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its a good app when it works.i left the app for about two months ,and came back it hasnt worked since.

Haberle Congress Brewing Company

We started using this app for their wide selection, but after literally every single order having issues (I never knew how many new issues could be present with each order), we have pulled all but a small handful of their items from our store. The items we have left do not seem to have as many issues as others.

Overall, you're wasting time, stress, and money over an inferior product. Just use Printful, they have not messed up a single order.


Some orders have taken over a month, they've sent designs from other shops to my customers and their customer service holds zero accountability for their mistakes (They went as far as to blame me for contacting the wrong department once)

The fact this is one of the fulfillment companies in which you have to pay a membership fee to lose money is crazy. I'm actually going to be shutting down my site because I have to re-visit my fulfillment options.

not worth it.

Ke Gam

địt mẹ tụi lừa đảo bố hận tụi mày trucking lởm ship chậm hơn 10 ngày 15-20% ko gửi hàng cho khách địt con mẹ custom cat fuckkkkkkkkkkkk

Wagner International Inc.

good product selection but I wasted lots of hours attempting to resize the logo for the embroidered products and watching their tutorials but to no avail! Also, the logo is not simulated as embroidery and looks crappy on on the website.


I have had a great experience with CustomCat so far. Good customer service. Very good mug quality. Great products in general. Definitely worth trying them out.

Shakya Du Jour

My experience is that their customer service rocks. I called them with a question, no hold, it just rang and someone immediately picked up and was very nice and helpful.


I use this app for t-shirt fulfillment and I really like it. They are very fast delivering for me! The customer service is extremely helpful too!

Tribevel Precision Piercing

i really wanted to like this company, and the $6 tshirt price is excellent for the monthly rate, however, the app is SUPER buggy and frustratingly problematic. the customer service is awesome though, im not gonna knock them at all, if you have an issue they WILL sort it quick. the quality control in the manufacturing is decent. several of my clients have received garments that had completely different designs on them, even ones that were not in my library AT ALL.

with more work this company can be great, but i am deleting for now.


Customer support with Customcat is stellar! It's not just their knowledge of the application and its integration with Shopify, but is their enthusiasm and friendly attitude when answering my questions. Keep up the great work!

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