dropshipping app you use.

We make no claims to back up the data in third-party apps like Oberlo. Right here on our app listing, we outline what we can backup, and third-party apps are not listed. To be extra clear, in our help center we list everything that we cannot back up.

No matter where you store it, losing data that enables you to sell online is brutal. I hope that my explanation here can help you understand why Rewind was not able to bring back your Oberlo data.


Lexor Miami

Where is my copy of my Database? i want the copy of my database. that is why I got the plan for. Thank you

Developer reply

September 21, 2020

Hi Lexor,

Rewind is a cloud backup service. We make continuous backups of your store data, which you can view and restore from within the Rewind app.

It sounds like this is not what you were expecting when you installed Rewind, and that you are looking for a downloadable copy of your store data. We understand the desire to have an extra copy of your data, so for that reason, we offer backup exports on request.

If you would like a backup export from Rewind please get in touch with us at


We have been with Rewind for over 1 year now, and we just came across an overcharge of $6 per month over our $10 per month subscription. When we asked why? we were told " oh you are in the old subscription " which is 65 orders per month". Yet we NEVER got an email to upgrade or enhance our subscriptions, There must be over 200 customers being effected by this, which to me is shady business. Why did you not automatically upgrade the customer who had 65 orders per month since they are paying $10 and the 200 orders per month is only $9? why were you taking an extra $7 per month from your customers?

When we asked for a refund or a credit the answer from support was " No so we did charge you accordingly for the plan you were on, if you would like to switch plans today you can avoid overage charges in the future"

When we asked for when exactly was the new subscription introduced to we can back track it and only get a refund from that date onward we were told " I do not have an exact date as to when the order based plans were introduced. "

This is shady and not good honest business, we will raise this concern to shopify and we will delete this app immediately.

This is our story, honesty is key in any business, and being grandfathered in a subscription has always been the case with many companies, but unfortunately not this one.

Take from this what you will.

Developer reply

June 18, 2020

We understand that being billed more than you were expecting can come as a shock. At all times we do our best to be as transparent as possible about historical plans and we will never force anyone to change a plan that’s working for them.

The plan you had originally signed up for came with overage charges. This is not something we attempted to conceal and something that at the time was clearly listed on our page. We would backup your store up to 20,000 items - and for every 2500 extra items above that threshold we charged $2.

This plan became a grandfathered plan in the wake of new plans we introduced in 2019, but as many of our clients were getting a better deal on the old plans, we didn’t force anyone to upgrade - nor could we even if we wanted to in accordance with Shopify’s billing procedures.

We understand however that despite all this, it did come as a surprise which is why a full refund has been initiated with Shopify’s billing team. Our support team is also more than willing to help you upgrade to our new plans which will save you some money if that is what you want to do. Please contact us at or reply to any of our outreach to you.

Dictation Solutions Australia

The only time I need to use the Rewind app was when my menus reverted to an old version. I did not change the menus, and the last change was the Rewind app making an new menu backup page. The rewind app was unable to restore the old menus. Support was unable to assist and decided to blame everyone else. So the app has been useless to me when finally needed.

Developer reply

March 18, 2020

Hi there,

We’re sorry to hear about the issue you experienced with your navigation menu! We recognize that losing any information can be a painful experience, and that’s why we’re here to help. While we wish we could provide backup and restoration support for every type of information stored on a Shopify store, unfortunately our access is limited in a few areas, including Navigation Menus.

Despite this, we do try and overcome the lack of access by using a different method of capturing the information stored in your navigation menu, and then we store that securely in your backups. While we recognize this method cannot support automatic restoration, like we can with products, we still do have access to this information and have worked with many merchants in the past to help them manually restore this. If you’re interested in receiving help to restore this, please feel free to reply to our support team’s message so we can assist.


They charged me without asking me.I dont recommended!!!! this is not honest.I'm very angry!!!!!!!!!!

Developer reply

August 21, 2019

Hi there,

As we bill through Shopify, we must receive your approval prior to being able to charge you. We can see that you selected and approved the charge for your plan on June 11th, 2019 at 2:49AM EST. Regardless, if you feel you may have selected the wrong plan or weren't happy with the product, we will gladly refund you. Please contact our help team at to arrange for your refund.


We use Quantity Breaks from Bold Commerce. Been using it for years. Products C500 to C599 and other products were added to Quantity Breaks because the Price Breaks had "Disappeared". Rewind destroyed all our additions to Quantity Breaks. If point of fact we have over 1100 products in Quantity Breaks. REWIND REMOVED Over Two Thirds of our products from
the price grid we set up 3 to 4 years ago. Use Rewind at your own risk.

Developer reply

March 26, 2019

Rewind cannot make any changes to third party applications - we have no ability to modify the data in any application other than the ones we backup - Shopify, Mailchimp and QuickBooks Online. Please contact our support team so we can provide assistance and determine what happened. We reached out to you by email and phone immediately after seeing this review.

Something to Cherish®

I don't have very many products and signed up for the free plan. I don't know how it's possible that they are now charging me $ 8-month fee as saying I have 5000+ records when I don't even have a hundred products. Slimy, sneaky people. Distrust very much! Oh, and they have a no refund policy!

Developer reply

July 29, 2019

Thanks for choosing Rewind to backup your store. We have a very flexible refund policy that will refund any charges to customers who aren't happy with our service.

In your case, you were being billed for the total number of items in your backup, not just the number of products. This would have been explained when you subscribed to Rewind.

We'd be happy to refund you the $8 fee - simply contact us at or 1-855-5-REWIND and we'll refund you the full amount.


I'd give this a zero. WHat do you have fake reviews written by friends and family? I am pretty unpleased with this application. I deleted collections of blogs and put them all under one category versus several. I asked for help to "rewind and backup" a previous date to get these blogs back in place. This is the "professional" email I received back.

Sent to Karina S and

How would you like to fix this? What would you like to happen?


Mike Mike from Rewind

No hello and thank you for contacting us. I've read the previous issues from the email forwarded by Shopify ...etc. Just this response. Not what I call customer service.
I then responded with my issue and didn't hear back from them. So I sent another email asking Is anyone home? The next day I woke up and checked for emails and still no response.

Not an app I would recommend. Customer service is very poor.

Developer reply

July 29, 2019

Thanks for leaving a review for Rewind. Although this was more than 2 years ago, we wanted to let future customers know that we did reply right away and offered to help resolve the issue.

Customers can now rewind items back on their own, without assistance from Rewind.